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@ImmortalSaiyan: It really isn't that complicated. In my old thread questions would just get lost in the pages unless I linked to them in the OP. The way it is now, your question is always visible and will be clear whether it has been answered or not.

Just follow the instructions in the OP and it will be easy.

If the question says complete in the title, it has been answered. The answer was Leiro.

Btw new question in the guide everyone.

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So even on the podcast people are asking for them to find out a game. We really should have this sticky'd or something. I could've solved that question :P

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@Nikral: They wont sticky this thread because it's a predecessor to the old one. To stop "cluttering" the forums sticky threads are only allowed limited time in the lime light before being dropped. Since the old one was already sticky'd for a time this one wont be.

It's frustrating since only four threads currently are sticky'd in general discussion -_-

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Sadly (or maybe not?) I'm afraid I've added another game to your list. Any help with it would be much appreciated, my googling has been in vain.

Cheers, TFG

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@TheFlyingGypsy: The more the merrier :) 
Let the hunt begin.
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4 questions currently unanswered. Still waiting on some people to reply to potential answers. 
If anyone has a question put it in the guide, instructions in the OP.

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There is this game I played at Best Buy on the Playstation 2 in between 2003-2004. It had this future/space esque setting with a floating bike or something like that (Not Jak 2). It was most likely an action game with purple, blue, indigo colors in one of the settings. I think the game was rated in between T and M if I remember correctly.

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@Duder_Me: I'm on it. Will reply to you on the wall when I have an answer. 
Btw to everyone who has left a question I have removed question 1. That question was just an example I made up and I didn't wanted it counted as a question anymore. So basically if your question was number 25 then now it's number 24. 
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5 questions left.

Anyone got a new question? Put it in the guide.

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@N7: Please tell me about this game

its a car game between 1990 to 1998 i guess so

car completing roads

a cat appeared

balloons comes9 after 3 balloons ur car jumped from that city

different international cities

different cars coming from left right

a rock also appeared after some time( if you are moving car right left wasting time

and it seems to be an hyundai santro car type

very nice music

please name the car game


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its a car game between 1990 to 1998 i guess so

car completing roads

a cat appeared

balloons comes9 after 3 balloons ur car jumped from that city

different international cities

different cars coming from left right

a rock also appeared after some time( if you are moving car right left wasting time

and it seems to be an hyundai santro car type

very nice music

please name the car game


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@N7: No my friend

that wasent cruise usa

that was a simple game

see this u will remind me off the name

its a small car completing the lines( roads) with different colors

it was a hatch back smalll car


on each floor there are three rows with different length of roads( all must be filled0 and its moving from up down left right untill unless all the colors are filled

if the given time is over a cat appeared to hit the car reulted in lose of one chance( total 3 chances)

more over the number generated from mileage increase the fires( a yellow fire) also a balloon appeared

upon getting three balloons the car moved from that stage to another stage

its a simple car game but very beautiful

please help me out

m searching since couple of days cant remember the name

the game comes in big wooden boxes bodies also( 4 to 5 feets)

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Hello. hope the thread isnt outdated!

I remember playing a game a long time ago on my windows 95/98 computer, but i need your help to find the name on this awesome game.

How i remember it: You are controlling yellow "guys" like round balls with arms and legs, and you make them farm, water the farm, build buildings, make cars that you could drive your fellow blobs around in so they would move faster etc to survive from something (enemy?) (like ailien cars) i also remember something about a cutscene from a later stage where a ball or blob would go into a machine to get a fire proof west to survive a big fire spread in a forest. You could also build bridges and bulldozers. If anyone got a single clue on what game this could be i would be really greatful! From what i can recall, the grafics were pretty nice and it was 3d like age of empires but a alot bigger characters and things.

Thanks Dexterz

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Added a question 30! Thought you all should know.

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Mine is question 31. I've been looking for that game for years now and I know this is a long shot but maybe someone here knows ;)

Thanks in advance!

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@Dexterz: We're still alive just usually put the questions in the guide, didn't notice yours till today. There's instructions in the OP and I understand it's not the way these threads usually work.

