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I met Ryan Davis through mutual friends in the early 2000's, hanging out at house parties and poker games. I was fresh out of high school, and Ryan was kicking off a career at Gamespot. He moved to San Francisco, and I went to Los Angeles to work a bit, and although I wouldn't see him again for, maybe 5 years, I would often check in on him through Gamespot videos. It was a blast watching one of my funniest friends, on camera for this "internet video" thingy. He was an absolute joy to be around, and all that joy came through video so naturally.

After a while, I moved back up to Northern California and was freelancing here and there, and working some part time jobs -- overall, it was a rough time. I wasn't where I wanted to be professionally, and I was depressed.

I came across a craigslist add regarding a video spot at Whiskey Media and when I looked up the company I realized it was the home Ryan's new site -- Giant Bomb. Now, I'm usually really reluctant to ping friends about favors, so I worded an email -- or maybe it was an XBOX live message, I can't remember -- to Ryan expressing my interest in the position, but at the same time, it would be completely understandable if he didn't feel comfortable passing my resume along. Even though we were friends, we have never worked together professionally. The only thing about video he knew from me, were some goofy videos I made, and I didn't want to put him in a weird situation.

However, I got a message back saying, "Sure! Send your resume and reel over to me!"

After some interviews, and a trial employment period, I found myself full time at Whiskey Media. I would then meet a ton of really great, really talented people that I would soon come to consider my family. I got to learn a ton of stuff, work on fun projects, and do something for a living that I was excited about. My life kind of turned around, and this was really all thanks to Ryan, and the leap of faith he took on me. I would get to work with him a lot more over the next couple years, and would soon consider him one my closer friends.

The Whiskey Split was one of those bitter sweet events. Although I was presented with the opportunity to work in some exciting new grounds with Tested, I was parting ways professionally with a big chunk of people that were really important to me. The last few days of Whiskey as we're taking apart the office, separating stuff, and getting ready for this new venture, Ryan sat down one last time in the live set host chair (the one used for Happy Hours and TNT's), knowing that this was the last time he would sit there. Me, feeling a little emotional about all this, sat to talk with him; before we parted ways, I wanted to make sure he knew how grateful and appreciative I was. How that I understood the importance and weight of his recommendation, and how that, thanks to him, I had a job I was excited about, and new friends I cared about.

He humbly shrugged it off and simply said, "I just made the introduction, it was all you from there." Ryan was always a super kind dude to me.

I told him I was going to miss working with him, and he assured me that we would probably work together again in the future. And we got to, if only for a week at E3 2013. It'd been year since we last worked together, but it felt natural, like old times -- it was a total blast.

He was an intensely fun guy, who was deeply loved by many. It's painful to think that he's not going to be just down the street anymore, or talking nonsense in a little video player, just a url away. My last memory of him is a good one. Ryan Davis, at his wedding, dancing, laughing, soaking wet, singing, surrounded by friends and family, ecstatic with joy and happiness.

I'll miss you, buddy.

My thoughts go out to his friends, family, his lovely wife Anna, and the Giant Bomb crew.

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Well said. I didn't realize you had known him for so long.

And I love the idea of sending him an Xbox Live message to inquire about a job :D

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Thank you for sharing.

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And here come the sniffly tears again.

This was beautiful and just yet another highlight of how truly well thought of Ryan was by pretty much everybody whose life he had touched.

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Thanks for that

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<> RIP

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Another cool story about a great guy. So sorry you lost your friend.

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Thank you, Joey.

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thank you sir

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I had no idea who knew him for so long. I'm so sorry, Joey. We're all gonna miss him.

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Thanks for sharing, Joey. This just shows how kind and humble Ryan was.

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Your blog post is more helpful than you know. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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Joey, I never would have been put in touch with you if it wasn't for Ryan. I'm glad to know he had such an impact.

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God dammit, here comes the tears again. Beautiful words, Joey.

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Thanks for sharing this, it was great and sweet to read about you and him. I'm sorry.

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Thought my eyes have run dry already, but guess not.

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This was great, thanks for sharing it with us Joey.

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Thanks for sharing Joey!

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Ryan Davis was truly kind. Thanks for this Joey. Gonna miss Ryan. :(

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Great stuff, Joey. Thanks so much for this.

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Good stuff, Joey.

The more people write out these personal anecdotes, the more you get a sense that Ryan was just a super cool, really good duder.

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Just when I thought the waterworks were going to stop, here I go again...

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And here I thought my eyes were done getting teary :*(

Thanks for sharing this Joey. It's great to get all these intimate moments that people have shared with Ryan and it's great to hear each instance of that dude's kindness and respect towards everyone he's come across.

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Thanks for sharing that man.

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Thank you for sharing Joey, and I can't imagine how you must be feeling right now. Your words, especially about the Whiskey split and hoping to one day be able to work with Ryan again... the tears have returned.

Cheers Joey, wish you the best.

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<> Joey :)

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Thank you for sharing.

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Thanks, Joey. This and the community et all is helping a lot.

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Wow, that was incredible. I, too, didn't know your history with him, so this was a really good read. Thanks.

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Thanks for sharing Joey, reading stories like this has made the day a bit easier to digest.

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I didn't know you guys were acquainted before Whiskey Media. Thank you for sharing, very touching.

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Thanks Joey. Seriously.

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amazing post Joey, thank you for sharing.

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It's hard not to get all teary eyed about someone I've never met but hold in such high regard.

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Condolences, he will be missed.

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Damn, I'm speechless. Thanks for sharing Joey.

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Thanks Joey.

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Thanks, Joey!

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As tragic as the whole thing is, it's comforting in some way that the last time a lot of people saw him was probably the happiest day of his life and that's what will be remembered.

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this is so brutal..

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Thanks for sharing Joey.

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Thank you for sharing, Joey.

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Thats a great story Joey, thanks for sharing

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Thanks for sharing, Joey.

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Thanks for sharing your story, wonderful stuff

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Thanks for the touching stories, Joey.

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Well shared.