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Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! I am your host as always. RYAN DAVIS GOT MARRIED! If you haven't done so already wish him and his wife the best over here! Also...uhhh...there's a fan-fiction of Ryan's wedding already. Don't tell anyone that I directed you to it. is a secret that keeps on giving with the power of Klepek. Finally a patch was recent submitted to the site related to the notification system. As part of the patch you have to go back to your settings and set them to your preference as they have been reset as a result of this patch. If you are still having issues with the notification or PM system report them over here.

Clip of the Week

Many of you are fans of TurboMan's Best of Quick Look video feature on YouTube. If you are check out the YouTube account TheBurlapLemur which has begun a different but similar video series known as the Bitesize Bomb. This series narrows down the best moments of every single Quick Look ever made and published on the site and here's the latest edition of the series:

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Community Activities

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Wonderful Wikis

Good news everyone! We now have a complete library for the Famicom Disk System! That and a great biography of what the Famicom Disk System is in the first place. With Patrick starting his own Encyclopedia Bombasticas with Michael Jordan: Cahos in the Windy City read more about the game than you would ever want to know on its wiki page for the game. Finally learn more about LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

Best of Blogs

Mento has created a two part blog series examining the development and gaming history of Monolith Studios. Similarly stubbleman continues his blog series examining the voice acting career or Karen Strassman. FLStyle has a preview of EVO 2013 and an itinerary of the games that are going to be there, whereas BlackLagoon has a list of all the big and notable games that are coming out for the Vita. Video_Game_King celebrated the Fourth of July with Amnesia and Splatterhouse 2. EpicSteve has another Amateur Bombastica for Godzilla: Save the Earth; Marino has another blog of his VHS tape recordings, but this time for E3 2003. BaconGames discusses why the HD collection of Pheonix Wright on iOS irked him. JJWeatherman shares what it was like building his own PC recently, and enns talks about how flabbergasted he is with the re-release of Final Fantasy XIV. Sunjammer pontificates on what the future of Naught Dog will be now that The Last of Us has been released. ComradeCrash talks about his early impressions of Project X Zone, and Gamer_152 blogged about his thoughts about what the next generation of consoles holds for Nintendo. PsEG had a set back with and talks about it on his latest blog. CornBREDX went back to The Neverhood and discusses why he still enjoyed playing it after all this time. Finally BillytheKid provides an update about his effort to defeat his gaming backlog and ArbitraryWater chastises you for trying to convince him to play Jade Empire.

Fantastic Forums

TepidShark has created a helpful table of the important gaming panels to keep an eye on for the San Diego Comic-Con. If you have played The Walking Dead: 400 Days talk about your choices and thoughts about the game. What have you purchased as part of the Xbox Games on Demand July Sale, or what does you gaming set up look like right now? Talk about it on the respective discussion threads! Finally, in light of the Motorbike and Ride to hell Quick Looks do you have a favorite Quick Look for a "bad" video game? Explain your pick on the thread!

Lovable Lists

The king of lists, Mento, has two different but highly creative gaming tabulations! One examines the games that feature hostile birds that you have to fight and the other lists the games that he would be willing to do his own Bombastica or Endurance Run for.

Useful User Reviews

User Created Podcasts

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I should have started reading this blog a lot sooner. Once I'm on a computer I will be checking out the above listed stuff in detail

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I can finally keep up with my followed blog list! Hey, Zombie, if you haven't already, it might be kind of useful to point out that the Options screen has reset everyone's notifications settings, so if they want to get updates from friens on GB or see their replies, they should head there.

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Project X Zone is pretty amazing. I stopped playing though when I was around 20 minutes into a chapter and one of my guys died and it was an automatic fail. For as lax a "strategy" game as it is, it's surprising how there aren't any checkpoints in these long drawn out fights. I may or may not go back to it someday =\

Nice collection as per usual. =)

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Wonderful Wikis

Good news everyone!

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ArbitraryWater chastises you for trying to convince him to play Jade Empire.

