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Special Thanks to JokerSmilez's Wife for This Amazing Work of Art!
Special Thanks to JokerSmilez's Wife for This Amazing Work of Art!

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Community Spotlight! Alright I'm not going to lie this edition was kind of a nightmare to make. You all wrote a ton of stuff for Game of the Year! That aside let's get on with the site housekeeping. If you downloaded the GOTY Bombcasts and noticed that Toto's "Africa" is inexplicably in the podcast description...yeah I have no idea why that's there. While @ltsquigs has left the building you can keep track of what he's doing on his recently created Tumblr account. Also as seen on the banner for this week @jokersmilez's wife is making embroideries in dedication of Ryan Davis and is donating the proceeds to the National Sleep Institute for Sleep Apnea Research. While her first has been sold she has room to make five more if you contact her Etsy or Twitter. With that let's get on with this content filled edition of the Community Spotlight!

Clip of the Week

So Andrew Allen made the GOTY theme that all of you have been enjoying on the Bombcast. He has posted the jazzy theme on YouTube for you to put on infinite loop if you so desire. TheBurlapLemur is back this week with another edition of the BiteSize Bomb which continues to highlight the best moments of every single Quick Giant Bomb has ever made. Finally @clintlandon made an animated Bombcast using only his iPad that adds a little 1920s charm to the GB staff.

Community GOTY Lists

Okay...let's get this straight/ I'm not going to write bios or headers for anything this week. Everyone has their own list filled with different groupings of games. Thank you to everyone who took the time to make a list on the site!

Community GOTY Blogs

As with before thank you to everyone who made a blog this year. Please continue to make blogs on the site throughout the next year.

Community Activities

  • Holiday Gift Thread - Give Free Games on Your Own Terms to Other Users Over Here!

Wonderful Wikis

We have a list of great wiki pages for game all of you nominated or selected as your Game of the Year list.

Best of Blogs

These are teh great blogs that have nothing to do with GOTY stuff. Plenty of people discussed their favorite albums of 2013, @aurahack was able to even convince Jeff to re-explore K-pop. Unlike that camp granderojo has his favorite five books of the year. dankempster has finally completed Final Fantasy, and Gamer_152 tackles the thorny issue of digital rights on YouTube. benspyda decided to take the time to explain why he doesn't like Zelda games. Tireyo has started a blog series reviewing fan made video game movies, and SirOptimusPrime got nostalgic over one of his favorite old school adventure games, Gabriel Knight. Finally if you can make sense of Video_Game_King's new blog series...call me.

Fantastic Forums

Hopefully your Christmas was fun if you celebrate! Anyways we have a discussion thread related to the new season of The WalkinG Dead game and plenty of GOTY discussions worth partaking in. Do you buy into Paul Barnett's "Golden Age" theory? If so what do you think is your "Golden Age?" Finally clintlandon created the 1920s animated Bombcast clip seen in the Clips of the Week.

Lovable Lists

Useful User Reviews

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That was my GOTY blog :|.

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Thanks for bringing us the Community Spotlight every week ZombiePie!

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my first time being featured in the community spotlight! i feel like a princess. i really dig the music lists, and that Nier review.

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Toto's Africa is in the podcast because it's fucking amazing.

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That was my GOTY blog :|.

Why didn't you just call it that?

Toto's Africa is in the podcast because it's fucking amazing.

I don't like Toto...at all.

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Gee thanks.... Didn't expect for you to put that movie review of mine up there.

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A little late but i felt like sharing my GOTY list here.

Jedted's Best of 2013

It took some thinking but i'm feeling pretty confident about my choices and the order.

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Yeah, dunno if you're still showcasing GOTY lists but I suppose there's no harm putting it here.

My GOTY List.

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I don't know if you're going to do any more GOTY content in the next one, but here's my list if you are.

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This is late, but just in case you're still putting up GOTY list's here's mine.

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I finished writing my top 10 list on the last day of 2013 because why not.

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Here's my top 10 finally finished if we are still promoting these.

Top 10 Games

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I can't believe I missed the gb community game of the year thread this year. D: BUT I finished writing my top ten before The New Year!

Pistol Packin' Poet's GOTY 2013

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Managed to write more about adventure game nonsense here.

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I blogged about how the interactivity of games makes for interesting discussion of how we feel come GotY season. I may also have slipped a few straight Goitees in there to break up the pacing and reinforce/reflect the theme into the actual games we played rather than just pointing to a couple of exceptional games as examples.

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I'm guessing this is the last week for GOTY stuff? I have an awards blog here and another thing I wrote about Super Mario 3D World's difficulty curve here.

I'm thinking I might put forward my list of games beaten for last year, now that it's as complete as it's ever going to be. It's certainly a lot more interesting than the 2014 list right now.

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Here's my GOTY list. I'm pretty happy with it. I also have other lists that I put way too much time into making and maintaining for no reason.