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Lets look into the future gents, and predict what your 2013's 2012 GOTY will be, based on everything you know about the games that are out, how you feel about those genres, what you think you will get our of those games etc. Sure, surprises can happen, but from what you have and have not played this year, what do you think will be at the top next year (from this year).

Mine is a easy anwser, Far Cry 3. Im sure I will love this game, I just didnt get around to buying it, and even if I did now, I probably wouldnt have time to play it before 2013. It helps that its 1 of 3 major releases I didnt play this year (well, that are out on PC at least), the other 2 being Assassins Creed 3, which will never win since Im still way behind on that series (only played 1 and 2), and Mass Effect 3, which I probably wont even play until there is some sort of GOTY edition with all the DLC.

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Mass Effect 3. I haven't gotten around to playing it yet and waiting seems to have paid off if Brads experience of it is to be believed. Thinking of picking up the Trilogy Pack on PS3

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Either Black Ops 2 or AC 3. Unfortunately wasn't able to pick up either of those this year.

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Maybe X-Com.

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Fire Emblem: Awakening. Because duh.

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Might be ACIII. The Tyranny of King Washington sounds awesome.

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I honestly don't know, probably Fifa or COD, even though those games aren't amazing this year, those are probably the only ones from 2012 I will play a lot of in 2013.

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From what I've seen and heard, probably going to be Farcry 3.

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I got X-Com and Far Cry 3 on the way in the mail so it could easily be one of those two.

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Haven't played X-Com but everyone else seems to love it, so I'm guessing that will be my 2013's 2012 game of the year.

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Hitman Absolution or ZombiU maybe?

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Early contenders that I suspect I will not get around to playing until next week, and therefore 2013, are Dustforce and Forza Horizon.

EDIT----- just downloaded Dustforce. Having only played the tutorial I already say it's on my top 5 this year, maybe even top 3. Love the controls. Love the art style. Love the music. ♥

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Seems like it'll probably be Far Cry 3, or Journey, if I had to guess. If they get PC/PS3 ports so I can actually play them, maybe Dust or Fez.

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Guessing Dishonored, if I get around to it. Looks potentially great.

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I ended up getting a Wii U for Christmas which I wasn't expecting. I haven't bought it yet, but if ZombiU is as good as everyone says it is maybe that will be mine. I have some doubts about that though.

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Dishonored or ACIII. I got them for Christmas, but I don't have access to my Xbox until after New Years.

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Not playing your twisted game.

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For me AC 3, Forza and Farcry 3 are going to get a lot of play from me next year.

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Forza Horizon maybe. Haven't gotten a Forza game since 3 and kinda missing it. Might pick it up when it's a bit cheaper/on sale

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Since I haven't played them yet, probably XCOM or Forza Horizon.

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XCOM maybe? It looks like something I might like, but I haven't wanted to buy it at full price.

That or possibly ME3. I've already played it and enjoyed it, but I've been meaning to go back through and play the DLC too. I'm hoping for a sale first though...

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XCOM and Mark of the Ninja.

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Persona 4 Golden.