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Special Thanks to Teddie for this AMAZING Work of Art!

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! Giant Bomb's 2013 Game of the Year video content has been recorded, the fight to decide the winners of the categories mostly complete, and Patrick and Alex have both left the building. That said the community is starting to get the "Game of the Year" buzz this week. As a new year draws nearer I would like to inform everyone that Brad is done with the "...but is it better than Brothers" jokes. So stop it. Rorie took the time to write a puppy filled blog about his scattered impressions of Dragon's Dogma. Also the VGX happened last weekend...and something really weird about "Hardcore" Dave happened.

Clip of the Week

TurboMan has another episode of his Best of Giant Bomb video series and this episode has even MORE examples of Vinny being Vinny while playing Dark Souls. Also, mod mracoon shares a video fo the title screens of the big games of 2013.

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Community Activities

  • GTA V Custom Job Exchange - Link Users to Your Custom Missions Over Here!
  • Giant Bomb Community Cards Against Humanity Holiday BS Puzzle Solution Thread - Join the Effort to Figure Out the Bullshit Over Here!
  • Hearthstone Arena Practice Thread - Practice your Hearthstone Game and Get Critiques About Your Play Over Here!

Wonderful Wikis

So yeah remember the Spike Video Game Awards? Well give our wiki page for the award show a look to jolt your memory if not. Also, check out our wiki page for Geoff Keighley, he's actually a really interesting person. Finally out recent release with a good wiki page is Tales of Maj'Eyal.

Best of Blogs

AlisterCat has written the blog of the week with a write up about playing To the Moon while dealing with some big personal stuff. Taku128 pleads the case for Project M even if you hate Super Smash Bros. Jeust has an incredibly detailed blog extrapolating upon his theories about the Dementium franchise. As a Wii U owner YukoAsho pontificates upon the current state of Nintendo. Gamer_152 blogs about why he was incredibly impressed with Bioshock Infinite from a story and narrative perspective. machofantastico has blogged about Actual Sunlight and extrapolates upon how it deals with depression. SexyToad shares his experiences in re-selling stuff on Steam and how much he has made thus far. Video_Game_King does a retread of games he has already played and explains how his thoughts have and haven't changed about them. ShaggE has cracked the first three games of one of those terrible "250 Games on One Discs!" PC games. IrrelevantJohn breaks down his recent attempt to make a custom fighting game stick, and Hailinel details an anime crossover fighting game you most likely have never heard about. TruthTella does his damnedest to make sense of the VGX with a heap of irony. PufferFiz shares a recent conference he saw related to "freemium model" for video games. MooseyMcMan and dankempster both detail what they have been doing recently, and Mento finishes his blog series about his Desura backlog. sinusoidal is giving game development a shot and he has started with an indie adaptation of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Then we have a BUNCH of Game of the Year stuff...which I am grateful for and keep it coming!

Fantastic Forums

Teddie has created the Wind Wkaer x Giant Bomb fanart seen as the banner this week and he has more worth checking out! Brackynews wants you to join him in talking about your favorite Mass Effect 2 moments. Have you seen anything in Starbound that was really cool? Well talk about with the rest of the community playing the game. Then we have a poll for the best "Drake of the Generation," and which statement in Dark Souls is better. Finally join the official discussions about the NBA season and Gran Turismo 6.

Lovable Lists

Oh no...I take it back I'm not ready for Game of the Year....Winter AND GotY is coming, and I am shaking in my boots if you must know.

Useful User Reviews

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I've got to make a GOTY list....

Which could also just be a list of 10 games I happened to play this year

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Just to let anyone know who missed it, I'm still over here making Santa hats for your Avatars duders!

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*sees Tingle @rorie and genuinely cracks up. Bra-freakin-vo.*

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Oh right, I'm gonna have to figure out what my ten favorite games of this year are soon. Damn. Good thing I've been keeping track of what games I beat.

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Oh cool my blog post got featured. I'm hoping it gets some people to try out Project M who otherwise wouldn't have, because I think it's really well done and deserves attention. Thanks for giving a shout-out to my shout-out. :)

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Nice Thread. :D


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@taku128 said:

Oh cool my blog post got featured. I'm hoping it gets some people to try out Project M who otherwise wouldn't have, because I think it's really well done and deserves attention. Thanks for giving a shout-out to my shout-out. :)

It's the least I could do seeing how I have rejected Project M from being added to our database at least twenty times and been a vocal supporter of continuing that policy. Also, that's not a joke. It happens at least two times per month.

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Yay! I'm famous! More people should play my game. Really..

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alex looks so damn angry in that art lol

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*sees Tingle @rorie and genuinely cracks up. Bra-freakin-vo.*

I second this.

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@sinusoidal You should consider putting your game up on GameJolt. Get some more eyes on it =)

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Wow...that's a lot of lists:

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@zombiepie: Thank you. That's a heck of a reaction to a zoom =P

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Congrats everyone! Awesome banner by the way. I haven't played any new video games this year to do the GOTY 2013 lists, but I have fun reading everyone's lists.

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I'm just about done editing my GOTY list for this year. Should be ready for the end of the week though I doubt it would make the spotlight.

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Completely unrelated to this topic, but I don't think it needs it's own topic:

Brad: King of Lies

He was chilling out on the Giant Bomb homepage.

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New Comic Commish is up for December, and I'll throw my GOTY 2013 list onto the big pile you have to sort through.

Happy holidays to you and to everyone who contributes/reads the community stuff. I still maintain that this is one of best game discussion communities on the 'net, as unusual as it is to see civil discourse between intelligent game-loving folk without a ten dollar paywall or a months-long vetting process.

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Oh man, that Brad GIF is great. Anywho, last minute entry for next week's spotlight.

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Part one of the 2013 GOTY Community Spotlights is up now.