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Who here at the awesome Giant Bomb plays TF2?? I usually play pyro/spy/demoman/soldier when the time is right.  Feel free to hit me up

Steam ID: myzticaznfool

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You should put this thread in the tf2 board. It's not really "general discussion". My steam name is masterlink43 if you wanna play some time.

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There's a forum for every game so use the TF2 forum :D Add me on steam though my name is Tamss

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TF2 is awesome, but this is a gaming website. Surely you could have put this in the TF2 board.

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i play tf2 :3

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oh yeah, all the time

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I bet it was the General bug.  But yes, I play TF2 a lot.

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TF2 is always fun to play