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I want to see the funniest and craziest Black Ops player cards that you have created....For example: 

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That horse has a penis! Utter hilarity.
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Then look no further than here!

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Sorry bro, but I don't really envisage any of these being funny.

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@IrradiatedTurnip said:
" That horse has a penis! Utter hilarity. "
A PENIS? Dude, you can't do that! This is a video game! Ho ho ho ho.
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@Damodar: Nice! thx
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Well you obviously haven't played the Black Ops multiplayer yet or you have no sense of humor.  There is some really funny shit being made in that game.
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Wait I'm confused, you posted in that emblem thread 3 hours ago...

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@Damodar: I think he just wanted to showcase his emblem, instead of it being buried by the many other disturbing emblems. He didn't want his to be overlooked... I expect a lock soon.
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Yes i did.  I like your thread so much that i decided to start a new one.  Is this not allowed?
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@SeeRed27: You're right, I haven't played black ops. And yeah, I don't really find phalluses and weed funny. Looks like this thread just isn't for me.
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Touche.  the joke is on me then.