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Special Thanks Go to @y2ken for Creating This Banner!

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight, as always I am your host. Jeff is away on vacation, but that doesn't change the fact that he celebrated his 39th birthday this week. However, many of you have shown a great deal of concern in regards to the recent GameSpot layoffs. Please do use that link and comment on the discussion thread wishing all of those that have been laid off the best in their future endeavors. However, rest assured that this news has no impact on the current makeup of Giant Bomb, but this does not give you permission to treat those that have lost their jobs disrespectfully on the forums. Now moving onto to something with a bit of levity Vinny has a diagram depicting how the video capture and conversion process works at Giant Bomb East. Also exciting is the fact that we have added three new moderators on the site! If you have not done so already please welcome @jadegl, @finaldasa, and @mooseymcman to the Giant Bomb Moderation Team over here! With that let's get on with the latest edition of the Community Spotlight!

Clip(s) of the Week

As always special thanks go to @turboman for making another great edition of his "Best of Giant Bomb," video series. This one features cricket and drive clubs!

Awesome Art

Special thanks to @helvetica @roomrunner @ragetreb Tessa(Tumblr) and @fobwashed for the awesome artwork this week!

Community Activities

Our Community Extra Life effort for 2014 has officially started! Help raise money for kids by clicking the link below!

  • Extra Life 2014 Giant Bomb Team - Play Games, Heal Kids - Join the Effort Over Here!

Wonderful Wikis

Some great recent work has been done on the Crypt of the NecroDance and Link wiki pages thanks to @northsarge and @hailinel respectively. Finally we need more examples of "Three-Word Game Title with Conjunction or Preposition," for our concept page.

Best of Blogs

The top blog of this week comes from IcyEyes who talks about the origins and his motivations behind creating "Giant Bomb Jammers," as seen on the UPF from two weeks ago. noahtheboa999 is starting a new blog series chronicling his effort to understand the Kirby game franchise. A new month means that BlackLagoon has an easy to read annotation of all of the games coming out for the PlayStation Vita. thatpinguino keeps up his multi-blog streak with two blogs this week. The first discusses his favorite game concepts and mechanics, whereas the second provides a "deepish" look on the class system for Penny Arcade Adventures 3. Mento got manga fever and he theorizes which games he suspects drew from Berserk as an inspiration. ArbitraryWater dabbled with new and old games this week ranging from The Wolf Among Us and Crash Bandicoot. Video_Game_King is all about music and owls this week with a blog detailing his thoughts on Sequence and Project Horned Owl. Pabba lampoons Dan's food ignorance with two highly entertaining web comics. ChampInMaking is still working to convince the community that KOTOR 2 is better than KOTOR 1, whereas Marokai reminisces on Summoner for the PS2 and details how it is a product of its time. MooseyMcMan theorizes why he thinks he will be putting in 100+ hours into Destiny, and GrantHeaslip defends Killer is Dead as a fine Suda51 joint. EpicSteve passionately explains why Valiant Hearts features one of the most respectful depictions of war. FinalDasa is all about the big movies of August, and BisonHero mulls over his problem with game reviewers playing games on the default difficulty. Sarumarine extrapolates on his time with Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, and lebbmx blogs about why the next Fallout is the game he most wants to see on the next generation of consoles.

Fantastic Forums

As already mentioned please join the community in wishing Jeff a happy birthday and welcoming the new mods. Also discuss Microsoft Bingo if you have given it a shot and post pictures of the Destiny Beta if you have been playing it. Finally Fobwashed is hosting his own "Ask Me Anything" for the Oculus Rift, and helvetica made a chocolate dipped cherry in the shape of the Giant Bomb logo.

Lovable Lists

Our list of the week comes from mod mracoon who has a list of games he thinks have great names, and yes he is taking suggestions.

Useful User Reviews

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Keep up the good work, ZP. And also all the other work you do on the site.

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@zombiepie Wow. Thanks for featuring my blog. I don't know why it's the top blog of the week, but that's fine with me. Ha! @y2ken I completely love the "bad boys of cricket" art, well done duder!

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A double shout out! Thanks!

Moderator Online
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This week has been awesome for both official site content and community made content. The food comics are too cute and the Beserk blog made something I never even had an interest in be the most interesting thing I've read all week. Keep up the crazy fantastic work duders and lady duders!

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Wow I made the spotlight! Yippee!! Thanks for putting these together, they're always a treat.

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@jadegl: @helvetica: @finaldasa: @mooseymcman: Thank you all for the words of encouragement.

@icyeyes said:

@zombiepie Wow. Thanks for featuring my blog. I don't know why it's the top blog of the week, but that's fine with me. Ha! @y2ken I completely love the "bad boys of cricket" art, well done duder!

Feel free to keep the community updated on your progress!

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I know this is ridiculously late, but I managed to finally write descriptions of all the games I've beaten in 2012 and 2013. I usually do those at the end of each corresponding year but.... Better late than never right?

2012 list

2013 list

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Alright I have down for the next Spotlight:

@cottoneud @mortface (Mario Party graph) @bobafettjm @thatpinguino @michaeldim (Money vandalism) @champinmaking @yummylee (Vampires ≠ Zombies duder) @juiceman (Awesome ringtones) @daneian @jensonb @majormitch (For some reason a Twitter spambot re-tweeted my promotion of your blog) @dankempster @perfidioussinn @moonlightmoth @mooseymcman @jadegl (Both of you don't let being a mod slow you down!) @blazehedgehog @icyeyes @pabba @supermike6 @mento @video_game_king (Still wanted in thirteen states)

Great work everyone, you'll have something on the next edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight!

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I wrote a user-review for Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D. I don't usually like to post what I've done, but I believe notifications may once again be on the fritz? So, just to be safe.


EDIT: Oh! If you also need some wiki pages to spotlight, I've got some more Resident Evil goodness with a Samurai Edge and Lightning Hawk page I've written up.

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Grumble grumble.

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Grumble grumble.

We have a hyperlink option with the WSIWYG editor. You should learn how to use it. I mean you ARE a role model on Giant Bomb for goodness sake.

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@mooseymcman said:

Grumble grumble.

We have a hyperlink option with the WSIWYG editor. You should learn how to use it. I mean you ARE a role model on Giant Bomb for goodness sake.

Shut up, ZombiePie.

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The latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight can be found here. (See @mooseymcman I got it on the first try)

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@zombiepie: The ONE TIME I didn't bother making it an actual link, because I figured you were just going to copy and paste the thing I wrote in that message, and now I'll never hear the end of it.