They didn't try, they succeeded. I guess that blog reads as a chastisement though, since Jade Empire is not an especially great game.

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@zombiepie said:
ArbitraryWater chastises you for trying to convince him to play Jade Empire.

They didn't try, they succeeded. I guess that blog reads as a chastisement though, since Jade Empire is not an especially great game.

You monster!

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@zombiepie: Oh my god, that fan fiction was amazing. Like, the level of detail he went with the references to things about the crew, and the previous fan fiction, it was all spot on. @willza92, congrats sir, that was glorious.

The Red Wedding reference was great as well.

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Oh wow. is hilarious. That's real funny 'Domains By Proxy, LLC'.

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Was that picture actually...?

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@zombiepie: Yeah Zombie pie. Please replace the image on this. Use the one Equitas posted.

I now the image...isnt....but it seems too close to what is. I dont want to think of Ryan like that.

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I vote that the next Community Spotlight is a special edition compilation of Ryan's best moments on the internet...period. Not just Giant Bomb, but across Gamespot, his stupid websites, and every other thing possible.

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The Spotlight will have its hands full with Ryan obits from the community alone. I've read over 20 of them so far; a lot of them from people who have never posted a blog before or haven't posted for months. It's amazing, but it's going to take a lot of work to find them all.

So I'll help a bit with the ones I've seen from users here (all thanks to the newly repaired notification system). ZP's probably compiling a huge Word document of links, but just in case he missed any: Slag, Danny O'Dwyer, Beforet, SparklyKiss, MetalGearSunny, bobafettjm, Mento, PsEG, JJOR64, TurboMan, FinalDasa, Aurahack, Joey Fameli, BiffMcBlumpkin, Hailinel, Dalai, EpicSteve, ShadowVirus, PollySMPS, Sweep, Jakob187, RecSpec, Dan Kempster and buzz_clik.

Personally, I hope we end up with over a hundred of the things. Duder deserves nothing less.

(ETA: Was going to add more as I spotted them, but this thread has kinda exploded since then. My minimal amount of work here is done.)

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@jakob187 said:

I vote that the next Community Spotlight is a special edition compilation of Ryan's best moments on the internet...period. Not just Giant Bomb, but across Gamespot, his stupid websites, and every other thing possible.

That's the plan, but there's so many that I'm going to need extra help in tracking down all the stuff that's being written. If every one could spread the word that the next Spotlight will be a memorial to Ryan that would definitely help.

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#23 Posted by SniperXan (233 posts) - did a look at some of my favourite Ryan moments

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Google Music All Access version of THE REALEST SUMMERJAMS playlist. There are a couple instrumental stand-ins due to some small holes in Google's library but the vast majority of the playlist is there THE REALEST SUMMERJAMS

I also made a couple avatars. I'm using them for Steam but people can use them wherever: Ryan with cat ears | Persona 4 Ryan

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@fobwashed said:

This is both fantastic and super depressing :(

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I wrote this thing about Ryan.

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I posted this on Facebook yesterday afternoon. I only have a handful of friends who are fellow Bombardiers, but I wanted everyone to know about Ryan.

Most of you probably haven't heard of Ryan Davis or Giant Bomb. It's a video game website that posts some hilarious videos and some of the best critical commentary about the industry available. When it's a team as small as Giant Bomb, every role is enormous, and when one of those roles is removed, it's especially devastating. Ryan was only 34. He was married less than two weeks ago.

Through a time of particular uncertainty and difficulty in my life, the team at Giant Bomb provided me with a steady solace. When you spend enough time reading someone's articles, watching their commentaries and silliness, you really start to feel like you know them. I've never met anyone from Giant Bomb in person, but I count them as my friends. And today, I feel like I lost a good friend.

Thanks for the years of laughs, Ryan.

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My piece about Ryan, and if it means anything at this point, my review of Dear Esther.

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I wrote about how Ryan and the crew helped me get myself on the fast track to achieving my dream.

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I just made this post about how GB has impacted my life.

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Brief write-up of some of my thoughts

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