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This Edition of the Community Spotlight is Brought to by "The Plaid Zone."

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! If you have received a PM from this edition of the Community Spotlight, don't panic! You have created something worth showcasing! For this edition of the Community Spotlight I am going to utilize the #username feature when inputting usernames. There are a couple of reasons for this: 1) It's faster than manually hyper-linking the usernames, and 2) It allows for more users to be aware that they have done something notable. I have done a terrible job at notifying people that they are being showcased or featured on the front-page. By using the #username feature I'm able to notify a larger number of users that I'm showcasing something that they have done quickly and easily. If you absolutely hate it I can put your username on a blacklist to not be linked that way, but honestly give it a try. Again it makes things easier for me, and you get a little congratulatory PM containing the entire edition of the latest Spotlight...almost as if it were an actual community newsletter.

In terms of news there's not much to mention other than the whole situation is becoming absolutely bonkers. So on that note here's an animated Bombcast video by @mrbrooks:

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  • Super House of Dead Ninjas Super Score Challenge Thread - Post You High Scores in SHODN Over HERE!
  • Always Be Cloaking - Giant Bomb's Community Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online Clan of Deadly Duders - Join the Clan Over HERE!

Wonderful Wikis

This edition of Wonderful Wikis is brought to you by the wonderfully weird and obscure! Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of Titans continues the trend of JRPGs having impressively detailed wiki pages, yet again. Phantom Break: Battle Grounds is your "I Bet You Didn't Know THAT Was Released This Week," game and you can read all about what it's all about on our wiki page for the game. Last weekend I noticed that our Dog's Life wiki page is better than it has any right to be...kind of like the Dog's Life video game. Finally help make the neat idea of having a "Plagiarism," concept page by attaching more examples you can think of the concept as well as detail the examples of it already known.

Best of Blogs

Menace to society and blogging legend Video_Game_King has officially published his 300th blog on Giant Bomb. Check out all of his detailed stats about his blogging "career" on Giant Bomb. Mento published not one or two blogs this week, but three! Read all about his issues with the new site to the Turbo-Grafx weirdness he has been playing. BlazeHedgehog shares his impressions of the Castlevania: Mirror of Fate demo, whereas Phatmac discussed his thoughts on Metal Gear Rising...I wonder which was longer the demo or the game....Fattony12000 in anticipation for the upcoming release of SimCity played through every PC SimCity game and discusses the evolution of the franchise on his blog, simultaneously GrantHeaslip has finally completed his personal "Endurance Run" of Final Fantasy XIII and reasons out his final thoughts of the game. ArbitraryWater enjoyed Fire Emblem: Awakening so much that he wrote a blog about why it's probably going to be his Game of the Year for 2013. The fourth edition of Dialogue Options, the community round-table blog series, discusses the merits and de-merits of always having the protagonist end up on top in video game stories. JJWeatherman has written a blog explaining why he kind of like much lampooned Amy, and Sweep addresses his concerns about how "bigger" games for this next generation, may not be for the best. Finally evanbower does you a solid this week by not only sharing why he found Super Mario 3D Land slightly disappointing, but also for starting a blog series providing time stamps of all the hilarious and memorable moments for Unprofessional Fridays.

Fantastic Forums

This week we have video game discussion thread for BIT.TRIP Presents: Runner 2, and the God of War: Ascension Demo. We also have an interesting poll related to whether or not you watch every cutscene when playing video games. Finally we have a discussion thread for Alex's new Guns of Navarro feature and everyone's favorite obscure buried treasures from this generation of video games.

Lovable Lists

Well Mento may have actually broken his record for most appearances on a single Community Spotlight with his three blogs and list of every Mega Drive/Genesis game that he has played. tablefloor on the other hand has created a list sharing his top 10 favorite games from this generation of console games.

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  • [Hey Mento can you check to see if this sends you multiple PMs? If this feature is working for blogs in the first place....]

I don't know how much of an issue this will be, since I didn't even get one.

(And I might as well add that I'm the one who created the plagiarism page. *The More You Know*)

#2 Posted by ZombiePie (6296 posts) -

@video_game_king: Yeah well...the blog system kind of crapped its pants this week and almost lost this Spotlight. It would not save the blog unless I removed all of the wiki page attachments. The meant I had to copy and paste a version of the blog, which probably rendered the @Comments inert.

Maybe next time.

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That's why I keep all my blogs in Word documents with certain little codes to tell myself where to place what: so if the blog system does shit itself, I don't lose a lot as a result.

#4 Posted by ZombiePie (6296 posts) -

@video_game_king: Well you should have seen the first draft for this...I went with my better judgement and didn't include links to some of your old GameSpot threads and comments when mentioning your 300th blog.

#5 Posted by Bishna (339 posts) -

@zombiepie: I had to save my blog 3 times before I could get it to show up on the forums, and searching for and adding images was a real pain. Hopefully the site will be more stable soon.

And thanks for these. This plus Patrick's thing gives me plenty to read on the weekends.

#6 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12970 posts) -
#7 Edited by Mento (3278 posts) -

@ZombiePie I only got one notification, and that was from your comment on last week's Spotlight. Maybe you're right about it being because you copy-pasted all this text at one point.

I would agree to your suggestion that people ought to do the @ thing whenever they're responding to someone's blog, even though that used to be a nuisance because it meant two notifications each time (for "someone posted on your blog" and "someone @ed you"). The number of times I've missed someone's comment on something I've wrote because the notification system is currently on the fritz...

Also, yeah, little Mento-heavy this week. That's because I didn't write anything the previous week (the meteor blog was from the end of the week prior to that and just missed that particular week's Spotlight) and the surplus kind of ran over into this one. Man, "week" sounds like a weird word after you say it so many times.

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Yay! I'm back in the game! Thanks ZombiePie!


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Congrats everyone!

#13 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12970 posts) -

Man, I'd play a game called Legend of Xeen.

#15 Posted by ZombiePie (6296 posts) -

Man, I'd play a game called Legend of Xeen.

I just give up...on everything!

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#17 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

And another to signal that I'm finally gonna play Persona 3 FES.

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I almost finish Gaius's page. I just haven't done his supports with Chrom yet. Overall, it's a good page given the glitches that the community has faced in doing wiki edits.

#19 Edited by takashichea (444 posts) -

Oh, I forgot to mention that @hott8bitaction did a fantastic job on Gaius's page. It was an awesome teamwork!

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#21 Posted by ZombiePie (6296 posts) -

Here's to hoping that it's not broken!

The latest Spotlight is up, here.