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No Jeff, That's Not How You Use Bubble Wrap.

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! I am your host as always, and as the ominous launch of new consoles looms near the community keeps on trucking! New code has been pushed on Giant Bomb and Comic Vine to make both sites more stable. Contact @ltsquigs if you are still noticing latency or other quirks. As you all likely are aware of the Giant Bombcast is now sponsored. If you are a premium subscriber an ad free version is available on the Premium podcast portal. If you are having issues with the Premium Podcast feed try using your username, not email when accessing the feed. If you are still having issues post a bug report over here. Finally on a more humorous note, Rap Man is on Rap Genius giving you all a chance to annotate this wonderful composition.

Clip(s) of the Week

Both of the clips of the week go to @pepsiman for taking the time to translate creeper Jeff into Japanese to spread the love. Not only that but both videos have been posted to Nico Nico...with most complaints being about Jeff not standing up for his Waifu and breaking down in tears on the creeper cam.

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Community Activities

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Wonderful Wikis

GTA V is a game...I think? The most heavily scrutinized Zelda game has an HD remix, and it also has a great wiki page detailing the differences. Finally your wonderful/odd concept page this week is for "Gorillas with Sunglasses."

Best of Blogs

Hailinel wants YOUR help in improving all of the character pages for fighting game characters. librariangmr uses Michael to discuss GTA V's depiction of masculinity, whereas Sweep shares another case of the Daily Mirror being exploitative about video game violence. CCforUA on the other hand talks about being a worker on the Washington Navy Yard, and not being in the right mindset to play GTA V. Mento has four parts to a blog series breaking down all of the games apart of the LA Game Space Experimental Pack. Video_Game_King has a blog about bacteria and aliens, and FluxWavez has his opinion and hopes for the sequel of Persona 4 Arena. Jan, the master of computer models, shares his own model of the 2DS, whereas yeah_write talks about his modifications to his Sony controllers and peripherals. Matthew makes you nostalgic with a breakdown of the Spore specific Bombcast which includes time stamps of the funniest moments. MMMman explains his video game design theory of the "Difficulty Mill" by using Bulletstorm as a case study. Hailinel defends Hastune Miku with a blog about the diversity of tracks in Project Diva F. Stubbleman continues with his blog series about video game voice actors, but this edition is about Liam O'Brien. GrantHeaslip continues o play through Persona 3: FES, whereas fistfulofmetal continues to truck through Amnesia and Outlast. PerfidiousSinn explains why he likes Assassin's Creed Revelation, but hates Assassin's Creed III. and finally jclane extrapolates why he think Metroid Prime 3 is a great horror game.

Fantastic Forums

The top forum post comes from Maddenedman who has created his own jazz version of the Giant Bombcast theme. Beyond that we have a bunch of threads and forum topics related to GTA V, and share your thoughts of the Godus beta if you paid for it. The PC Gaming Hub is gauging interest in a BF4 server and the Warframe online community has a video of their latest hijinx.

Lovable Lists

Megalowho has a list of old school PC games that time has forgotten that he enjoyed. Whereas SParky_Buzzsaw has a list of video game characters and concepts he wishes he could punch in the face.

Useful User Reviews

Potent Podcasts

Also Special Thanks to maxbeckart for This Work of Art!

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"Wish?" I will punch them all!

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Oh Jeff. Jeff, Jeff, Jeff...

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Oh Jeff. Jeff, Jeff, Jeff...

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Oh Jeff. Jeff, Jeff, Jeff...

That's wonderfully nauseating.

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We need to hear more reactions from Japan to those creeper-Jeff videos. Maybe someone should tell them that this guy is planning to "raid" their country.

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@blacklagoon said:

We need to hear more reactions from Japan to those creeper-Jeff videos. Maybe someone should tell them that this guy is planning to "raid" their country.

I am planning to draft up a blog in the near future detailing the community reactions to Jeff's antics over on NicoNico, don't you worry! He's a morbid hit!

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My one complaint about the punching list is the lack of Jesper from Table Tennis.

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Did a blog this week, but felt it was a littttttle to promo'ie to post on the forums, but I hope a few find it interesting.

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Blog & List.

Still chugging away at this completion project. If I thought people would find Japanese-only Othello games for the SNES interesting, I'd drop a link.

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The latest Spotlight is up now over here.