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#51 Posted by Oldirtybearon (5204 posts) -

@jadegl said:

Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

I have reinstalled this game a bunch of times. I bought it when it first came out because of it's totally awesome cover, and I played it quite a bit, but then college got back in the way of playing games and I lost my momentum. I recently, within the past few years, bought a copy through GOG and reinstalled it. I started the game three separate times and each time I got to around the same place and fizzled out.

I love the game, I want to finish it, I just can't get over this hurdle that I can't even articulate. It's a really cool game in a cool universe, but for some reason I get about halfway through and lose it.

My experience with Arcanum is as follows:

  • Oh my fucking god how did anyone like this game the resolution is TERRIBLE look at the playable space it's fucking TINY this entire screen is taken up by needless UI
  • Heh, these character backgrounds are actually pretty funny.
  • Did I just spend ten minutes trying to convince a monk I wasn't in a zeppelin crash while I'm standing in the wreckage of a zeppelin?
  • Ha, that was a neat twist.
  • So he's just going to keep following me despite throwing rocks at him.

I really wish there was a way to take Arcanum and port it to a less shitty engine, or give it a less shitty UI. Or something. The writing is snappy as hell and the hour or two I spent with it was highly enjoyable, but I just cannot get over how tiny the playable field is in comparison to the GARGANTUAN user interface.

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Almost every game I've played. I guess I got the closest to the ends of Wing Commander 1, Far Cry 3 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

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All GTA games except five. I was near the end of four though. I love the older ones, but the checkpointing and arhaic shooting gameplay now turns me off. Earlier I just never finished them, around the time they came out. They're games I'd love to finish, but just never did, and not sure if I ever will. Oh, and I didn't finish any of the Hitman's except for the most recent. There aren't a lot of games I can consider ones I played and couldn't finish, and certainly ones that I attempted to finish a lot, but couldn't.

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Yakuza 2 feels like the most recent one for me. Picked it back up after a long hiatus and then got to the last boss. I wasn't good enough to beat him so I sat it down and said, "Close enough."

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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

I love it so much, but for different reasons each time, I get to the cloud world and have to stop. I'll beat it one day mark my words.

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Chrono Trigger, I got it for the PS1 on one of those Square 2 game bundles and never got to it. Then I purchased it, more recently, for the DS . I really like it, the problem is I just never play portable games outside of travel. Sometimes I go so long between plays I have to start over because I don't remember where I'm at or how things work. I don't think I'll ever finish it unfortunately.

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@oldirtybearon: The UI in Arcanum is, for lack of a better term, seriously messed up. I forgot just how small the actual field for gameplay was compared to the UI and it is just insane. The buttons for menu choices are so big! I came back to it recently, like I said, and it was like being kicked in the gut. I would kill for a remake or something to make the UI more user friendly and attractive because, like you said, the world is interesting, the writing is fun, and I want to see what happens at the end.

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Syndicate 2012, that final boss is the WORST.

Also every indie platformer that isn't Thomas Was Alone. They just get so hard and I can't deal.

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Final Fantasy Tactics

Have come so, so close, so, so many times.

Ni No Kuni is also part of a backlog that is just haunting me.

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Dragon's Dogma. The game's color and tone is just soo bland, something I've come to expect from most Capcom games I feel like.

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Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver. I love Pokemon and have beaten every other game in the series besides this one and regular Gold and Silver. I guess I just don't like the Johto region.

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The Witcher is one of my big ones. The only reason is that I have gotten to the same spot three times (the swamp, don't remember the act or whatever) three times. Each time I have gotten there my PC goes to shit. Every time something happens, and I have to format and reinstall windows. Not because of Witcher of course, it just happened three times that I have had to reinstall everything around the time I have tried to beat the game, getting to about the same place. Thus losing my save. So I have just decided to live with the fact that I will never beat the first Witcher. Almost beat the second one now, so hopefully my computer will survive the last act of that one. Really want to at least beat that one before the third one is out.

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There are a ton of games where I played and got to a point where I just couldn't pass. When this happens I tend to get pressure to beat it, but I always decide against it. It's weird, but I'd rather play other games, even though there are many great games that I gave out on because of a hard boss or some place I couldn't be bothered to get through.

I haven't beaten Skyrim yet, but that's because I stop playing for such a long period of time and come back to it. I think I stopped playing Metal Gear Rising right at the beginning during one of the bosses. I died and gave up way too quickly, then again the control I used had a broken analog stick which was for the sword motion. I have a new controller now so maybe I should jump back into it.

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It's been almost 4 years at this point, but I still have never finished Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne. If my previous backlog white whales (Might and Magic: World of Xeen, Icewind Dale 2) are anything to go by, I will finish it... Eventually.

