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Special Thanks to Eidderf for This Work of Art!

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! I am your host as always, ZombiePie. Some Xbox stuff happened this week. Unless you have been living under a rock you probably know that the Xbox One has been revealed and announced. Well that and the community and staff have been in a perpetual buzz about the console. Prior to the Xbox One reveal Patrick announced that before he moves to Chicago he plans on doing one more Jar Time video, send him any questions you may have to his Comic Vine or Tumblr account. Other madness this week includes Jonny Moseley responding (postively might I add) to Ryan's joshing around about Jonny Moseley's Mad Trix. If you enjoyed the old Behind the Screened Door podcast Alex and Matt Rorie have started a new movie podcast for subscribers! If you were wondering why this is subscriber content or have any other questions about this new project head on over here. With that check out these two Bombcast based videos! One about alcohol based enemas and the other being another great Bombcast animated clip:

Oh, and check out

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Wonderful Wikis

One more thing about the Xbox One. XONE is the official abbreviation of the Xbox One, and not XBONE while that is considered an alias for the platform. Please keep this in mind when editing the wiki. Oh hey the Shin Megami Tensei IV has an amazingly detailed wiki page! It's almost as if there's a significant Shin Megami Tensei sub-community on Giant Bomb...I wonder how and when that happened. What the heck is Word Realms?! Well read all about the game on its surprisingly detailed wiki page.

Best of Blogs

Send your comments and thanks to Edderf for providing the "Call Zobeck" banner for this week. ArbitraryWater went old school and contemporary this week with his blog about Baldur's Gate and Resident Evil: Revelations. Video_Game_King learnd how 2 spel with 2 edumacation gamz, and starts a brand spanking new picturelogue blog about Beauty and the Beast. Mento has officially gone mad as he has now gone four weeks of daily game blogs! granderojo had a smashing time with the Game of Thrones mod for Crusader Kings II and discusses why, whereas humanity implores you to play Dragon's Dogma. Oh and people talked about the Xbox One...lots of people. Jensonb, Blazehedgehog, and Gamer_152 (and likely others that I didn't catch!) hold the distinction of being able to share their thoughts and opinions about the Xbox One in a rational and calm manner. Check out what they had to say about the reveal. LawGamer provides the second episode to his video game copyright blog series, simultaneously dankempster shares the fourth episode of his Metal Gear May Madness blog series. Fobwashed has a handful of detailed reviews for soundcards and headsets, and FLStyle keeps you updated on the Fighting Game Community with an event list for UFGT9.

Fantastic Forums

LackingSaint is the one who provided the latest Bombcast animated clip as seen above send him your thanks and comments about the clip. BeachThunder points out that Vinny is getting incredibly close to finishing BioForge, and asks which DOS game you'd like to see him play next. Rorie wants you to talk about your favorite E3 demo. The Lincolncast wants YOUR questions for their next Giant Bomb Guild Wars 2 community podcast, The Lincolncast, with a special guest from ArenaNet. Finally, if you have been playing the latest Call of Juarez game discuss your impressions and thoughts about, any news about laddergoat?

Lovable Lists

Here's a PSA/PIF (freaking British people) about the list feature, the engineers estimate that in the next 2-3 weeks they plan on fixing the bug issues with large lists (i.e. not being able to edit some of your lists at all). With that aside jbrite shares his 10 favorite PS1 era RPGs and Emerald85 has started a list chronicling every single female ninja in video games.

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Congrats everyone! Oh sweet, now we have a Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem sub communities that are doing a fabulous job on the wiki pages. I should start up a Legend of Zelda wiki coalition!

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Those videos are great! I laughed so hard I might need a massage now.

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I regret that massage. Deeply.

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Thanks for using my image, in these troubled times it's good to know that Zobek is only a Y button away. Some great highlights this week it seems (some pretty easy to miss with all the Xbox chatter going on)

I've got to say that animation is pretty amazing, the style just makes it that much funnier (and creepier) must have taken quite some time.

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@luck702 said:

I regret that massage. Deeply.

I regret nothing.

@eidderf said:

Thanks for using my image, in these troubled times it's good to know that Zobek is only a Y button away. Some great highlights this week it seems (some pretty easy to miss with all the Xbox chatter going on)

Well thanks for the work of art in the first place.

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Too bad there isn't a like button to let you know I read these. =-\ Hard to really comment on any of them.

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Got a new review up here.

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That week my computer's fan burned out and I wrote out a blog by hand?

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Hold me.

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Oh cripes, almost forgot.

Well, there's this old, mad thing. It's finally done now, so I'll probably be back to a blog and a list next time. I also got my two monthly features done this week as well: May's TurboMento-12 and Comic Commish. Apologies in advance for monopolizing the blog list.

I'm sure you spotted it, but buzz_clik did a terrifork doodle for kicks. I'll link to it in case you forkot. In not horrible pun news, there's a sweet series of hideous Pokémon sketches here too. Arbitrary wrote a thing about wet dead people and dankempster's still hiding in boxes.

If you need a wiki, I broke down what consists of the Eggerland/Adventures of Lolo series some time ago. That page could use some work though, probably.

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The latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight is available over here.