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#1 Posted by wallofbricks (213 posts) -

30ish hours of footage squished into 26 minutes of highlights (mostly brad yelling). The new stuff starts at 16.50 for anyone who has seen the older cuts. Enjoy!

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#2 Posted by s10129107 (1365 posts) -

This is fantastic. I hope they stick it on the spotlight!

#3 Edited by Humanity (12010 posts) -

The Black Knight music choice was excellent.

#4 Posted by Valestis (228 posts) -

Good stuff as always.

#5 Posted by Ghostiet (5750 posts) -

The part where Brad punches fools to death destroys me every time.

Well fucking done, good sir.

#6 Edited by White (1576 posts) -

Last time, on Demon's Souls...





#7 Edited by thatdutchguy (1300 posts) -

Amazing ! it's a masterpiece.

#8 Posted by Red12b (9347 posts) -

that's just great

#9 Posted by dudeglove (9645 posts) -

You mod jerks better pimp this out.

#10 Posted by crithon (3549 posts) -


This is awesome! Excellent work

#11 Posted by weegieanawrench (1955 posts) -

Great work as always. I forgot about that bit at the end with Karen. See y'all for the next Braking Brad.

#12 Posted by Tennmuerti (8520 posts) -
#13 Posted by cooljammer00 (2378 posts) -

Always shocked at the stuff that comes so quickly after a feature is over.

And it's always better than and more well made than any idea I had for a video project.

#14 Posted by gerrid (402 posts) -

god fucking DAMMIT dude

so good

#15 Posted by freakin9 (1187 posts) -

Brad's take on the overpopulation problem: "Stop fucking, goddammit."

#16 Posted by Aetheldod (3914 posts) -

Well done duder :D

#17 Posted by Demoskinos (16513 posts) -

Years from now when people ask "What is art?" scholars will point to this video.

#18 Posted by FinalDasa (2540 posts) -

Great video and some really great music!

#19 Posted by Kaiserreich (826 posts) -

Hot damn that is good.

#20 Posted by peritus (1097 posts) -

That was a fun one! Good job!

#21 Posted by wallofbricks (213 posts) -
#22 Edited by smokeyd123 (360 posts) -

I love the inter cutting of Kenshiro during the skeleton punching, and the music choices and editing were spot on. Hilarious.

#23 Edited by stryker1121 (1838 posts) -

"Fuck everything" is my favorite Brad epithet. What else is there to say after that?

#24 Edited by CornBREDX (6770 posts) -

My favorite part of this feature was Vinny (and that one time Matt too) trolling Brad. It's unfortunate you don't have the part where he tells brad that he has to speak to Biorr for the first time naked haha- that was hilarious.

Anyway, good video. The ending is a great call back.

#25 Posted by wallofbricks (213 posts) -

@cornbredx: Ya some of the longer bits didn't quite fit with what i was going for.

#26 Edited by Patman99 (1642 posts) -

I'm only a minute in and this is probably the greatest thing I have ever seen.

#27 Edited by DeeGee (2177 posts) -

This would be great but urgh, the music ruins it for me. It's often too loud and grating and just doesn't need to be there. I had to stop watching like five minutes in.

#28 Posted by Drekly (196 posts) -

I'm downloading this game right now on my PS3, and seeing how angry Brad gets is kinda concerning me! :C

#29 Edited by McLargepants (427 posts) -

@deegee: I definitely feel the opposite. Amazing music choices throughout the whole thing!

#30 Edited by wallofbricks (213 posts) -

@deegee: We just have very different tastes then, but thats ok!

#31 Edited by Hadoken (65 posts) -

Well done!

#32 Edited by Swordcery (42 posts) -

Brad Shoemaker is the perfect human.

#33 Posted by wallofbricks (213 posts) -

@drekly: I had planned on playing it to but I feel like I've experienced it through proxy now.

#35 Posted by BisonHero (8640 posts) -

Yep, this video is great.

#36 Posted by Nightriff (6522 posts) -

Great videos but got a question for everyone, what is the best BB: Demon's Souls moment that I should go and watch?

I'm not going to watch the whole thing because I literally beat the game for the first time a week before they started this so I had to much bias to watch it live (literally was yelling at the screen for Brad to do "x") and was kinda souled out from Vinny's Dark Souls run and playing the game myself. BUT I wouldn't mind going and watching a really funny section from the videos. A great boss battle of Brad overcoming great odds (ala Vinny and Artouris(?)) or a really funny section of making dumb mistakes, something like that.

#37 Posted by Hippie_Genocide (1003 posts) -

Apologies to Jesus, the son of God. "Jesus Fuck" is meant with the utmost admiration.

#38 Edited by Glottery (1542 posts) -

Entertaining as heck!

#39 Posted by wallofbricks (213 posts) -

@nightriff: Probably when Brad stumbles into "The Lizard Nest" and flips ALL his shit. I'm going crazy though because I can't find which episodes it is in and I obviously at one point knew where it was.

#40 Edited by fetchfox (1512 posts) -

This is amazing work, and I love your editing! You're definitely an anime fan though... and that is totally cool. Cause when I saw Kenshiro when Brad started bare knucklin' it I remembered I thought of exactly the same thing on my first viewing. Masterfully done mate!

#41 Posted by wallofbricks (213 posts) -

@fetchfox: I'd would say I'm a lapsed anime fan.

#42 Posted by nilcalion (26 posts) -

Goddammit man, I'm tearing up from laughter here. This is so amazing :D

#43 Posted by indieslaw (473 posts) -

This was a lot of fun, good work man. Good music choices, good interstitials!

#44 Posted by wallofbricks (213 posts) -

@indieslaw: O god you said interstitial and I had a bad Vietnam-flashback to my days in marketing.

#45 Posted by indieslaw (473 posts) -

@wallofbricks: oh, yeah? What does that word mean in marketing terms?

#46 Posted by Xeiphyer (5684 posts) -

Great editing duder! That was awesome.

#47 Edited by Brendan (8821 posts) -

This. Is. Awesome.

#48 Edited by wallofbricks (213 posts) -

@indieslaw: prestitial & interstitial ads for videos or websites.

#49 Posted by fetchfox (1512 posts) -

Why hasn't this been added to the community showcase? It certainly qualifies.

#50 Posted by bybeach (5202 posts) -

Very well done. Needs to go on showcase.