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Pretty good stuff in Danny's interview of WWE's The Big Show over at Gamescom. He clearly thinks that Jeff Gerstmann's client is the man to beat at the PAX East Royal Rumble.

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Hahah this is great! Danny is the best and Big Show is a good sport!

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Game respect game.

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That's fantastic.

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Wellllllllllllll it's Dr. Tracksuuuuuuuuuuit.

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I wonder if Jeff's client Dr. Tracksuit has slept at all since the disappointment at the rumble.

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@csl316: Probably too hopped up on coke.

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@csl316 said:

I wonder if Jeff's client Dr. Tracksuit has slept at all since the disappointment at the rumble.

It's been a tough couple of months for Mr. Tracksuit (he's been stripped of his medical licence/title after losing the rumble). The devastating loss to The Wolf Among Us brought some perspective to the Tracksuited man. He needed to prepare so he could tear open the wolfs belly and fill it with coal the next time they stepped into the ring together.

So right after the last rumble he just started sprinting. No one knew where until it became clear he was sprinting straight towards the north west; right to the home of grunge and rain. I speculate this is both a method of training and an attempt to find inner piece within himself.

Also on the way to Seattle he stopped by the offices of Iron Galaxy in Chicago to pay Dave Lang a visit, who was surprised with Tracksuits infamous rear naked DDT choke slam right into the Iron Galaxy live set desk.

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Im surprised Danny isnt being paid for this top-notch interview. He should replace Michale Cole.. Seriously.

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I think the only question to ask would be, is Dr. Tracksuit a fan of the Big Show?

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"It's like an arm, but smaller" :D

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I am sure Jeff's client is thrilled.

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Dr. Tracksuit in "Knucklehead 2" confirmed.

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Man, that's awesome!

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I can't wait for Dr. Tracksuit to get eliminated early on, just for SURPRISE ENTRANT #30 ... THE RAP MAN.


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Yep, that was great.

Big Show seems like a sweet guy.

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Dr.Tracksuit-Big Show Submission match confirmed for Bound for Glory

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That's pretty great!

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I can't wait for Dr. Tracksuit to get eliminated early on, just for SURPRISE ENTRANT #30 ... THE RAP MAN.


I wouldn't mind a Three Faces of Gerstmann appearance. Dr. Tracksuit, The Rap Man, and Regular Gerstmann-ass Gerstmann. Alternatively, Big Jeffrey.

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I'm a big fan too!

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Get ready for some violence-ass violence, son.

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That interview was so great. I think Big Show is a really boring wrestler, but that interview was fantastic.

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That was pretty great. Until I saw the end I thought maybe Big Show actually knew who Dr. Tracksuit was.

I'm super conflicted for this PAX Rumble now that Dan is involved. I want to back Alex to see him go 2 and 0 but Dan loves him some Metal Gear Solid and I'm not sure I can argue with such a man.

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this was pretty fantastic.

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With Big Show getting behind Dr. Tracksuit and Xavier Woods backing Dan (see attached tweet), I'm waiting for The Authority to weigh in on the matter.

And by "The Authority", I mean Scooby Doo and Totino's Pizza Rolls, of course.

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This thread has Dr. Tracksuit mania.

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@jayzilla said:

This thread has Dr. TRACKsuit MANIA.


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@csl316: Whenever that happens, I wonder if someone has put together a really elaborate joke hidden in the HTML

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Software engineers think your joke is hysterical!