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Yup that counts.

#102 Posted by StudsMcKewl (78 posts) -

I remember shedding a tear in FFVI when you wake up in the World of Ruin. At the time I literally thought that was the end and that everybody had died.

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When the twin magicians turn to stone to protect the others from the walls closing in on them in FFIV.

#104 Posted by Miketakon (515 posts) -

MGS3 "She was a true patriot"

#105 Posted by takayamasama (446 posts) -

I was pretty young so that probably influenced it, however....

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.

When you finally beat the Wind Fish and you learn that the island is just an illusion, and it shows a scene by scene of all the characters and places disappearing while it plays that music. Had more then a few tears in my eyes after that one.

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I don't think a game has ever made me cry. Am I a robot you guys?

#107 Posted by Turambar (6947 posts) -

FFVI. Grandpa Cid ;_;

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I do not have mental problems so a videogame story will not make me cry.

#109 Posted by Sooty (8082 posts) -

Hasn't happened, yet?

#110 Posted by csx009 (48 posts) -


held out pretty well until that one

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@laserbolts@laserbolts said:

I do not have mental problems so a videogame story will not make me cry.

Oh look out guys, we got ourselves a real badass over here.

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I do not have mental problems so a videogame story will not make me cry.

But movies will? What's the logic in that?
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I wept when I finished Super Mario 64, knowing that I'd never be able to experience the game again as I had on that first playthrough.

#114 Posted by Slay3r1583 (665 posts) -

The only game that I can think of that has done that to me is Persona 4. All I'm going to say is: Nanako. The bad end was even worse. It legitimately brought me to tears.

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Towards the end of Metal Gear Solid 3. The song by StarSailor, "Way To Fall", during the credits capped it off.

#117 Posted by FourWude (2245 posts) -

@laserbolts said:

I do not have mental problems so a videogame story will not make me cry.

Or maybe you have sociopathic detachment disorder.

#118 Posted by GunstarRed (5581 posts) -

Gears of War 3 is the saddest I have ever been with a game, and I know how absurd that is. I've gotten sad at a bunch of games, but never cried.

#119 Posted by SharkEthic (1072 posts) -

@FourWude said:

@laserbolts said:

I do not have mental problems so a videogame story will not make me cry.

Or maybe you have sociopathic detachment disorder.

That'd be my diagnosis, and I'm not a psychiatrist.

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I don't think I cried, but I felt really sad while playing Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts as a kid, because that whole idea of your friend being in danger and potentially being unable to save them is a pretty scary thought to me.

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@Skyrider said:

Shadow of the Colossus, ya'll know the part.

Same here! Hidalgo NOOOO!

#122 Posted by Castiel (2807 posts) -

I can honestly say that has never happened. Games that do try to go for the emotional punch often do it too obvious, in other words they lay it on too thick, and it has the opposite effect on me.

Games are simply not subtle enough for that to work.

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I don't remember it happening, but it would have been Final Fantasy VII. :)

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If I've ever been close to crying, it was with Mass Effect 3, specifically the moment where one of your squadmates needs to die to make sure you're getting what you need to win the war.

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I've never come ever that close to tears in a videogame, I've played The Walking Dead and I felt a great emotional resonance with it, but never came close to crying.

The closest I ever got was in Mass Effect 3 oddly, for Mordin's death. When I watched it back, it was just so sad and I always thought you could hear the fear in his voice as he knows he's going to die and then it just happened. For me, they executed upon that scene and so many others just for the ending to be completely botched is the thing that would bring me closer to tears.

That's the closest I've ever been in a videogame although, I can see things such as things in Lost Odyssey, FFX ending (that came close), some of the endings in Heavy Rain among others having scenes that would be very easy to cry to.

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The Walking Dead.

#127 Posted by Dark (411 posts) -

Big Rigs Over the Road Racing ....

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I think the first one was the death of Gremio in the first Suikoden. That was pretty damn sad, great music too.

If we are talking about the one that made me sob the most, then The Walking Dead takes it, easily. That was an emotional roller-coaster deluxe.

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Never really cried over a game, felt emotional yeah, the usual suspects, FF7, Shadow of the Colossus, Gremio sacrificing himself in Suikoden.

The only game that has deeply affected me is Mass Effect trilogy, this big epic adventure over the course of three games all destroyed after the point of no return in ME3, that whole sequence just soured me on the game and the ending I chose REALLY bummed me out (this was before extended cut).

I love listening to game soundtracks and Mass Effects are some of the best tracks, but even now 9 months after the game shipped and I completed it I can't listen to ME3 soundtrack without getting a horrible feeling in my stomach and feeling depressed about how my story ended and what could have been.

