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The scope of that Killzone demo looks better than Crysis 3, but aside from that yeah, it didn't seem leaps ahead of what PC has now. (and no not just what $3000 PCs are capable of)

Still, as a console it's pretty great. I love that it'll have instant on/off. Fucking killer feature right there. If the next Xbox doesn't have that there's no way I'd buy one over the PS4.

None of the games shown seemed exciting though, I was hoping to see some examples of superior AI / insane number of things on screen but none of them got that across.

I was so bored during that Killzone demo.

They had the tech demo with a billion balls. That was pretty cool.

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Fuck the internet.

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@branthog: You were ripped off then...

Yeah, I've only been building rigs since 1989, when I was twelve years old. What the fuck do I know.

You've been getting ripped off since 89 then. It doesn't take anywhere close to $3-4k to make a PC that will run circles around a new console. Exaggerate much?

I understand that you're just trolling, but I'll bite.


Once last thought -- people who love PC gaming should be enthusiastic about this showing by Sony. This is the type of thing we need. I understand some might be underwhelmed by the specific games shown, but there will surely be a wider variety of titles and we'll see more refinement eight months from now, when they go on sale. We can't speak for Microsoft, of course, but if Sony is any indication, we're aiming in the right direction. Core gamers are important, again. Hardware is important again. Power is important again. It doesn't matter what platform that's on -- it matters everywhere and we saw a flag planted that says "there's more to gaming than fucking casual iOS games and fucking wonderbook". That's good for everyone.

I wasn't trolling. In your original reply it seemed like you were implying a $4k PC was a normal purchase. I apologize for my snark. I just get irritated when people think a good PC is thousands of dollars, and I understand now that's not what you were saying. It's all good in the hood.

As far as the showing by Sony, I am enthusiastic. Console is the lead platform for a lot developers so anything that gets them to start making games based on more current hardware and get out of the stagnant rut is alright by me.

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I stopped watching when they wouldn't stop talking about all the social stuff. Who seriously wants facebook connectivity?