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Hello and welcome to the belated latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight. I am your host as always, ZombiePie to provide you with a weekly "spotlight" on the latest great works from the Giant Bomb community. The week is over, luckily that's true! With the doldrums of the video game season in full effect, and recent events considered may I recommend that you take the time to tell someone you care for that you love them? Anyways, if you haven't seen the images that the community has produced as a result of Ryan's request for a new podcast, you are missing out. I means here are some examples:

Great Work Everyone!

Community Activities

  • Giant Bomb Injustice: Gods Among Us Community Online Play Thread - Post Your Gamertag or ID Over Here!
  • Brand New Giant Bomb Community Minecraft Server - Join the Server Over Here!

Wonderful Wikis

Injustice is the big release this week and you should check out the wonderful wiki for teh game if you can. I'd make a lame joke about how I sure hell don't know anything about Shin Megami Tensei games...but I've done that joke ten times already. Crusader: No Remorse and Games on Which Comic Books are based both have had some awesome recent work done on them worth looking over.

Best of Blogs

Fobwashed shares the progress to his MegaMan X GiantBomb flash games and explains why he needs your help now! cisko, cabelhigh, and jakob187 all discuss how BioShock Infinite is more than just a first person shooting game to them. Mento list the miscellaneous video games he played recently and theuselessgod has started a blog series examining the games in his old school game collection. Hailinel has three notable 3DS RPG games he like to talk to you about on his latest blog, whereas EarthBowl shares a poem and novel about how he feel about Xenoblade Chronicles. JohnSublime looks back and reminisces upon his old 3D Movie Maker projects, while Grant Heaslip explains why going back to Donkey Kong Country was harder than he thought it would be. Busted1der explains how issues with cloud saves led to him re-playing Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and spykereightsix shares what playing videos games is like when you are thirty and on the road a lot. Finally StarFoxA continues to play through his Humble Bundle backlog with Thirty Flights of Love.

Fantastic Forums

Nickieroonie is the user that sent the staff those awesome painted shoes this week and breaks down what making them was like. We have plenty of threads related to Injustice from sharing tips and tricks to posting live streams with awesome combos. Have any ideas of what hat would look awesome on Patrick? Post your ideas on the Patrick Hat Project, or P.H.P. With Dota 2 still lighting the world on fire talk about your online follies as a newcomer if you are one on the community newcomer thread. Finally what's your working definition of "Metroidvania," and what are your favorite examples of the genre? Share you thoughts and examples on the discussion thread about the issue.

Useful User Reviews

User Created Podcasts

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I feel like you're excluding @video_game_king intentionally! =P

Those were some bomb ass shoes and plenty of awesome bombcast submissions to choose from. Thanks for the reading mats

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Lots of fucking Superheroes this week son. Both in video games and in the real world. Boston!

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Congrats everyone! I really need to get back in the wiki business for GB. AV is killing me with their wiki projects. That hot dog banner made me so hungry. I need to start playing Shin Megami Tensei.

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Man, Injustice would be so fun if I were good at it. Although I suppose that holds true for any game.

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Thanks for the drop! Motivation to keep this up on a daily basis instead of doing other things (like sleep. Eat. Etc.)

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I feel like you're excluding @video_game_king intentionally! =P

He would have been on...if I could read his handwriting.

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I am pretty sure I posted mine yesterday, would it go for this one or the next one?

because you skipped one of mine like 2 weeks back D:

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@animasta said:

I am pretty sure I posted mine yesterday, would it go for this one or the next one?

because you skipped one of mine like 2 weeks back D:

Hit me up with your old blog with a link!

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Damn, some of those podcast images are sweet. Anywhere, here's something I crapped out this week.

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@mento said:

Triple threat again this week: Blog, Review, List.

And where have you been? Did your British socialism make you lazy again?

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@zombiepie: I like that a quiet week for me is when I'm only featured in the Spotlight once. I'll be crazy busy in a week or so when this year's May Madness arrives, don't worry.

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The latest edition of the Community Spotlight is available here.