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For a bit of a change with this month's three premium feature comics - my monthly thanks to gold membership sponsor @omghisam and the fine gents who run this establishment - I put MS Paint away and brought out Adobe Illustrator, with its vast array of graphic utilities and filters for the budding internet artisans of today. Though the following comics might appear to be the same old chicken scratches as usual, rest assured that they of a far higher quality. In fact, the quality boost is so pronounced, it might be too high-res for the human eye to even... you aren't buying any of this, are you? Well, feel free do your own side-by-side comparisons with these past entries: Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb and Mar. I just hope your monitors can support 4k, is all.

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"User Suggestion Week"

This is inspired in part by Patrick's peregrinations to the weirder parts of this larger fandom of ours, where he has deliberately chosen to leave the safe confines of what he's used to and tried out games as diverse as Etrian Odyssey, Virtue's Last Reward and, of course, Monster Hunter. The guys are fairly knowledgeable about games in general, but it's clear they all have their blind spots too given the surprised reactions to how generally OK all these niche games actually are, and this is where a massive userbase can come in handy: What this premium feature is, is that we wait until a slow week in the release schedule and all put our heads together to come up with games members of the Bomb Crew might've unwisely ignored, or simply give them something unusual to sink their teeth into for a change of pace. Obviously, as a system prone to trolling and populism, it would need some curating, but it'd be neat to have a semi-official platform to recommend them weird-ass games. At least one that won't end with "...for the next Endurance Run!"

"To Infinity, and Vignocchi!"

I'm probably way off base here: both on how Disney Infinity will work with its incremental piecemeal "playset" and figurine approach, as well as how often Johnny V would be willing to make the trip up to San Francisco each time one came out, but I'd love a regular feature where they allow him to explain what's going on with whichever licensed property has recently entered the Infinity family. If only because of discussions like the hypothetical one above.

"The Ghost and Mr. Muir"

I'm just being silly again. Silly old Mento. You can stop reading now.

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I like the idea that Death likes to play Monster Hunter. Seems appropriate.

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Ha, more Sleepy Dogs for Vinny.

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That Johnny V comic is so good. It's like that conversation could actually happen.

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Hah! Good stuff duder.

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that johnny v one is priceless. would be more pricelesser if it touched on how he is working on a game for disney that is stealing stuff from activision. either that or i am just hoping he reads this comment on your blog.

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You can really tell you're using Illustrator. I can see all the interpolated vectors and whatnot.