#130 Posted by LackingSaint (1891 posts) -

Bioshock 2's Good Ending, I think.

#131 Posted by Creamypies (4106 posts) -

Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid, Lost Odyssey, The Walking Dead and dare I say it... Mass Effect 3 have all made me tear up. I guess I'm a lot more emotional than I thought.

#132 Posted by DeF (5015 posts) -

Enslaved: Oddyssey to the West

specifically the scene in which

Trip learns that her home had been destroyed and everybody had been either killed or taken away. I got watery eyes thanks to the awesome performance capture during the reaction shot. So ultimately it had nothing to do with the game part but simply with traditional acting.
#133 Posted by Sploder (917 posts) -

Persona 3. I was depressed for like three days after I finished it. lol.

#134 Posted by Atlas (2465 posts) -

A video game has never made me cry. Not saying that I'm a macho man's man, because I'm a big softy really - I'm just don't cry much, not at films or TV either.

#135 Posted by Ravenlight (8011 posts) -
  • Ocarina of Time - Saying goodbye to Saria before heading out into Hyrule proper.
  • FF8 - Pretty much any time Eyes On Me plays. Laguna is such a tragic guy!
  • Visual novels - The writing can be terrible but my feelings are easily manipulated.

Fuck Sniper Wolf. Crazy bitch shot Meryl. Plus, people who are way into animals weird me out.

#136 Posted by bibamatt (1092 posts) -

The Darkness 2.

"Press x to let go"


#137 Posted by NinjaBerd (221 posts) -

Final Fantasy II (IV in Japan).

I was very young and honestly believed that Rydia was dead after the Leviathan attack.

#138 Posted by ExplodeMode (852 posts) -

In 20+ years of video games it's never happened.

I can't figure out if I'm a robot or if people like to say they cry more than they actually do.

#139 Edited by oldenglishC (1060 posts) -

None, because I'm not a giant pussy.

But there was that one part in Phantasy Star 4 that almost got me.

I will always remember your sacrifice, Alys Brangwin. You were a million times a better character than that attention whore Aeris was. (And you were in the better game.)
#140 Posted by Anupsis (314 posts) -

Never outright cried but if I was alone in the house at the time than the scene in Lost Odyssey with the kids mom would of made me cry my damn eyes out, but I was able to barely hold it in...damn that game, almost happened like 5 times.

#141 Posted by Zaccheus (1813 posts) -

To the Moon is the only game to actually make me well up a bit. There have been strong emotions with many others (Spec Ops, Journey, Walking Dead to name a few) but as we are only talking about the physical reaction To the Moon is my answer.

#142 Posted by psylah (2188 posts) -
#143 Posted by Tomkang (250 posts) -

The Walking Dead

#144 Posted by notdavid (845 posts) -

Donkey Kong 64. I was 8, and swimming to the K. Lumsy's island at the beginning freaked me the fuck out. I think it had to do with the seemingly infinite size of the ocean, and the storm that starts as you approach the island.

The first game that made me cry as a grown ass man, though, was Walking Dead. You know the part.

#145 Posted by Eldave0 (29 posts) -

Don't think I've ever cried playing a game before. Then again I always struggle to get into a video game storyline for some reason.

#146 Posted by Ryuku_Ryosake (219 posts) -

The first game that made me cry was probably Super Mario World which was the first game I played. I would get extremely frustrated playing that game and I'm a rage crier. That pretty much it as far as I can remember. Think there was one time when I booted up FFX and "To Zanarkand" played and I got teary but I don't know why.

@Zuldim said:

Man, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "The Body" though? That sure did wreck me. That's probably the most emotional I've ever gotten over a piece of media.

I don't know if that episode actually made me cry. But yeah that episode will ruin your day possibly week.

#147 Posted by MattGrant (122 posts) -

I've never had a game make me cry, but I expect it to be only a matter of time. The first game that made me feel like a little bit of my soul had just died was GTA IV, if that counts. Red Dead Redemption, too. Rockstar: making you feel numb inside since 2008.

#148 Posted by Meowshi (2911 posts) -

The ending to MGS3. I didn't even fully understand what happened. I still don't.

Only thing I know is that it made me its bitch.

#149 Posted by thdemn (100 posts) -

@C0V3RT said:

To The Moon when you find out the origins of the Platypus and everything starts to come together.

Just..all of this game. From the music, the story, the honest drama. I broke down.

#150 Posted by Jrinswand (1713 posts) -

I've never cried during a video game. The end of The Walking Dead was pretty heavy, though.