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Be There or Be EVIL!

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! As you can see from the Banner this weekend is all about Extra Life! For those that don''t know Extra Life is a yearly livestream fundraiser where the proceeds go to help buy toys and games for sick kids! It is a great charity and every little bit counts. Also, there will be plenty of users and staff playing games for your own entertainment! Beyond that the site issues from earlier in the week have been remedied. Also if you already have a Christmas themed are a bad person.

Clip(s) of the Week

We have yet another edition of TurboMan's Best of Giant Bomb Quick Look video series! This one is all about Brad playing Doom II and falling asleep. The other video comes from TheBurlapLemur whose BiteSize Bomb video series is still going through every single Quick Look to discover the best moments of each.

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Everything Extra Life

  • Extra-Life 2013 Giant Bomb Team! - Play Games, Heal Kids - Join the Effort and Find the Streams Here!
  • Giant Bomb Staff Plans of Extra Life - Get the Times for Brad, Alexis, Drew, Jeff, and Rorie Here!
  • Giant Bomb Animation Live - Watch LackingSaint make An Animated Movie for Extra Life Here!
  • Rock Band 3 Career Mode Livestream - Help IrrelevantJohn Finsih the Career Mode in Rock Band 3 for Extra Life Over Here!

Community Activities

  • Giant Bomb Official Battlefield 4 Server - Join and Support the Server Here!
  • Battlefield 4 Origin ID Trading Thread - Hook Up with Other Users Here!
  • Assassin's Creed IV PS3 Friends List - Join the List for Online Play Here!

Wonderful Wikis

The big games are finally coming! This week we were graced by Battlefield 4 and Assassin's Creed IV, which both have awesome wiki pages! Finally we have officially changed the "Xbox Live Arcade/Marketplace" platform page to "Xbox Games Store" as per Microsoft's re-branding of the service.

Best of Blogs

If Drew were an alpaca would you still love him? Well know you can find out because Seroth has made a plushie llama version of pilot Drew. jakob187 is back this year to do his annual Black Friday blog! Help him create a comprehensive guide of the best Black Friday deals this year. BackLagoon on the other hand is back to share his monthly annotation of the games coming out for the PlayStation Vita. isomeri presents his early impressions of the next generation of consoles as someone who has played with both. MooseyMcMan decided to heed the advice of Vinny and played Sleepy Dogs, and has written up a blog of his insane adventures. Video_Game_King has a Halloween themed blog, but also completed Dragon Quest V. Similarly, Mento has finished his Octurbo blog series with Splatterhouse, but starts up a new blog series about the previous generation of games. PsEG reminds you that he has not stopped playing iRacing, but has just had a couple of speed bumps. Music maestro Hamst3r has a new music track for you to listen and enjoy. Sarumarine has been having a good deal of fun with GTA Online and breaks down exactly how. ArbitraryWater has been all about his 3DS this week with Pokemon and Phoenix Wright taking up most of his time. On the flip side Hailinel comments on Ouendan being the high water mark of developer iNiS and shares which are his favorite levels from the franchise. MisterBananaFoam has decided to go back to the first Jack and Daxter game and comments on how well the game holds up. Finally, check out Wuddel's blog(s) about his efforts to build a gaming PC for some good old fashioned schadenfreude.

Fantastic Forums

The Sega Genesis/Mega Drive is now over 25 years old! Celebrate the occasion by discussing your memories with console and reminisce upon how this makes you feel really old. Do you have a style or type of boss battle that you prefer? Well talk about on the discussion thread about what makes for fun boss battles. Finally, Jeffrud is wondering if any of you would be interested in joining a community Pathfinder session via Skype/Google Hangout. If you are interested in joining the fun drop a yelp.

Lovable Lists

Did you ever notice how a lot of the original 150 Pokemon were kind of creepy? Well I_Stay_Puft sure did and has made a list articulating this point. HallwayGiant decided to call it early and has a tentative Game of the Year List for 2013...Jesus I have to start think about that already.

Useful User Reviews

Potent Podcasts

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What if Drew were an alpaca?


(Thanks for the roundup, @zombiepie!)

I won't be around on Saturday for the first day of Extra Life streaming; so, good luck everyone and please donate as much as you can! Support this great cause!

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What if Drew were an alpaca?


(Thanks for the roundup, @zombiepie!)

I won't be around on Saturday for the first day of Extra Life streaming; so, good luck everyone and please donate as much as you can! Support this great cause!

Yeah it's going to be fun. I just wished that I could do more for Extra Life. Unfortunately I'm strapped.

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@zombiepie: Same here. I hope I can do more for the next community charity event.

I'm sure you have plenty of skills that would benefit a Giant Bomb charity effort!

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I would like to take this time to announce that I am boycotting @video_game_king's most recent picture Let's Play. That and I'm calling Child Protective Services, because there is no way he is prepared for fatherhood.

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there is no way he is prepared for fatherhood.

I am showing my daughter the love and respect and adoration she deserves. I'm doing my best, damn it!

That and I'm calling Child Protective Services

Good luck getting to me on the Moon!

I've also just now noticed that I can flag your posts from the blog side of things.

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Oh yeah, I wrote this Sonic thing this week. Enjoy I guess.

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The little Alpacanlon plush is absolutely adorable.

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@video_game_king: As impressed as I am with your Persona 3 blog, I must remind you that you cannot claim a video game character as a dependent on your taxes.

@themanwithnoplan: Again the fan art for alpaca Drew has been amazing.

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Why do you insist on applying your American legal concepts to my Senastian lineage?

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