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Having read alot of angry hate filled posts on these forums of late i decide to create a love filled happy place where everyone could come and post why they love video games. Seriously this community is great but rather rage filled of late, i Blame the summer poor realse schedule but hey that blame has no place in this forum.

so onto the love

I love that i can be many different characters and expierence many diverse stories. as a past DM in DnD games i was always the story teller and never a character in a story. Video games let me be the character and expierence some really awsome stories, make amazing decisions. Plus forgetting my real world woes while i ponder restoring the world or flying off on the bastion, deciding who to leave behind in mass effect or just getting those dogtags in BFBC2 is awsome.

Spread the love people

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Here's some happy threads

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I Feel Good!

Du-nu-nu-nu-nu na! I knew that I would.
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I like games

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@rjayb89 said:
Fucking win!
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this thread is turing out way better than i ever imagined

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I love shemales!

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I'm happy that a quick look on this site convinced me to play The Witcher. I'm having a blast!

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I'm happy that I played Fallout 3 today for the first time in a few months. I forgot how awesome that game was.

Also, for anyone who wants to laugh, GameFails!

Also, this always makes me happy.

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@Capum15: Video makes happies. Title of video makes sads.

Seriously, that really brought me down harshly...

Guess I'll have to put up the obligatory one:

Still need more cheering ups though.

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@Cerogravian: Wait what? The Futurama thing? I think it's hilarious. You're not suppose to take these shows seriously.

If you're talking about GameFails, it's also hilarious. Even the people who had it happen to them thought it was funny/weird enough to send in.
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@Capum15: Was talking about the futurama-thing, yeah. Like I said: I really like that clip, I just became a bit bitter over the use of "Bologna" instead of "baloney", but that could be considered another kind of funny I guess :P

More on topic, there is so much to love around here, though I do not have any good stories off the top of my head. Anytime I need cheering up though, I usually put on the Whiskey Media is Weird-video and just flail around a bit.

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@Capum15 said:

@rjayb89 said:
Fucking win!

Just made my day

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@Cerogravian: Oh, I see. Well, here's something else random for the thread.

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  This is a happy episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog (at least the overall message is). I love that show so much.
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"WHOOOOoooooOOOAH! I GOT ERECTION!" - Thousands of Norwegians at once

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Eternally meant for feel-good purposes.
Everyone should do this while climbing escalators.
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This always helps me combat hate:

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Anyone know where I can find the PAX variety hour?

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Most games are good and pretty well made, and as a consumer I don't buy any games that I don't like. I love every game I buy. I don't look at reviews, I don't pay attention to preview coverage. I just buy and enjoy games. I do watch quick looks though.

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@TheJohn said:

I'm happy that a quick look on this site convinced me to play The Witcher. I'm having a blast!

Same here. That was a really good game.

Steam sales and GB quicklooks,bane of my wallet.