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I think the new site is great! I know there are still bugs to hash out, but THANKS. The New site is AWESOME! You did a great job.

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They are very talented to make the move so quickly, and for the rate they're fixing things at. Compared to Gametrailers, these are rocket scientists. But beyond that I'm not sure what to say "thanks" for. It's the same site. Some functionality has actually been lost apparently, such as favorite forums. And my image gallery has been wiped, resulting in some of the wikis I edited having their images wiped.

edit: ok the images in one of my wikis magically reappeared

also I notice that a "favorite boards" link is in fact listed on the right-hand column

so maybe I'm just dumb, or maybe witchcraft

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Please fix itunes so Bombcast updates before leaving for the weekend, or at least let us know what's up.

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It looks pretty good. I'm still missing the newest forumposts at the bottom of the main page though.

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Whoever made it so that the white theme is the default needs to go sit in the corner and think about their behavior.

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@ravenlight: Why? Light themes are common and often considered easier to read. They even avoided the typical mistake of using black as the font color. And they give you a style switch so its not like they're alienating anyone.

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@ravenlight: I use the light version. Wanna fight about it?

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Thanks to the GiantBomb Staff, I'm new here but I saw the switch. Very well done !

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Dave and Alexis are gods among men.

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So after giving the launch a 3/5 in that review thread, I discovered that the new video player remembers your last position! 'Nuff said. 5/5.

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@sgtpierceface: I would but I wouldn't be able to see because of the blinding white glare :P

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Yes, I want to leave here my sincere thanks as well. Well done Dave, Alexis and bunch of dudes I don't know about.