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Special Thanks to Saik0u for the Banner This Week!

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight. Don't freak out, this edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight is early. Now that I have broken a now three year tradition I’m going to go ahead and provide a more detailed explanation as to why. A few months ago my father discovered that he had been diagnosed with a malignant tumor. Luckily it was discovered early, and as a result he is now cancer free so I do not want, nor need your well wishes or sympathy. However, the event did highlight what is important in my life. As a result I’m joining my father in a three day backpacking trip. With that I’ll see you all, hopefully, this Sunday!

From that somber note let’s get on with the site housekeeping! For those of you that are still awaiting your signed Nighthawks posters @rorie has some good news for you. Essentially you should expect to get them sometime next week. @patrickklepek has the full text and video to the "Critical Proximity" talk that he hosted back in March. If you wanted to know Patrick's WordPress says that he is willing to talk at any company or school/university keep that on mind for your next party? The engineering team have recently temporarily disabled the live chat for mobile browsers and browsers other than Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE11. Again, this is just a temporary thing. On a much more humorous note @dannyodwyer did an April Fool's Day edition of The Lobby, and it features a notable "Toilet Review" from Jeff. With that let's get on with the Community Spotlight! Finally, friend fo teh site, @patbaer will have a 404ing It panel at PAX East 2014, and it will feature the likes of @jeff and @maxistentialist so keep an eye on that!

Clips of the Week

TurboMan has a special Unprofessional Fridays edition of his "Best of Giant Bomb," which features the funniest moments from the staff's time with Dog's Life and LEGO Island.

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  • The Elder Scrolls Online Community Guild - Explore the World of Tamriel with Other Users By Joining the Guild Over Here!
  • Ragnarok Odyssey Ace - PSN ID Trading Thread - Hook Up with Other GB Users Over Here!
  • Mercenary Kings PS4 PSN ID Trading Thread - Hook Up with Other GB Users Over Here!

Wonderful Wikis

This week we have two awesome Dark Souls II character pages from @yummylee! Also, Jeff has decided to recognize the Amazon Fire TV as a platform on our database. Remember that platform pages can only be added by staff members.

Best of Blogs

This week we have TWO, count them, TWO user created Giant Bomb themed Bomberman clones. Chaser324's game allows you to play as pixelated versions of the Giant Bomb staff, but the advantage goes to Fobwashed whose version let's you play as Dave Lang...that and he was "first" in publishing his game on the site. thatpinguino blogged about another "buried treasure" game this week with Threads of Fate. Mento has a breakdown of the nine major things he has taken away from the Zero Escape franchise. TurboMan has a beginners guide to WrestleMania XXX so you can be "in the loop" for the next PowerBombcast. Video_Game_King clearly was overcome by his insanity considering that he played both Hotel Mario and Bubsy II this week. Gamer_152 challenged himself to try and figure out why the internet was so outraged over FaceBook's acquisition of Oculus. Music maestro Hamst3r has a new music track and YouTube Channel to share, and MajorMitch is back with a monthly wrap-up which his final thoughts on Dark Souls II now that he finished it. Speaking of Dark Souls II MooseyMcMan discusses that and InFamous Second Son on his latest blog, and explains why he prefers Dark Souls over Dark Souls II. Hero_Swe has another highly entertaining edition of his role-playing adventures in Skyrim, and a new month means that BlackLagoon is back with a comprehensive annotation of the big games coming out for the PlayStation Vita. Spiralcut questions the future of The Elder Scrolls Online as someone who has really been enjoying their time in it. Pezen theorizes how more games could break break away from "black and white" morality systems. Finally Vinny_Says shows off how much of a dent he has made on his gaming backlog, and MMMman finishes up his retrospective of Darksiders II and its outdated game design.

Fantastic Forums

The big hero of the week is jebbibelle! She went ahead and created a 24 hour Bombcast Network on Mixlr! So if you need a good laugh or want to experience a nostalgic trip check it out! We have saik0u to thank for the the banner this week, but still feel free to provide your input on his staff fanart. The Bombcast has broken the 400th episode landmark, and we now have a "small businessman" tribute thread! Also feel free to join other users in sharing photos of your framed or un-framed Nighthawks posters. Finally we have discussion threads over whether or not speedrunning counts as an "esport," and which games have done the "New Game+" concept the best.

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As fellow moderator @mento will tell you the TurboGrafx-16 is an odd console, but do still check out Doppelgamer's list of his all time favorite TG-16 games.

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Enjoy your trip to the wild outdoors! Camping is always a blast. See you around next week you outdoors-man you.

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Backpacking man, that's awesome! I miss doing that. You guys going to climb a mountain or just going flatland?

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My father and I on Bear Mt. in the Adirondacks (2013)

@zombiepie That's awesome you and your father are going on a camping trip and think it will be a great experience and memory for the both of you. I will never forget the last time my father and I climbed a mountain in the Adirondacks. If you don't mind me asking, where are you two going?

#4 Posted by TheHT (13581 posts) -

Have fun duder!

#5 Edited by TheManWithNoPlan (6523 posts) -

I hope you and your dad have an awesome time camping!

#6 Posted by HammondofTexas (1179 posts) -

The graphics outside are amazing!

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Here's my thing for this week. Enjoy backpacking you madman.

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@zombiepie: Sunol Regional Wilderness looks like an amazing place for a 3 day hike. I've never been to San Francisco, but thinking should add it to the bucket list. The mountains there remind me of the Adirondack Mountains in NY.

Did you set camp at lean-tos, or did you just make your own?

#10 Posted by ZombiePie (6567 posts) -

@pimblycharles: The first night was a lean-to...the second night required some "creative" thinking to make it work because much of the area had become overrun with poison oak due to the light showers from last week.

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The latest edition of the Spotlight is up here.