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As mentioned in a previous topic I have been busy indexing every single quick look. I have now decided to open it for everyone to help edit. The following document contains one spreadsheet for each video category with the exception of trailers (which is not made by Giant Bomb anyway).


Information about the Quick Looks spreadsheet:

  1. The spreadsheet is not automatically updated with every new quicklook, but I have created a method to make manual updating easier. I usually update it whenever there has been two or more quicklooks.
  2. The only fields that should be edited are the ones for who participates in quick looks, who the driver is, and the additional info field. the last field is open to include more detailed information, but if anyone has good ideas for other fields feel free to share them.
  3. All the other basic information fields should not be edited to keep the spreadsheet as close to the GB database as possible. I have locked those fields for editing.
  4. As was mentioned here the runtime was missing. This has been added for all videos during the "downtime".

The other spreadsheets include the "additional info" fields for those who wish to add something, and the Endurance Run spreadsheet has an additional field for showing what type of episode it is. One with story progress, or just gameplay.

So what can this be used for? Lets say you want to find out which quick looks are the longest. Download the document into LibreOffice or similar and sort by length. Want to find quick looks with Jeff and Ryan? Sort by Jeff's column then Ryan. Each video is linked to so you can go to it directly from the document.Hope someone finds any use for it, and someone is willing to help out filling it in.

Here are the explanation of the fields:

Quick Looks:

  • # - The numbering of the quick look according to the Giant Bomb database.
  • ID - The internal id used by Giant Bomb.
  • Date and Time - When the video was posted.
  • Length - The duration of the video.
  • Ex/Road Show - If it is, or isn't. (easy way to avoid them) Both are highlighted in the name field as well.
  • Name - The title of the video. In this and several other categories different types of videos are color coded. (Quick Look Ex, Encyclopedia Bombastica etc.)
  • The People fields - This is the important ones. Every person who actively participates in a video gets a 1 in their column for that video.
  • Others - Anyone who participates that doesn't have their own column. People who just shout from the sidelines can be mentioned in the "Additional Info" field. (comma seperated)
  • Driver - Who is actually controlling the game, or "Multiplayer".
  • Filled In - turns Green automatically when information is added for the quick look.
  • Verified - Mark this as "yes" if you have watched the entire video and can verify the information.
  • Description - Giant Bomb's description for the video.
  • Platform - The platform or platforms being used in the quick look. (comma seperated)
  • Brad Time To Death - formated similarly to the length field.
  • Uploader - The person who posted the video.
  • URL - Link to the video page for that quick look.
  • Image - The large thumbnail for the video as shown on the website
  • HD video URL - The link to download the video.
  • Additional Info - Any interesting info can be placed here.

Other Lists

Same base fields except the Contents field for showing what type of episode it is. One with story progress, or just gameplay. All other spreadsheets contain the same fields but only some can be edited. Let me know what you guys think!

Now also includes podcasts!


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You're crazy. I will help.

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That's awesome/insane. Have you thought about adding a script to it to automatically update itself? Possibly using the API?

I have no idea if it would work, but in theory at least it should be possible.

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Good god that looks like a lot of work. Kudos! I'll definitely make sure to bookmark for reference. I have no ability to do this but you should definitely look to add scripting, search function beyond a Google document so that the work can has a longer shelf life than a forum post. It looks pretty comprehensive already.

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Holy spreadsheets, Batman. Nice work.

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Bump because of all the awesome happening right here.

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There, I think I helped.

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@Shimakaze said:

  • URL - Link to the video page for that quick look.

This is the best thing ever. It's amazing there isn't already a way to browse videos in a list on the site.

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This is completly insane, and I love it.

