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I Would Watch This Show...OH WAIT I ALREADY DO!

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! Even though we have officially hit the early part of the Summer Video Game Drought," there's plenty of stuff worth talking about.There's some massive news about Patrick if you haven't heard, he's moving back to Chicago. Luckily he'll still be our news guy, but for the foreseeable future the office and podcast room is going to be a little on the empty side. The other major news of the week is the recent hacking attacks made on the site. For all users that are concerned about your own account rest assured that we have no reason to believe that user information has been compromised. If you would like to read more about the attacks check out Rorie's piece about the situation over here. In happier news Rorie intends on bring back his old Ramblin' Rorie subscriber feature from his Screened days! You can ask him any questions you'd like him to answer on his Tumblr account (NOT Properly Petting Puppies!). It was Will Smith's birthday on Wednesday, if you forgot to wish him a happy birthday check out the second episode of the A Bunch of Dads podcast featuring Vinny, Dave Snider, Jeff Green, and Will Smith. Finally...I have some video madness to share with you. What happens when you mix Game Room Quick Looks with anime? Well here you go:

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Finally check out this VGCW inspired madness featuring a "fake" Jeff Gerstmann fighting Kanji in WWE'13

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Community Activities

  • Community Steam Trading Card Thread for Trading Trading Cards - If You Want to Trade Any of Your Coupons or Trading Cards for Something Different Head on Over Here!
  • DUST 514 Giant Bomb Community Corp. - Join the Community Corp Over Here!

Wonderful Wikis

Prison Architect , DUST 514, and Sanctum 2 are the notable recent releases for this week and you can learn more about all of them on our wiki pages for those games. Finally some great work was recently done on the Fi Legend of Zelda character page worth marveling over.

Best of Blogs

The blog of the week for this week comes from silentz0r who provided the Hanna-Barbera themed staff fanart as seen on the banner for this week. Hamst3r has a couple of Let's Plays for you to watch, and Video_Game_King finished Final Fantasy XIII-2 as well as Iron Commando. Lawgamer discusses the status of copyright laws in the video game industry, simultaneously BlazeHedgehog extrapolates upon why he thinks Nintendo's new stance on Let's Plays isn't that big of a deal. Blazehedgehog also blogged about how the app on 360 is functional but mediocre, whereas Mento continues his daily May Madness blog series with a smattering of games both new and old. dantey got another opportunity to interview Drew, but this time his interview is more "Icelandic." ArbitratyWater kicked off a bunch of games from his gaming bucket-list and wrote about all of them, and Mordeaniischaos shares how mods made him fall back into Skyrim after all these months since its release. Atmonauti blogs about how video game potentially cause us to dehumanize human life, whereas EpicSteve shares a lot of the ways the United States military is using video games. Finally Yummylee bought Lost Planet 2 for five pounds and stand up for that purchase on his blog.

Fantastic Forums

EVE and Steam have dominated the discussion threads this week. The Giant Bomb EVE Corp. has created recruitment videos featuring the crazy nonsense that they have been up to. We also have a tips and tricks thread for anyone playing DUST 514. What do you think of the real money hat marketplace for TF2 or the Steam Trading Card system? If you have any thoughts or impressions of either share them on the threads. If you are playing the Bladewolf DLC for Metal gear Rising detail what you think of it, and share any advice you may have for new players for Prison Architect.

User Created Lists

The only list that we have for this week comes from GalacticGravy who has taken up the almost insurmountable task of annotating every single game that has taken place on a space ship, space station, or star bases.

Useful User Reviews

User Created Podcasts

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I finally get all those Gerstmann - Kanji references in the UPF chat!

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Summer is the time where we want to play games because of the free time. Makes you wonder what the hell these companies are thinking!

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You know what the deal is with me. Sorry. I'll be mixing it up a bit next week though - I have a plan.

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@mento said:

You know what the deal is with me. Sorry. I'll be mixing it up a bit next week though - I have a plan.

Are you going to lead a revolution?

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Check out the latest Spotlight over here.

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Congrats everyone! It's a bit late, but it's an OCD thing of mine.

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That Jeff and Kanji wrestling video made me smile way more than it should have.