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Hilariously Unintentional!

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! Yup it's that time of the year Christmas draws near so does Giant Bomb's Game of the Year content. This Spotlight merely the tip of the iceberg as the staff and community really start to crank out the Game of the Year lists and blogs. For those wondering Paul Barnett will have his own GotY podcast. However, on a sadder note designer Ian Kelly of "Big Knob" fame will be leaving CBSi to join Dave Snider in his new venture. If you haven't done so already wish Ia the best on this thread here. If you had issues with embedding videos on the site that bug should be fixed, and you can embed as much as you want as long as it is not spam. Finally, it appears that Jeff's Gaming Minute is still playing during Rush Limbaugh.

Clip of the Week

@flavbot decided to cross Giant Bomb with Zelda and dubstep. The results are...baffling but also amazing. @turboman has another video of the best moments of Vinny being Vinny while playing Dark Souls.

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Community Activities

  • Giantbomb Community Forum GOTY 2013 List Aggregation!! - Join the Effort to Crown the Community 2013 Game of the Year Over Here!
  • Bravely Default Friend Code Trading Thread - Enjoy the Multiplayer Features with Other Users By Posting your Codes Here!
  • VinnCo. Phantasy Star Online 2 Ship #02 Recruitment Thread - Join VinnCo NOW Over Here!
  • Christmas Hatify Your Giant Bomb Avatar - If You Feel Inclined Feel Free to Have Someone Put a Christmas Hat on Your Giant Bomb Avatar Over Here!

Wonderful Wikis

Where do you stand in the great "Is Ryu a wizard," debate? Well read over our wiki page for Ryu to help you decide for yourself! Also, "Take a Break" is your awesome concept page of the week.

Best of Blogs

Jesus...that's million blogs. Luckily everyone is a little bit different and they are all worth reading over. Marino for example has the stats of every single site review with fanciful pie charts to boot! That said we have plenty of notable non-GotY related blogs this week. tamrillin has written a massive and impassioned plea in support of Final Fantasy XIII. MMMman pontificates upon the potential impact user input may have on the next Assassin's Creed game. Video_Game_King continues to examine the oddities of Japan with Pandora's Tower and Dynamite Dux as his victims this week. Mento on the other hand continues to look at the generation that was with a Comic Commish about the notable events and games of the first half of 2008. Winternet isn't just making a "Game of the Generation," blog. Instead he breaks down his entire thought process in creating his shortlist. Machofantastico and TandyQ both played the first episode of the second season of The Walking Dead and share their impressions of it. PerfidiousSinn is still working on being good at fighting games online and shares his efforts to learn Soul Calibur II HD Online. Chavtheworld participated in this year's Ludum Dare and you can watch the archive to his livestream as well as play the game he made! JClane explains how a mod for Warhammer 40K helped him warm up to the entire RTS genre. Vinny Carravella inspired MikeLemmer to give Dark Souls a shot and Jeff Green inspired him to detail why playing the game was an incredibly humbling experience for him. Finally MajorMitch has a blog with clips of his favorite video game themes of the year, and we have SO MANY Game of the Year blogs!

Fantastic Forums

Superkenon has compiled every single piece of Giant Bomb Game of the Year content on one convenient forum post. Also, when the 2013 GotY starts hitting the site feel free to join the discussion thread. Feel free to also join our discussion threads for the Winter Steam Sale, your Christmas Jams, and Hyrule Warriors. Core647 beat Jeff to it! He went to Japan and filled two duffle bags full of Japanese video games. Finally as mentioned before comment on flavbot's insane Giant Bomb x A Link Between Worlds video and wish Ian the best in his future ventures.

Lovable Lists all made a lot of Game of the Year lists this week. As exhausted as this may make me, I couldn't be happier. Honestly, keep up the good work Giant Bomb. Just remember that if you make a Game of the Year list to drop me a link to it and add it to @thatfrood's community list aggregation Google Doc.

Useful User Reviews

Potent Podcasts

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that's million blogs.


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A slight correction, ZombiePie: Vinny inspired me to play Dark Souls, not Jeff Green. Watching Jeff Green play through it afterwards inspired my blog post.

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That is a lot of blog-tings.

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I can confirm that there are indeed blogs and lists in here.

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@turboman said:

that's million blogs.



A slight correction, ZombiePie: Vinny inspired me to play Dark Souls, not Jeff Green. Watching Jeff Green play through it afterwards inspired my blog post.

And done

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This is only going to encourage more dumb haiku shenanigans in the future, on my part.

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hey man, i wrote waaaay too much for each game. i wouldnt mind if some people gave it a read!


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I'm sharing this because it filled me with joy to write it that way.

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Hey ZP, just a review this week. Holidays and whatnot. See you all in 2014 (or maybe sooner, if I can stop eating turkey sandwiches long enough to get this awards blog out).

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Part two is up here.

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