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Alright, duders. E3 2012 is next week. I know! Crazy, right? Well, if you've been around Giant Bomb for a while, you know that the last couple years, the moderators have held a contest for users to create the banners that will be placed at the top of each press conference's discussion thread.

The Rules

  • You each can submit up to THREE banners for EACH press conference. So, if you've got multiple genius ideas for Konami's insanity. Have at it!
  • Although you can submit many banners, you can only win once. We gotta spread the love.
  • All banners must be 600 x 100.
  • No animated GIFs.
  • General forum rules apply. (i.e. no nudity or otherwise NSFW stuff)
  • Deadline (except for Konami) is Sunday night-ish.
  • Moderators will devise some type of unscientific means of selecting the winners.

The Info

  • Konami - Thursday, May 31 @ 10:30 PM PDT
  • Microsoft - Monday, June 4 @ 9:30 AM PDT
  • Electronic Arts - Monday, June 4 @ 1:00 PM PDT
  • Ubisoft - Monday, June 4 @ 3:00 PM PDT
  • Sony - Monday, June 4 @ 6:00 PM PDT
  • Nintendo - Tuesday, June 5 @ 9:00 AM PDT

Now you know the rules and the basic info you should probably to include. So, get to photoshopping! Here's a template that CitizenKane made last year if you need a visual aid. And, if you need some inspiration, just check out some of the past winners below.

Past Winners

  • by @buzz_clik
  • by @eeegac
  • by @Twilight
  • by @face15
  • by @cookiesforbreakfast
  • by @buzz_clik
  • by @bonorbitz
  • by @skarinator
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What's the deadline on this?

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@Gunslinger0130: The Konami one needs to be done pretty quickly. Deadline the rest should be...let's say Sunday night. We'll need a little time to get input from the other moderators on who should win each one.

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@Marino: I'll see if I can come up with a pretty painless way for the mods to toss their votes together.

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Working on something right now.

@Marino: FYI, the link to "last year's thread" actually links to 2010's thread. Also, the template link seems to be dead.

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Threw something together for Konami:

And here are mine for the big 5:

And my second design:

Side note: anyone else having issues embedding multiple "large" files at a time? It keeps stalling at the second image I try to post.

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did some ubisoft ones.

mr. caffeine
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@B0nd07: I like how the little cross section part in the EA banner has nothing in it. Good play, sir!

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I was beginning to think this wan't going to happen. Glad I'm wrong,

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@B0nd07: Crysis 3; Dead Space 3.
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What, no E3 mysteries?

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I probably won't be able to do a Konami one as I'm gonna be pretty busy these next few days but when I get some time I'll get cracking on these.

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@Willin: Only because I couldn't remember anything they were working on, lol.

@BeachThunder: Thanks, I completely forgot about Crysis 3.

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And here.. we.. go! 

@BeachThunder said:

@B0nd07: Crysis 3
I hate you Beach. I hate you.
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Thought I'd knock something up for a couple of them as I had some time spare this afternoon, nothing earth-shattering, though.

Maybe I'll take another crack at it if I get more time later...

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@MoleyUK: No Alex love?

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@Winternet: Holy Cra...! What an omission.

Totally unintentional I swear.

Better get onto fixing that.

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OK. Apologies for leaving Alex out of the last one...

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Saving a spot for my banners.

Great job so far, everyone.

@Marz: I love how you added Mr. Caffeine, good job.

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Made some for fun, can't wait for E3!!

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Not a real entry, but I I'll chuck it in anyway...

...and that's enough from me!

GLHB everyone.

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@RobotHamster said:

Made some for fun, can't wait for E3!!

This actually is the most appropriate.

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You guys have no idea how much I am dying for Ginant Bomb 2,011 to make a return in this thread.

Also, working on my stuff at the moment. Will probably be up tomorrow morning or some shit.

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Well that took longer than I expected. It was fun though!

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Here's my first set of attempts.

Will have another go later today or tomorrow.

@CapnMango: That is awesome! Welcome to the forums.

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Cool, will get cracking.

Got 3 started before bed.Got them all up anyway, I'll continue working on them.

I think they are clean but bit too sterile, plus ShadowVirus is killing me above :)

Right Done, went with a colourised version.

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@ShadowVirus said:

Here's my first set of attempts.

I'm thrilled to see the legacy I established last year of using EA's classic logo carries on this year. Doing me proud, Giant Bomb. :'D

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@aurahack: It's a tradition :)

Quickly through together a Konami one, hope its not too late?

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@ShadowVirus: I pretty much think you should win for using the OG EA logo. Well done!

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I'll be updating my first post (first page) with any updates I make. Consider that post as my final entry when the deadline arrives.

Anywho, I've made a some changes to mine. Here's a sample:

I also toyed around with this design a bit, but couldn't make it work for me. However, looking at it now on the site, I might continue with it some more.

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@ShadowVirus: Definitely not too late. I'll probably post the Konami thread around 11 PM tonight (since I may have to go to sleep before it starts). So, everyone's got another 8 hours or so to get in a Konami banner.

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@dudeglove said:

What, no E3 mysteries?

I actually have ideas swirling in my mind for an "E3 mysteries" themed set of banners. I also imagine P.O.D.'s (terribad) "Sleeping Awake" as the official Giant Bomb E3 2012 theme song only because I imagine the group singing about the E3 mysteries and not the Matrix.

But maybe these are better kept as ideas.

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@MoleyUK said:

OK. Apologies for leaving Alex out of the last one...

I like this set.

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@MoleyUK: Yours are definitely my favourites so far. Nice work!

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@ShadowVirus said:

No Contest! That's frikkin' perfect! Great Stuff.

, : Thanks, chaps.

All the entries are pretty strong so far. I'm sure they'll only get better too.

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Done with mine, though I think I'll work on a second set. Another design or something, because I can't say I'm 100% satisfied with how these look.

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@CapnMango that looks cool as fuck.
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We're getting close to having to shut off Konami submissions. Only have four so far. We've got European mods that have to go to bed soon.

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@MoleyUK said:

This one is pretty swanky!

I prefer this design (out of the two) though the smoke effect in the middle looks a little weird...

EDIT: weird, it didn't post the other picture :\ anyway, I was referring to the second retooled design of your Nintendo banners.

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A lot of good looking banners here, though I would like to see some more fun ones or related to E3 Mysteries... but I guess vidja gaems r srs bizniz... or something.

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All of these banners are really sweet. It's a shame most of them can't win!

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@MoleyUK said:

OK. Apologies for leaving Alex out of the last one...

If it were up to me, You're Winner.

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@aurahack: Duder, I love your banners! I love the fact that you use a different shape for the banners, maybe use bolder type for the dates they get a lil bit lost. I can't wait to see your second set.

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@Coafi: Thanks! The font was a problem for me. :( Couldn't get it to work the way I wanted to. S'why I decided to make a second set.

Second set is here. I like these a lot better, although there's no space in them. :( I love space. Space is so cool, I want to put it in everything. Also, Konami one!

Alternate Microsoft one because Bing is fucking stupid and I feel the need to celebrate that.
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@aurahack: Those are pretty sharp. Nitpicking technicality: The time should be PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) instead of PST (Pacific Standard Time).

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Oh wow, I had no idea that my Nintendo banner was used last year. That's awesome.

I'll make some up for this year later today.

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I'm giving some other mods some time to vote. I'll be posting the thread in a few hours (well before the thing starts).