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I have mostly scripted the updating but Google Docs isn't very helpful when it comes to that. I have pulled all the info I can from the API anyway. Everything else has to be filled in manually. The reason I did it this way is because spreadsheets is esasy to edit, and can be easilly converted into databases for other purposes. Once the backlog is filled in there are no limits to the awesome things that can be done with it. So my humble request is for everyone to update it whenever you watch an old quick look. :-)

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This Doc doesn't have a platforms column, and I understand how that might get tricky with multiplats, but I'm looking for a way to do it. I just bought a 3DS and I'm looking for a list of every 3DS quick look to figure out what I should be looking for. Is there a list or a way to do this somewhere?

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That meagre 39 next to Drew's name is heartbreaking :(

Other than that, this looks awesome. Solid work.

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You're a goddamned madman, and I'm all for it.

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I have every single quick look downloaded on my PC, along with a lot of other videos. My "Quick Look" folder has 31 days of content but also contains some members content and a few TNTs but fairly sure I have every single QL in there. To confirm if I have them all do you happen to have the file names of the videos? That'd be the easiest way for me to check if anything is missing.

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and it has the links, too.

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You know what? I could add platforms to sort by if we can come up with a clean way to do it. Would we just go by the system they actually use in the video (single column?), or everything it's available on? (Perhaps a fairly wide chunk of graph wth 'yes' options.) Thoughts?

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@Shaunage: @Shaunage: Platforms used in the quick looks is a great idea. I'll add that as a separate column. Listing evey platform the game is on is definitely possible, but might be difficult to sort by or get any real use out of. If you guys want a column for that as well though. It could be just comma separated. "360, PS3, PC", or as you said, done in a similar way to the participation grid.

@Mijati: I don't have the actual file names yet, since they don't seem to be hard coded. Instead it appears they are named based on the link you use to download them. For instance, if you use the HD link to download an older video like a Persona 4 episode, it will say "_3500" at the end of the file even though the file is actually a "high" file at around 1500 Kbps. Because of that, the API doesn't actually contain any file names so the only way to get a complete list is to download every single file. Also, I'm not sure the best way to handle the variable parts of the file names. Do we exclude those bits? so "vf_eurotrucksimulator2_ql_3500.mp4" becomes "eurotrucksimulator2_ql"?

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Well there's 15 videos that are actually vf_ql_gamename_quality.mp4

But other than those 15 they all seem to be in the same format. Unfortunately the reason I can't do it with just a list of games is that some of the file names have silly names (Like an acronym instead of full name). Also there's _QLEX. _QLA. _ql_khd. _quicklook. _QLRS.

Some have dates and other random things too (Seems random as to which do though).

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Wtf is wrong with you

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@Mijati: I believe I have found a solution to this issue. I'll get back to you!

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Hold on. You're telling me that after watching the P4 endurance run 3 times, I've spent almost 12 days watching two guys play the same game?

I think I need to re-evaluate my life.

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I just finished filling in the participation grid! Still some work left on the "driver" and "platform" fields but the difficult part is done!

Expect another huge update over the weekend with some new columns.

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Hey Shimakaze, thanks for compiling this.

I've been keeping a list of all Thursday Night Throwdown episodes here. It includes episodes not archived on Giant Bomb, if that's of any use to you. If you want to take any data from my list, feel free to.

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this needs a sticky somewhere

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I'm glad my dumb thread made this possible!

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I'm glad you opened this back up. Was the craziest thing when it was linked howevermany weeks ago; I was sad to see it get pulled. I'd love to help fill it out if I find the time.

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Holy crap this is awesome!

One suggestion: I think you should add a column in the Quick Looks section that said the total number of times each staff member has been in a Quick Look. It would be easier than having to add both numbers.

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@Prestige: That list is real good. I'll definitely try to incorporate some of that into the index! :-)

@Snail: I'm not sure what you mean. There is statistics for number of appearances of each staff member both in the first sheet and on the bottom of the quick look list if that's what you want.

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Just updated the index with links to HD, High and Low videos, Filenames, as well as the following for HD videos: Filesize (in Mb and Byte), resolution, average bitrate and framerate.

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apologize in advance but why no trailers and has someone done this separately?