Also, to my own shame I have never actually beaten Baldur's Gate 2. I've beaten the first one twice, but somehow have never beaten what I consider to be Bioware's finest game. Doesn't help that I lost my most recent attempt when I was forced to wipe my computer. Also lost my save file for Might and Magic IX, but maybe that isn't as big a loss. Don't worry, I will be back soon enough...

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so many attempts

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XCOM EU: Even though I tend to enjoy my time with it the lack of story makes it hard for me to come back to it for a finish.

Half Life 2: I think I got lost/frusturated at some point involving the burrowing aliens and could never get past it no matter how hard I tried.

Super Meat Boy: II started a file on that game close to release and was completely unable to beat Dr Fetus until about a year ago.

These Ocarina of Time responses bring back memories. I remember being the kid who would beat the water temple when other people got stuck on it back in the day.

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The only times I don't finish a game are instances in which I am just not able to get past a certain section. For the most part, I am terrible at video games. I make Brad look like Billy Mitchell. I usually play games on Easy so that I can get through them. That being said, there are still a few in my recent memory that I just could not finish, such as Darksiders (final boss battles), Star Ocean: The Last Hope (again, final boss battles) and Sacred 2 Fallen Angel (that giant crab/lobster boss in the desert).

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The biggest offender that stands out to me is the original Deus Ex. I don't know why it is I haven't finished the game; it's got an unrivaled atmosphere, rich gameplay, and a great story. My excuse would be that I just don't have time for deep single-player games working full-time these days, but I think the real reason is there's just so much content in Deus Ex (in terms of exploration, side quests, etc.) that my mind sees it as too big a challenge. I have no problem playing linear single-player games, but with such a complex and wide-reaching game like Deus Ex, I find that the task at hand is often so imposing that I get hung up, and end up not finishing.

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Dragon Quest 8. It's my videogaming white whale. I don't even know what my issue with sticking it out is, seems to be different every time. When I was younger it was because of the difficulty, but now I just seem to spend 20h on it and then get distracted....

#70 Posted by armaan8014 (5766 posts) -

Fallout 3. I always almost finish it. Such a great game with a great atmosphere, but for me it starts with a bang and then starts slowly going downhill (or getting boring)

#71 Posted by Loafsmooch (435 posts) -

I've played through FFVII atleast half a dozen times, I loved that game when I was younger. But since I watched a friend of mine go through the last area and beat the last boss I never came around to beating it myself. I guess I didn't want my journey(s) to end.

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I can't beat the final race of Need For Speed Carbon. I've bought and traded that game 3 or 4 times every time thinking I can finally beat that race but I never manage. It's frustrating because I'm good at racing games in general and I've beaten much harder games than this. It isn't even that great of a game so I don't know why I feel the need to concure it.

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I'm LOVE stealth games. I never finished dishonored or splinter cell chaos theory.

Dishonored I kept getting hung up on collecting all possible upgrades, because there is no new game plus and when replaying a level you start with what you had from the last level. I became obsessive about it, to the point that it was no longer fun.

Choas theory? Well I saved my game on the nuke silo level and I chose a mighty rough time to save. The level up to that point was no my favorite and so I just never wet back

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Fire Emblem Awakening. Losing a soldier is soul crushing for a perfectionist/completionist like myself. I put it down because I refused to pick the casual option. I want to go back to it and I probably will; playing the casual mode most likely when I do.

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Fallout New Vegas because I ran into a game breaking bug. Left it for a year, played the same first 30 hours again, game breaking bug. Really pissed me off. Also Costume Quest because I ran into that famous game breaking bug. In terms of just not getting around to it, Mass Effect 2 and by extension ME:3. Cave Story because its a boring piece of garbage. Crisis 2 was never able to hold my interest past the halfway point. Battlefield 3 - Booooooring. Vanquish, idk why.

Also everything in my Steam library :D

#76 Posted by ToTheNines (1015 posts) -

Warhammer 40k: Space Marine (i'm a big 40k fan)
Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey

those two spring to mind, every time I have just gotten distracted by another game or life.

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Killzone 2. The controls are just sooo bad.

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I've been poking at Mass Effect 3 since New Year's. I enjoyed ME 1 & 2 so much, and I feel like I should just plow through and finish 3, but it's really dragging with these mid-game fetch quests.

#79 Posted by Omnomnivore (2940 posts) -

Pretty much anything that lasts over 12-13 hours. I just lose interest by then. I've even begun to stop enjoying my favorite genre: MMORPG.

Of things I own that come to mind, though:

  • Borderlands ( I just get burned out about 5-6 hours in )
  • Minecraft (Even though 'it never ends,' I still can never find myself to stick with it until you kill the nether dragon )
  • The Witcher 2 ( I don't really know why I can't finish this one )

There are loads of others, but those are the ones that instantly come to mind.

#80 Posted by Moth_Pope (475 posts) -

For me GTA4 and the first Bioshock. They're just too slow, despite the fact I really want to like them.