Anyway we got two new questions everyone in the guide.

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New Question.

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I added mine but I don't know if there's enough details... the thing is I don't remember much! but that's the point of the guide.

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New question. I wish this thread was stickied somewhere on the forums -_-

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I just posted a question I have very little expectations that someone will be able to guess it mostly because I barely remember anything about it.

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@AngelN7 said:

I added mine but I don't know if there's enough details... the thing is I don't remember much! but that's the point of the guide.

You had #35 right? I think it was Courier Crisis.

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@Funzzo: Yes! that's the one, thank you I thought I'd never find this.... to the youtubes! I need to see that intro again.

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I added a new question to it. I'd actually be quite surprised if anyone gets the answer as it's really obscure, but I remember enjoying the game quite a bit but can't for the life of me remember the name of it.

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Another new question. Busy today I like it :D

A lot of PC games unanswered if bombers want to take a look.

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Hello guy's..

i was playing this game like 2-4 years before and i enjoyed it but i cant remember the name :)

the game starts and you choose one between two characters, the male character holds a sword with a powerful hand that he uses and the female is holding a spear ..

then you start the game in a small village where there you start and the guardians of this village teach you about things in game and there you start...

i remember a mission where is there is the mutated people and dogs too.... you have to kill them and and sometimes you find a keys which you can open gates (not always)

there are a boss fighting where you fight boss... i remember there is a lady boss you kill her and a boss is like spider-human you fight him(this is different mission)

and when you kill the monsters something like blue glowing goes up from them to you ...

and you can also buy some attacking abilities that you use to attack the monsters ( you buy them from the shop) and you can do combo hit..

this is all i can remember thanks :D:D i know its so long but i hope i gave all information that they can help you to find the game's name

and thanks.

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So many new questions.

Come on GB have a look at the guide because you might know the answer.

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I appreciate the people who at least tried to follow some kind of standard. When it comes to dealing with a lot of information, that stuff is key. Even just posting basic information such as "Platform: PC" upfront is really good as not everyone is familiar with every platform, and it would be much easier to filter through what you can and can't help with if that was the case.

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@X19: I know this game so well, ok theres a site on it that has all 3 of them in the first you play as america in the korean war i think, korea in the korean war, rangers agaist raiders with flame throwers, then aliens. on the second one you play as america in the vietnam war, the vietnams , as a crazy guy fighting zombies, or a gangster. The 3rd onne and last 1 is where you fight as world war 1, world war 2, germans, or americans in some war. please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Many a new question.

We had an issue where the guide got wiped. All the questions are back now but any potential answers in the reply boxes sadly couldn't be retrieved.

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ive got one it was this game for the ps2 that i always saw walking by and wanted to get it but it was always out

it was about fighting giant monsters and the cover had a giant gorilla and a giant robot fighting fighting on it

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@connerthekewlkid: war of the monsters for Ps2

#83 Posted by connerthekewlkid (1803 posts) -

wow that was a fast and your right thanks :]

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@andromkt1234: its City Connection by Jeleco for Nes

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I remember playing a PS2 game where you draw your monsters and they fight for you. The more you played, the more paint you got to make a better monster. It ran on a system where you either dodge, block, attack, or use magic each turn. Basically a rock paper scissors system. Can anyone tell me what it is?

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Hi All,

I just wanted to ask you about the name of a flash game if any one knows it, i played that game around a year ago.

it is a shooter with top-down view ... the story line mainly is about a group of heroes (human, aliens and a robot) collaborating to save the universe.

you start the game by selecting your hero, and then proceed to all the top view shooting action.

each hero has his own upgrades and powers.

it was a really fun game, with catchy soundtracks ...unfortunately i cannot remember the name of this one :(

could anyone help me please ??

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Has anyone got the following demo discs?

Official Playstation 2 Magazine vol.62,vol.83,vol.85.

If you do, can you check the options menu and see if there's a game demo in there? Full info on the game can be found in the guide (Question 55)


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The links in the OP do not work on my browser.. Help?

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