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Welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight, and I am your host as always. With PAX around the corner Summer has all but drawn to a close. Speaking of Summer Rorie is finally taking his Summer Vacation this week. Please contact if you have any issues with site moderations, and if you have bug or merchandise issues. For those of you that plan on going to PAX Prime 2014 Patrick will be a part of panel titled "Surviving the Internet" on Sunday at 7pm. The Giant Bomb Dota 2 Community Tournament has started! Check out the fun everyone has had thus far on this archive of the first match. Engineer Danny Chi/@mrpibb will be leaving us at the end of the month, but to end this on a positive note Vinny is expecting a second child!

Awesome Art and Pictures

Special thanks to @splodge, @buzz_clik, @koobz, bluthton, GiantBombQuotes, Pootietang, and elGaurdDuck for all of this great art and picture work!

Clip of the Week

LieutenantEddy is back but this time he animated Jeff decalring himself being Donatello. @smurfspunk made his own version of the Giant Bomb Quick Look intro. Finally Dan took the Ice Bucket Challenge and OF COURSE he challenged Jose Canseco!

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Community Activities

  • Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition PS4 Friend Exchange - Hookup witH Fellow Users for Co-Op Over Here!
  • Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition Xbox One Friend Exchange - Hookup with Fellow Users for Co-Op Over Here!
  • Potential Community Tabletop Simulator Group - George_McBain is Gauging Interest in a TTS Online Group Here!

Wonderful Wikis

Motor Show and 5 In One Fun Pak have had some great work done on them thanks to @bobafettjm. Also Special thanks to @flstyle our Dragon Age: Inquisition page is looking great, and it has come out yet!

Best of Blogs

The top of the blog goes to Turbo_Toaster for coming up with some awesome and creative Borderlands Nerf Gun designs! TheYouthfuls revisited Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and discusses what has and has not aged well in the game, whereas Jeust discusses the morals and philosophy of Planescape Torment. Mento has three blogs, two of which chronicle stray observations on his experiences with Deadly Premonition. The other blog breaks down how Mento was able to achieve a S-Rank in Ni No Kuni. Not to be outdone thatpinguino has one blog about how games have utilized relationships in the past as well as their caveats, and the earlier blog provides a "Deep Look" into Shadow of the Colossus. armaan8014 also wrote two blogs! The first of which defends the Game of Thrones game from 2012, and the second provides his early impressions of Risen 3. IcyEyes conveys his hopes to demo Giant Bomb Jammers at PAX Prime 2014, whereas Rorie talks about the addons he normally uses when playing World of Warcraft. Speaking of WoW noahtheboa999 has his progress report on his adventures in the game now that he has hit the thirty hour mark. MooseyMcMan continues to plow through his PS+ backlog this week, and Marino wants you to join him in being nostalgic over EverQuest with this increased interest in WoW. JadeGL shares how P.T. made her feel and react, similarly _Mattallica discusses how P.T./Silent Hills may usher a new generation of survival horror games. Bonbolapti shares how he and his group finally defeated Titan Extreme in FF14, and bobafettjm has a new log on his great work on the Giant Bomb wiki.

Fantastic Forums

Koobz not only created the awesome banner this week, but he wants you to join him in creating Metal gear Scanlon fanart. Speaking of Metal Gear technosyndrome took a shot at ranking the Metal Gear Solid games from best to worst and is interested to see what your list looks like. smurfspunk has created his own Giant Bomb Quick Look intro, and Fobwashed wants you to join his poll on who will win the PAX Prime 2014 Rumble. tough is in the business of making animated Bombcasts and is taking recommendations for a Patrick themed episode. Feel free to vote on what you think Rockstar's next game will be, your worst gaming disappointments, and provide the_shiniest_meat_bicycle with advice on how to get his dad interested in games.

Lovable Lists

This week Mento has annotated every single Super Famicom game he has added to the database, and bartok rates every Simpsons game he has played from best to worst.

Useful User Reviews

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Also, Bartok's list link appears to be broken?

Also also, I can't help but notice that VGK appears to have disappeared from the face of the forums.

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Thanks for including me, and good job as always, ZP!

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Many thanks for shouting out the Dragon Age: Inquisition page, well done to everyone else featured!

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A somehow managed to do a thing this week. Enjoy.

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Just the one blog this week. Part 2 should be up tomorrow, but of course it'll be too late for this Spotlight.

(I've been spending all my time watching the darn Deadly Premontion ERs instead of writing this week. Worth it all for those reactions to the cutscene after the first boss fight.)

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The latest edition of the Community Spotlight can be found here!

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