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Congratulations to BeatSafari for Design the Winning Banner for the Konami Press Conference!

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! I am your host as always, and this week we wait until the slog known as E3 hits us. Yup crazy to think that E3 2013 is upon on us. That said if you haven't done so already read over our guide to E3 2013 & You. As with every year please be mindful of duplicate threads and wiki pages when new games or game news is announced. Friend of the site Eric Pope has published some bullshit on the forums. Read all about his favorite drum frills, OH WAIT no you can't because he still hasn't finished his list.Finally if you haven't seen it yet Vinny has finally completed Bioforge! Wait in anticipation for his next old PC game video feature.

Clips of the Week

It seems as if every week at least one Giant Bomb user puts their video editing skills to good use to make a fun and entertaining video clip. As such I bring you the latest edition to the Community Spotlight, The Clip(s) of the Week! For our first entry we have Turboman showcasing the best moments of Backflips 'n Bioforge. For our second clip someone on YouTube showcases their flute playing talents by playing the melody from Bioforge:

Community Activities

  • Official DOTA 2 GiantBomb Tournament - Sign Up for the Tournament Over Here - Form Your Team Over Here!
  • Giant Bomb Marvel Heroes Community Guild - Join the Guild Over Here!
  • Giant Bomb DUST 514 Name Database - Post Your DUST 514 Name Here!
  • Giant Bomb Animal Crossing: New Leaf Friends Code Swapping Thread - Trade Friend Codes Here!

Wonderful Wikis

The because of the impending nature of E3 this Spotlight will showcase wonderful wikis for the new releases of this and next week. Read about why everyone is abuzz about The Last of Us. Read about fruit stacking and other new features in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Also,Gunpoint and Remember Me are the interesting smaller games that you learn about on the wiki. Finally check out the amazing work done on the Himiko, even though she probably never existed in real life.

Best of Blogs

We have fewer blogs this week, but that just means you have a better opportunity to read all of them, right? OH GOD JUST SAY YES! Anyways, as seen with our clip of the week Turboman has brought back his Best of Giant Bomb Quick Looks video feature, but this time has a showcase of all of the best moments from Vinny's adventures with Bioforge. Video_Game_King has a blog about the shooters, Steel Storm and Harmful Park. As an outsider looking in perfidioussin discusses what it was like going to the fighting game event UFGT9. PsEG continues to descended into the mad world of iRacing and shares his addiction with the "game" now with videos this week of his madness. Mento took the time to look back on all of the games he played as part of his May Madness blog series that he did not get to finish, and I make a guest appearance in his blog. isomeri pontificates how the Xbox One may utilize the iPhone's annualized hardware release. davedota provides his second guide to Dota 2, but this guide discusses how to properly lane and create balanced teams. Alaska_Gamer recently jumped on the Alan Wake Humble Bundle and has written a blog about franchise. Finally Lies shares you a personal blog about what he's been doing and why everything going to be alright for him, and you.

Fantastic Forums

As already mentioned please read Marino's E3 2013 & You message. The Star Trek Online community is hosting a trivia contest the you should feel free to participate in and win some stuff. If you plan on going to PAXAUS the Austarlian Giant Bomber community is organizing a community meet, drink, and greet. If you have been playing Remember Me and(or) Marvel Heroes share your impressions of those games on the discussion threads. Join the effort to create more stupid icons that you can copy and paste into the Giant Bomb live chat. Finally be your own Michael Patcher and share your "outrageous" predictions about the next generation of consoles and video games.

Lovable Lists

drath, who has created the lone notable list this week, is working on a list of every game that involves surviving in the wild as the main conceit.

User Created Podcasts

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Real or not, she's an interesting figure!

Nice work as usual, @zombiepie!

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@hailinel said:

Real or not, she's an interesting figure!

You could say that about Jesus.

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@hailinel said:

Real or not, she's an interesting figure!

You could say that about Jesus.

Himiko was a queen, not the purported savior of humanity.

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You're a legend for making those "Best of Giant Bomb" videos. I don't have time to watch QL like I used to, so it's great to watch the best bits in one video!


Hey Zombie, I updated my Uncharted 3 hub page with the latest in what's happening on the multiplayer side of things. See if it's spotlight worthy :)

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Useful! :D

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@cirdain said:
Useful! :D

It's so good to have E3 on the civilized coastline of the United States.

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It's so good to have E3 on the civilized coastline of the United States.


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I'm going to need help following all of the blogs related to E3. If any of you post or read some E3 blogs you really enjoyed post links here.

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I wrote a short post about my reaction to Microsoft and Sony's conferences which you can find here.

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I've got two blogs this week. E3's been crazy.

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Just in under the wire: I wrote up a four day "an alternative to E3" series here (first post links to the rest) and an "an alternative to an alternative to E3" E3 list here.

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The latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight is available here.