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My Eyes Runneth Over

I felt like drawing a little something to celebrate the new Binding Of Isaac feature. Good luck Patrick, however far you decide to dig into this game.

Also, A Wallpaper:

But only if you want it :o

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Christ (pun?), that didn't take long. Only one entry in his new LP series and already there's fanart!

Good work anywhoo, really captures the disturbing aesthetic of the game nicely! Especially those eyes... @_@

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It's both wonderful and strange. Nice.

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Great job putting this together so quickly!

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Wow, this is pretty awesome! This should be on the front page, in the community section.

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Needs more flies.

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Those eyes......

Great work duder

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Very nice. I like it.

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Pretty cool :)

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God I love this community. Good work here.

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Awesome. Never see this kind of community support on other websites. Nice work duder!

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Great work!

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One of my favorite parts of features on this site is the incredible fan art that inevitably follows. Great job duder!!

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I look forward to learning more about this game which I really, really like, by watching @patrickklepek learn about this game (i.e. dying many, many times and being yelled at by the Chat).

That's some cool artwork duder.

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