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Thanks Jeff and Alex...I Guess.

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! I am your host as always and as the Summer weeks draw frightening close to their conclusion the community remains active as ever. Unfortunately for undisclosed reasons the re-issue of the "Fuck Ryan Davis" t-shirts have been cancelled. For those of you that purchased a shirt your money will be refunded. For many of you that have been having issues using site fixes for posting comments, editing releases on wiki pages, reviews displaying the incorrect scores, and user avatars not displaying have all been rolled out! If you are still having issues contact @rorie or @mrpibb. If you see someone trying to convince you that there's a papal conspiracy...just flag the guy or send us a PM...don't bother trying to respond to him/her/it. Even more baffling are users re-discovering Jeff's old Google Group, alt.sports.gerstmann. If you want to read the insane and vulgar ramblings of the staff and friedns of teh site when they were twenty...well there you go!

Clips of the Week

We have two clips for this week. The first is the latest user created Bombcast Animated clip, but this one is for the e-Shop rabbit sequence from the 7/23/2013 Bombcast. The second clip comes from the GB PC Gaming Hub and showcases the insane fun that they have been having with the Just Cause 2 multiplayer beta, hint, there were vehicles:

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Community Activities

  • Giant Bomb Divekick Tournament (PS3 & Vita) - Friday, August 23rd to Sunday, August 25th - Sign Up to Fight Over Here!
  • Giant Bomb Steam Divekick Tournament - Friday August 23rd-Sunday August 25th - Sign Up and Fight Here!
  • Official Giant Bomb Warframe Clan - Join Heavy Industries, the Official Clan, Over Here!
  • Summer Games Done Quick [Raising Money for Doctors Without Borders] - July 25th-29th! - Help Raise Money or Donate Here!

Wonderful Wikis

Learn about Shadowrun Returns' journey from being a Kickstarter to finally coming out as a purchasable product. There's Dynasty Warriors sub-community on Giant Bomb! How else can you the explain the new improve wiki page for Zhang Chunhua. Alex's latest Bombastica is all about Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! which unsuprisingly has a well done wiki page. Finally, your new oddball amazing wiki concept page of the week is "Villainous Moon."

Best of Blogs

Hailinel takes Jeff's challenge and explains why he likes Dynasty Warriors and why that's not as weird as you may think. Gamer_152 talks about why he misses 1 vs. 100 and why it was a missed opportunity for Microsoft. Despite "sucking" at fighting games perfidioussin gave Tekken Tag Tournament 2 a try and explains what his experiences were. Mento gives you his latest monthly MS Paint webcomic as well as a blog about the obscure TurboGrafx game Genji Tsuushin Agedama. stoo99 recently played through Little Inferno and shares why he thinks it is one of the better examples of satire in video game writing. Inspired by EVO Fat OfNever has fallen down the STreet Fighter IV rabbit hole and explains which character he likes from what he has played. Similarly PsEG continues to play iRacing and has been doing so for 58 days now. Video_Game_King explains why he wasn't impressed with 999's story and also discusses Cadash is all about. DarthOrange only owned six SNES games, but shares his top five games for his first video game platform. Phatmac pontificates upon why he has fallen in love with Animal Crossing: New Leaf and his animal neighbors. Sparky_Buzzsaw finally decided to give Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen a shot and reveals why he's willing to overlook all of the problems in the game. Marino presents the sneakers that he got custom made with "Baller Time" written on them as well as his VHS recordings of E3 2004. Lydian_Sel went to PAX Australia, but wonders if it was a "real PAX," like in the US. briggs713 talks about spending and enjoying his summer with the Souls franchise. Finally dankemspter writes about his latest attempt to clean out his backlog, and Alaska_Gamer discusses his thoughts about The Binding of Isaac.

Fantastic Forums

What are your thoughts about monsters joining you as party members in RPGs? What if they talk? Share you thoughts about them on the discussion thread about the matter. If you have been playing the WiiU version of Earthbound, as a vet or newcomer, discuss the port on the discussion thread about the game. Finally DetectiveSpecial has pictures from the community Ryan Davis memorial Chicago meetup, and you can check out the things the users did to honor Ryan over there.

Lovable Lists

This week believer258 has a short list of three game, but games that are really important to him. Landmire on the other hand joins the many users with Steam backlog lists on the site.

Useful User Reviews

User Created Podcasts

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Thanks for the shout-out, Zombie! I almost forgive you for throwin' down in the chat - almost.

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Just got around to this. Thanks for the double promo, though my version of the Ryan Davis Commemorative 574'sdon't say "Baller Time."

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Thanks man!

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