#81 Posted by CitizenCoffeeCake (815 posts) -

That would be Legend of Dragoon for me, I've only made it to disc 2. It's been years since I booted it up so I'll have to just start over again. I love that game though.

#82 Posted by Veektarius (5332 posts) -

I was going to say FFXII, but I actually never beat Seiken Densetsu either in multiple attempts. Its last levels are pretty hard.

#83 Edited by Tordah (2558 posts) -

Splinter Cell. It just got too hard and frustrating and I lost my patience with it. I think I've played up until the very same level at least three times.

Command & Conqer 3. I've beaten the GDI campaign twice, but I always lose steam halfway through the NOD campaign. Never even played the Scrin missions.

King's Bounty: The Legend. I'm pretty sure I can't be far from the end (again), and I have no idea why I can't push myself to finish it.

#84 Posted by MrRampagingRobot (8 posts) -

Vampire Rain. Game was made to be impossible.

#85 Posted by Christoffer (2080 posts) -

No, I don't have any of those games. If I didn't finish it, I didn't like it. And I finished F.A.K.K 2 three times.

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Ocarina of Time - I get to a point where I don't have a clue where I'm supposed to go (like 6 hours in) and I don't play it for ages, leading me to never progress.

#87 Edited by Sbaitso (608 posts) -

@iamnotbatman: I finished it for the first time not that recently, maybe a year or two ago. I had a bit of time off though when I did it so that probably helped. Having said that, I've tried several times to get through Majora's Mask and haven't even gotten close.

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Does Civ 5 count? Because I literally just start games, play for 3-4 hours, then quit without saving every time.

#89 Posted by agentboolen (1931 posts) -

Any of the Ghost and Goblin games. I was good at them but never good enough, but still loved playing them.

#90 Posted by Random45 (1409 posts) -

It's definitely Baldur's Gate for me. I play it, find it to be very interesting and get about 2-3 hours in before I never touch it again. It's one of those games where the user interface, resolution, and everything is just very difficult for me to play with. I feel like if i had played this game when I was 9 or 10 when it first came out I would be able to tolerate it (similar to how I can tolerate a lot of older games I played as a kid), but since I didn't, I just can't get used to the horrible interface.

#91 Edited by Sbaitso (608 posts) -

@random45: It took me having a walkthrough with all the quests, how to find and get companions, etc right next to me to get through that game. Once I knew where to go and who to talk to, while maybe not the ideal way to play through a game like that, I was able to stick with it and make it through, and I still had a lot of fun with it. I mean it took me a few walkthrough reads just to figure out how to effectively create a character.

@afabs515 Civ 5 totally counts cause I have a similar problem. I tend to make it a bit longer than 3-4 hours, maybe 6-9, but eventually I lose track of my overall goals in that game, get sloppy in managing cities and units, etc. My game just slowly starts falling apart and I decide I want to play on a new map, with a new civ, etc. I only once saw a whole game through and nobody managed to reach a victory state, which is pretty sad.

#92 Posted by Karthas (115 posts) -

For the longest time, Final Fantasy XIII was my roadblock- I'd fire it up, play 30 minutes of it, get nowhere, and throw something else in. Earlier this year though I finally forced myself to finish it, so I have that done at least. Contemplating getting the Platinum to just really "stick it" to the game and finish it once and for all, but I couldn't do it... so I still will have that hanging over me.

Going way back in time, The 7th Saga is probably my longest running "failed to complete", with Jade Empire coming in second place.

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I never finished Final Fantasy 7 way back in the day. I got to the final boss but I was under levelled (or more likely I was shit at the game and didn't use tactics well and it was before my family were online so no Gamefaqs to the rescue) and could never beat like the third incarnation of Sephiroth. Or maybe the second, I don't remember.

I also never finished Morrowind. And now I can't get it to run on my PC. But I will one day vanquish Morrowind.

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The Witcher here too, I usually quit at the swamp. For some reason I just really don't want to start The Witcher 2 without completing the first one. Perhaps I'll try and finish it on easy mode to get through it quickly so I can complete The Witcher 2 before 3 comes out, not that I found normal mode hard.

#95 Posted by Humanity (11580 posts) -
@slag said:

yeah a lot lately

Final Fantasy Viii was the first time it's happened to me, and it happened again with Xii

Dragon Age Origins is one of my biggest embarrassments in that regard.

I'm playing through that now, for the first time ever, and I can completely see why. After the Dwarf storyline part which seemed to just keep going and going I needed a break from the game. There are definitely some pacing issues where you're all too often dumped into several hour long quests that offer no respite.

#96 Posted by Karthas (115 posts) -

@vessel28: Damn, I forgot all about that one too. Swamp took so damned long I figured that had to be the end of the game, but then it just keeps going. (re)Add that to my list.

#97 Posted by Sinusoidal (2251 posts) -

I've about 4 false starts on Resident Evil 4. Never finished it.