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Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! I know a lot of you never read the introductory paragraph to the Community, BUT i there's one thing that you take away from this Spotlight it's this: Brad is gauging interest in a possible #TeamBrad t-shirt. Send him a reply on Twitter or Tumblr if you would actually buy a TeamBrad shirt, and MAYBE it will happen in the future, key word on "maybe." If you have been on the chat this week you may have noticed that there were issues with profile avatars loading properly. While re-booting the chat it seems like there was an issue with the cache. It shouldn't be an issue in the future. Finally special thanks to MrDapper'sDen on Tumblr for locating a picture of Vinny's long fabled “Skateasaurus” from his DJing days. With that let's get on with the latest Spotlight!

Clips of the Week

As indicated below user @rolkien in a sleep deprived stupor created a video "biography" of the life and times of Jeff Gerstmann. If you want to cross into "That Part of YouTube," this is the video to do it. On a more positive note @shakey1245 has created a TV style into for Giant Bomb in the same style of Red Dwarf. Finally as to be expected with have @turboman and @theburlaplemur warping up the videos this week with continuations of their perpetually entertaining video compilations.

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Community Activities

  • Giant Bomb SMITE Community Clan - Join the New MOBA Community Clan Over Here!
  • Giant Bomb Diablo III Community Clan - Play Reaper of Souls with Other Giant Bomb By Heading Over Here!

Wonderful Wikis

So Final Fantasy is back in the limelight. That's great but the real wiki based highlight this week comes from resident crazy person @pepsiman for plugging in over 2,000 points on a game page for a pachinko game that never came out in the United States. Help encourage more insanity by check out the page.

Best of Blogs

The "Blog of the Week" (not really an award or distinction, please don't get mad at me) goes to @brewmaster_andy who shares his plan to brew a craft beer for each of the Giant Bomb staff going to PAX East this year! ILikePopCans bought his first Early Access game, Pixel Piracy, and details if it was worth the money. EpicSteve hit it out of the park this week with two blogs! The first being an interview of Polygon's Colin Campbell, and the second pontificating if there will ever be a good "authentic" military game that depicts war realistically. MikeLemmer questions the future of Pokemon after having sunk in over fifty hours in the game, whereas dankempster continues his Nuzlocke Challenge for Pokemon FireRed. Animasta defends his belief that Football Manager is one of the greatest strategy games ever made. Tarfuin expresses his surprise enjoyment of Titanfall despite not being a fan of multiplayer focused shooters. thatpinguino shares the "buried treasure" of Legend of Legaia, and demonstrates why it is an interesting JRPG with plenty of novel ideas. Sarumarine wrote about his latest Dark Souls II experiment where he attempted to get through the game just with punching, similarly shaggydude details his various endeavors to make something out of the summoning system in Dark Souls II. Video_Game_King is back this week with Disney and dynamite, and no I am NOT going to mention his Let's Play of a certain porn game. Mento is back with a continuation of his Comic Commish blog series where he re-examines all of the biggest games and moments from the previous gaming generation. Mento is joined by Pabba who also created a couple of webcomics this week, but his are all about the recent games he played. ThePoark not only extrapolates on his experiences with live streaming, but also talks about what you should and shouldn't do if you plan on becoming a"streamer.: supermike clarifies why he thinks Luftrausers is close to being a "great game." Hero_Swe continues to write about his role-playing adventures in Skyrim. Finally, user Pezen decided that if he is going to play a game that it is "perfect" for him, he's going to have to make it himself. So read all about his gaming preferences and genre commitments on his latest blog.

Fantastic Forums

As seen above special thanks go to shakey1245 and rolkien for making some memorable Giant Bomb related videos. Share your approval or condemnation on the threads they have created to promote those videos! Another special thanks go to rexman64 who has created a comprehensive "Beginners Guide to Pro Wrestling." If you want to follow the wrestling PPV that get discussed on the PowerBombcast feel free to refer to his thread to help you out discern the insanity. Finally on top of all of that the Giant Bomb is still buzzing about Dark Souls II, Battlefield 4, and Bioshock Inifinite!

Lovable Lists

For the first time in a while we have a good number of user created lists! Special thanks to @jagged85 for using the list feature to examine the most influential game designers from the birth of video games to today, as well as examining the ancient history of the most basic concepts that make gaming possible. Mento is back and this week tried to describe every game in the "Tales of..." franchise in ten words. Tizzzzzz finally got around to playing Ico and lists out his favorite Colossi, whereas loc95 got nostalgic about his favorite video game characters and protagonists.

Useful User Reviews

Potent Podcasts

Special Thanks to littlegumshoe on Tumblr for Warming Our Hearts!

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What am I back from? Did I go somewhere? Did me and @mento have some kind of Final Fantasy party?

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Holy shit, I do love that Jeff Gerstmann Project video.

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What am I back from? Did I go somewhere? Did me and @mento have some kind of Final Fantasy party?

Anyone who returns from H Visual Novel land changes inside.

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her belief thank you D:

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I fully endorse and love that someone put 2k points into a pachislot game. Congrats @pepsiman

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That Giant Bomb Red dwarf video brought a single manly tear to my eye.

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Saweet edition of the comspot!

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Thanks for the shout-out, Zombie.

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You mind tossing in my podcast?

I did, but I put it in the Blogs section on accident. We should be fine now.

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My bad for not paying attention. I'm in the middle of learning how to read.

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Hey Zombie, here's a thing or something. I dunno, it was mostly written while I was sick.

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Thank you for the highlight, always a pleasure ending up in here. Good stuff this week as always by everyone!

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Oh my... that Lang image. It's like if Dave Lang made a cum face whilst guest starring in Beavis & Butthead.

Anywhoo, I've recently written a detailed page up for everybody's favourite Patches surrogate, Mild-Mannered Pate! And also everybody's favourite rival to everybody's favourite Patches surrogate... er, Creighton.

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How many toasters toast toast, if any at all? This blog holds the answers.

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Posted a follow-up blog to something I wrote a year ago about the Zero Escape games. Maybe I'll have something less anime for next week. No promises.

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The latest edition of the Community Spotlight is up over here.