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Special Thanks to Humanity for the Banner This Week!

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! I am your host as always and hopefully the pending release of GTA V and other big games has you anything but "depressed." With the impending launch of the new GameSpot site next week the top men plan on moving two engineers to work on Comic Vine and Giant Bomb bugs and improvements exclusively. Our very own Brad Shoemaker was on a livestream with djWHEAT which you can watch on For fans of the Bombin' the AM feature look forward to a guest appearance of TotalBiscuit soon! Now with that let us get on with the Spotlight!

Clip of the Week

The latest edition of TheBurlapLemur's Bitesize Bomb video feature, which showcases the best moments of every Quick Look on Giant Bomb is up! Check it out and enjoy:

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Community Activities

  • ExtraLife 2013 GiantBomb Team! - Play Games, Heal Kids - Join the Effort to Raise Money for Kids Here!
  • Official Giant Bomb GTA V Crews (360 / PS3) Sign Up to a Crew Over Here!
  • GB Fight Night Guilty Gear XX Λ Core Plus - Get the Details and Sign Up Next Week Here!

Wonderful Wikis

Giant Bomb and hockey? Yeah who would have guessed that those two would ever mix, but check out the NHL 14 wiki page for proof! Want to read more about Hatsune Miku and her plot to use and army of vocaloids to take over the world using Skynet? You wont read about that on Giant bomb but you can still learn more about them. That and Da Ji.

Best of Blogs

Gamer_152 takes up the insurmountable task of trying to breakdown the recent controversy about Penny Arcade and why it's important. Video_Game_King played Metro 2033 and Zombie Nation this week, and Sparky_Buzzsaw has a similar weekly update. Hamst3 and fistfulofmetal both are scaring their pants off with Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. MooseyMcMan has had some PlayStation Plus madness and talks all about it, whereas Pufferfuz talks about programming a realistic lock. Lordgodalming explains why he's a fan of Final Fantasy XIII and Flappybat shares his early and endgame thoughts on FFXIV. Blazehedgehog talks about making a mod that makes a mod better. Librariangmr on the other hand explains why he thinks Deadpool is one of the most boring fun games ever. Mento talks about the most common ways that loot is treated in video games, and Marino breaks down the Streetpassing that he did at PAX Prime. Halomaste19 lists his favorite Star Wars game as the prospect of a new trilogy becomes more real. Demoskinos explains why he thinks Vocaloids and Killer is Dead will be on his game of the year list. MMMman shares his detailed thoughts about Remember Me and how it would have been better not as a game. Finally AjayRaz talks about all of the DOA 5 he has been playing...and he has been playing a lot.

Fantastic Forums

MarkJW created a fake magazine version of Giant Bomb and talks about passing them out at PAX Prime. Humanity gives you an idea of what Jeff would be like if he were in GTA V, as seen in the banner. Have you had a bad Dota 2 match? Go ahead and talk about it on the Dota 2 bad match venting thread. Are you ready for some "real" football talk? Then join the NFL football thread.

Lovable Lists

Has something Giant Bomb said ever sold you on a game? Well that has happened multiple times to Autumn_Thunder and as such he's created a list of plenty examples of this. Selfconfessedcynic on the other hand has a list of the game that have emotionally impacted him during and after playing them.

Useful User Reviews

Potent Podcasts

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Oh god, my fantasy football team is doomed. DOOMED.

Also, thanks for the rundown @zombiepie.

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Another set of cool community highlights. Love that banner made by Humanity.

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Oh man I'm all about watching people play video games for the children.

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GrantHeaslip has finally completed Persona 3: FES and explains why it's taken him this long to finish it

Thanks for the shout-out (as always!), but I just started playing the game!

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Oh wow, never thought I'd wake up this morning with this in my notifications. I guess my ramblings must have appealed to some duders. I'm just left wondering which one of my two recent blogs is going to get featured, but best not to spoil the surprise, I s'pose. All in all, this will definitely help me to stay....motivated.

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I'm not sure if this really counts as a contribution or anything since it's a dumb side project that most readers on the site don't really need, but I subtitled Jeff having his breakdown over Miku into Japanese so that side of the Internet could relish in it, too. Apparently they find it pretty great over on NicoNico, too!

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Here you are: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 of a series looking at the Experimental Game pack. Didn't get a whole lot else done, as you might expect.

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Missing Ryan.