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A new Mario Kart is coming to the 3DS (HYPE), and with that said, let's talk about everyones fav item, the Blue Shell.
As much as I loved MK WII the blue shell was somewhat broken and I'm sure others agree with me, even Nintendo, 
if you watch the Super Mario Kart for VC commercial they even state "Before the blueshell was invented."
So in  the new game, how do you think the blue shell will be and how would YOU fix the blue shell? ( or make it even more broken )
Personally I would like the n64 version, gliding on the floor rather than flying straight to the leader.

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Mario Kart DS version.   
"The Great Equalizer."

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@JoeGJ said:
" I once saw somebody evade a blue shell. Never forget. "
Pics or it didn't happen!
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I want the blue shell to avoid me if I let someone pass me for first. Like it used to.

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Make it like Mario Kart:  Super Circuit where you can potentially outrun all the homing shells if you can keep your speed high for a little bit.
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I would love a blue shell that picks a random player. NO ONE IS SAFE

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@RecSpec said:
" I want the blue shell to avoid me if I let someone pass me for first. Like it used to. "
Yes. Evil.
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When you launch a blue shell it should pick up your kart and drop you on top of the dude in 1st.

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It was fine in Mario Kart 64.  Went along the ground and would typically take out the people in 2nd and 3rd as well as the guy in 1st.
The problem with it in the recent games is that it's totally unavoidable, flies and only takes out the guy in the lead.  It doesn't help the guy at the back of the pack losing, it just puts the guy in 2nd into the lead.

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Yeah,  In Mario Kart DS it was super annoying to have like a 1/2 lap lead on 2nd place, and then get hit with like 4 blue shells on the last lap.  Maybe the shell should create a giant explosion at the location of the person in 1st at the time the shell is launched...  So you could catch yourself in the blast too, and it would most likely hit around 4th.