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my short ryan davis story, tucked away on the internet

and what might honestly be the hardest part of all this for me, put into quote form because it's a forum post elsewhere


my little brother and I have listened to bombcasts together for well over a year now. he has anxiety and a learning disability and just a really hard time dealing with life sometimes but he loves the bombcast and giantbomb. it's the only game site he's ever looked at ('cause I RAISE KIDS RIGHT, YO)

ryan was one of his straight up favorite guys and he talked about wanting to meet him at E3 one day and wanting to cover games and DO that because of the stuff ryan would put out on the website and how funny he seemed and how himself he always was

he's at scout camp until sunday and was having a hard time so he called me tonight and we were talking and he said "hey is there a new bombcast? i wanna listen when i come home with you, i miss you"

i don't know how to tell a 12 year old ryan davis is gone.

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I didn't do this, but @cesson done a lovely pixel art on the FTB server, I'm not sure if Ryan would appreciate being made out of wool or not but he will always bring us laughter and good times, as long as his influence lives on.

^took about an hour to type that, words don't really work at times like this.

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The saddest Costco trip I've ever taken.

These guys pushed me into studying journalism, for which I can never thank them enough. Ryan Davis helped me choose my major. He helped me choose my college. He helped change my life, and give me direction when I needed it most. I imagine he's had that influence on many others besides me, and he'll never know.

That's the worst part.

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So much goodwill for Ryan out there, they need to make a movie of his life.

I'm getting the ball rolling.

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I don't know if more "I'm so sad" words are what you're looking for, particularly from someone who hardly gets involved in the community. But I felt compelled to write a blog. Personally I'd love to see them all shared in one place - being able to read what Ryan meant to different people will help put into perspective what kind of guy he was and the legacy that he'll leave.

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I feel like Jeff's prophecy must come true. In this time of sadness, we will rise up and offer the stupidest things possible in the hopes of bringing even the slightest smile to the crew and community.

In that spirit, I made this dumb/beautiful image as thoroughly described by Jeff in the memorial Bombcast.

In honor of Ryan...

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It was hard to get my words onto the paper (or screen, in this instance), but I tried:

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Flying Ryan, what I want to think he is doing. Drew this last night.

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Right, the custom sign was finished this morning, so put the portrait up, and also planted some more flowers :)

A lot of nice blog entries and stuff here guys, really nice to see. :)

Man.. gonna miss the guy :/

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@zombiepie said:

@jakob187 said:

@zombiepie said:

@jakob187 said:

I vote that the next Community Spotlight is a special edition compilation of Ryan's best moments on the internet...period. Not just Giant Bomb, but across Gamespot, his stupid websites, and every other thing possible.

That's the plan, but there's so many that I'm going to need extra help in tracking down all the stuff that's being written. If every one could spread the word that the next Spotlight will be a memorial to Ryan that would definitely help.

Right, but I'm not talking about community-based Ryan stuff. I'm talking about strictly RYAN stuff. While stuff from the community about/for Ryan is cool, I feel like it's something that feeds the pretention of the community as well. "OOOH, I WROTE SOMETHING SAD ABOUT RYAN RIGHT HERE!" Ya know, it just seems like something that would piss him off.

I'm thinking more along the lines of crazy Photoshopped images, dumb videos with him in them, stuff like that. A memorial for Ryan should be something joyous, not overwrought with sadness and crying. He'd bitchslap every one of us if that's what it turned out to be, and you know it.

We are going to have to agree to disagree at this point. The number of comments and notifications have far exceeded my expectations and providing a Spotlight on community created content is what this feature is for. User created art and videos are something I intend to showcase as well, but if you see the opportunity to do something different, have at it my good friend. There's no right or wrong answer for something like this.

It's all good. I understand.

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@spellbot5000: it really gets me that Chris Rock is playing Patrick, haha

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<- This newbie here wrote this Thank You Ryan Davis

Also, this isn't a picture of Ryan or an art tribute, but some really dumb figure posing I did during my break at work. Iron Man, Queensbury Rules, I post it in hopes that it's something dumb that some of you may get a laugh at.

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Still found time for a regular blog this week. It's going to feel a little out of place next to all these obits, though. If anyone's idea of levity is a 2500 word blog about a fourteen year old PC RPG, go have at it.

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The next spotlight is going to be amazing.

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The latest Spotlight is up here.