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The last time I was at my mom's house, I noticed a giant pile of old PC game boxes sitting in my old bedroom closet. I found these little gems sitting in that pile...

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Let's crack that box open!

Going to find out if those disks still work...
This here was no manual. It was a short story and lore book. It -was- an Imperial TIE Fighter guide.
Half Lucas Arts magazine, half catalog, I spent much of my youth lusting over everything in this little magazine. Every LucasArts PC game had one of these in the box.
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I played X Wing Vs Tie Fighter a bunch as a kid and it was the best Star Wars game I ever played. KOTOR is probably a better game, but playing it didn't equal the experience I had as a kid playing X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter.

And I never played the expansion, so in a weird way, I can go back and play new content for one of my favourite games as a kid.

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@cretaceous_bob: XvT was pretty bad ass. I remember being upset that it didn't have proper campaigns, but it was tons of fun finally getting to prove who the better pilot was. Or that a TIE Fighter, in capable hands, could stand toe to toe with an X-Wing. Or that the B-Wing, no matter what, was a raging piece of junk. I found the CD with the XvT expansion in my belongings. I'll see if I can dig that up.

It's one thing the X-Wing/TIE Fighter series did. It put you in the Star Wars universe. You weren't Dash Rendar, or Kyle Katarn. You were a pilot and it was your first day on the job. You were this lowly pilot, scanning cargo for contraband, and low and behold - Rebels! But you don't get to be the hero. You have to keep sweeping for contraband while higher ranked pilots did the clean up. You slowly worked your way up to bigger and better things.

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And now it's all non canon :(

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Ah, those were the days. When you did battle with the twin evils of Autoexec.bat and Config.sys to try and squeeze as much juice out of a system as possible.

Before the dark times...

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The best Star Wars game has to be Star Wars Battlefront 2, soon to be Battlefront 3! It was the first online multiplayer game that ever wowed me and sucked me in.

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Phantom Menace

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The only real answer.

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Dark Forces 2 Jedi Knight

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Rogue Squadron II!

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Tie Fighter is easily my favorite followed by KOTOR, Battlefront 2 and Empire at War

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Dark Forces was great, but not as good as piloting an A-Wing.

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I'll give you my personal top 5 in no particular order:

  1. KOTOR
  2. KOTOR 2
  3. Battlefront
  4. Republic Commando
  5. Battlefront II
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The Battlefront games, for sure. And for what it's worth, the first Force Unleashed game was always nice, mindless fun.

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I've always been particular to the first Dark Forces myself, with Tie Fighter coming in at a close second place.

Don't really understand the love for the Battlefront games though (which were good, but not great).

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The first KOTOR was a little bit life changing, dramatic as that sounds, but I am nerd. To go back in time in Star Wars (where we were already back in time) to the "Classic Age of Jedi" was just too good to be true. In retrospect and maybe a little coercing from @champinmaking I realize that KOTOR 2 actually has a lot of the features and villains I remember most fondly.

After KOTOR it's gotta be...

Rogue Squadron II
Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

also, shout outs to

Bounty Hunter
Phantom Menace
Force Unleashed
That Arcade Game

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KOTOR2 and Rogue Squadron buddy!

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Oh man, this is easy. Best games:

TIE Fighter
Dark Forces
Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight (I played so much goddamn multiplayer for this back in the day, which meant DIAL UP, YO)

Honorable mentions for:
Rebel Assault II (not really, but this was one of the first Star Wars games I played, and played obsessively. Got stuck in the sequence where you have to fly a YT-1300 out of a mine. INFURIATING)
Jedi Knight II (The lack of cheesy FMV cutscenes killed my love for this as surely as the sun rising)
Yoda Stories (I played the fuck out of this at my grandparents' house, it was the only Star Wars game they had)

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@ford_dent looks like you just about nailed that list for the best games, would probably change the honorable ones to X-Wing, KOTOR2 & Zen Pinball though.

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The era of my Star Wars fandom coincided with the N64 era, so all my favourite Star Wars games are from that console. The original Rogue Squadron is my favourite, but I also really liked the Pod Racer game.

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My vote is actually TOR, even tough almost nobody else will mention it. It had problems, definitely, but if you were looking for an MMO that was essentially a clone of BC-era WoW, then you got what you wanted.

Star Wars Episode I Racer comes in second.

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I know there's been a huge number of terrible Star Wars games, but I always feel that on the whole it has more good-to-classic games than we have any right to expect.

