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There are numerous genres, from the standardization of 3D, have evolved to a greater or lesser degree. Sports games, action speed or appear to have conceded the third dimension, and not only refer to the use of polygons, if the impact this has on gameplay, in a perfect manner. But equally, and based on numerous examples, find genres that remain tilted by the two dimensions, we talk about many platform games, the fighting genre to 1 Vs 1-dimensional almost-forgotten movement, games, shoot'em up, beat'em up, run and gun.

Are there genres that were born for 2D games over the three dimensions that lose all meaning in three dimensions.?

Why Conversely, every genre of arcade video games, it can take mechanical or 2D game development, other mechanical 3D, if your programmers and designers know that things must change, to adapt to other 2D to 3D mechanical?.

Do mechanical 2D video games, lateral and vertical, are less playable 3D mechanics, to be lateral and vertical views, more limited. Therefore, arcade video games have given way to gameplay, 3D?.

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This again??

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What is it with people who don't speak English throwing their forum posts into an online translator and then posting the results here?

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Why does this read like it is homework?

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Have a look at this guy's forum history...

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What purpose does this nonsense serve?

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Earthworm Jim 3D is an amazing game.