The KOTOR and X-Wing series are classics. There are probably a dozen or so other SW games I would put slightly below those in the 'great!' category (Republic Commando, Battlefronts, Dark Forces, Academy, Phrantom Menace, Supremacy etc.)

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@hone_mcbone: I never played Zen Pinball, but KOTOR 2 should be on there, you're right.

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Bushido Blade is the best lightsaber combat game ever made.

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Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast is my favorite by far. A few others that I really love are Republic Commando, KOTOR, Rouge Squadron 2, Pod Racer, and Battlefront 2.

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Jedi Knight 2 is one of the greatest games I have ever played.

Jedi Knight 3 never really did it for me quite the same, for some reason.

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KOTOR hands down.

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Rogue Squadron for N64 is my favorite, along with KOTOR. Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast needs mentioning just for being the Star Wars action game the franchise always deserved.

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As much as I love X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, I've gotta give my votes to Knights of the Old Republic. That game was pretty incredible and holds up much better than just about any other Star Wars game before or after. Star Wars Racer, Empire at War, Rogue Squadron, and the Super Star Wars SNES games were also pretty fun, and I'm fond of the Yoda Adventures stupid little mini-game thing from the mid-90's.

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  • Tie Fighter
  • Episode 1: Pod Racer
  • Dark Forces
  • Jedi Knight 2
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Tie Fighter is the most fun I ever had with a Star Wars game, probably followed by Republic Commando, KOTOR, and then Dark Forces (1).

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OH man I forgot about KOTOR 2.

1. Dark Forces

2. KOTOR 2

3. Tie Fighter

That's it.

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Tie Fighter, KOTOR, and Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast for best Star Wars games in this mans opinion (honorable mention to Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight which is underrated).

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@ford_dent said:

Yoda Stories (I played the fuck out of this at my grandparents' house, it was the only Star Wars game they had)

Had this one and played it too damn much. It was a solid game though to its credit.

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None that I've played feel like Star Wars. They're all more sci-fi than epic fantasy. I guess Knights of the Old Republic is the best, but it lacks the charm and the action and borrows too many character traits and designs.

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Rogue Squadron was a hell of a game. Had a lot of fun with the original Battlefront as well.

Episode 1: the phantom menace for PS1 was easily my favourite though. Weird.

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@sweep said:

Episode 1: the phantom menace for PS1 was easily my favourite though. Weird.


I am shocked someone else said this. I remember this game being really bad.

That Jedi Battles game was pretty decent actually I remember though.

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No one else played Star Wars Galaxies? Pre CU and NGE, obviously.

Also the KOTOR games were amazing.

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1.) SWG

2.) Jedi Knight II

3.) Battlefront

4.) Rogue Squadron 2(GameCube)


Republic Commando was such an underrated game. So many good star wars games. So many bad ones. I need an open world star wars game like Skyrim style, but with multiplayer. I would be in heaven.

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@amafi said:

No one else played Star Wars Galaxies? Pre CU and NGE, obviously.

Also the KOTOR games were amazing.

@snide did.

The best Star Wars game was Battlefront 2 just for how much Star Wars it encompassed.

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Tie Fighter

Star Wars Arcade

Empire Strikes Back 2600

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Episode 1 Racer is the greatest Star Wars game of all time and there exists no categorical superior.

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Yup, TIE Fighter, Dark Forces: Jedi Knight and KOTOR.

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Star Wars on the Master System 2

Star Wars Arcade

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Kotor is rubbish - but is it worth doing Tie Viper Vs Schwing? I'm very up for it. Could it be evem doo-able on an 360 pad with xpadder/that other one? I loved Tie Fighter, but Kotor is crap, it's like balancing your cheque book, whatever that is.

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Jedi Outcast at #1 for me by a huge margin. I guess Tie Fighter in second place but I don't feel nearly as strongly about that one.

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@amafi said:

No one else played Star Wars Galaxies? Pre CU and NGE, obviously.

Also the KOTOR games were amazing.

Unfortunately I didn't have anything that could run it until well after I forgot about it, and when I was reminded of it, the servers were already gone.

Topic at hand: I love Battlefront, Jedi Knight, Shadow of the Empire, Episode I Racer, X-Wing, the Rogue Squadron games, Super Star Wars is fun if you hate yourself, but nothing, to me, will ever compare to KOTOR. KOTOR II is amazing as well though.