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We have until 8AM 1/25 to crack this nut! So, what's the game? I'm guessing it's something recent, maybe related to the THQ thing going on now, though I don't know what was so surprising to come out of THQ recently.

Maybe Dead Island...? Doesn't seem important or interesting enough to warrant an entire article.


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Ni No Kuni or DmC? I dunno. What games have come out recently that were doomed from the start, but turned out well?

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well has to be DmC from the latest talks, but could be Sleeping Dogs I guess

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I don't remember any of the crew speculating that the new DmC would be terrible.

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Dead Island is terrible so it can't be that. And I don't think DMC was ever considered "terrible" just hated by some since it is new. Hard to say thinking of the biggest surprises from last year, Asura's Wrath, Sleeping Dogs, I am eager to see.

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Pretty sure it's ZombiU based on a comment he made in another thread. I'll find it.

Edit - "Then you'll be happy to see my ZombiU feature that's going up either later tomorrow or Friday morning. I'm not ignoring that stuff at the behest of this, only in addition."

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I dunno... Maybe DmC? I heard that they thought Sleeping Dogs was going to be garbage, but that seems like it turned out pretty rad.

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DmC makes a lot of sense. That seems to be the common thought here.

@GreggD said:

Ni No Kuni or DmC? I dunno. What games have come out recently that were doomed from the start, but turned out well?

Come on, Ni No Kuni? If that's a shot in the dark I'll let it pass, but did you honestly think it'd be bad? Maybe overpromised a little, but I never imagined it being anything less than good.

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Sleeping Dogs.

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@CH3BURASHKA: Yeah, it was purely a shot in the dark. Maybe I was even subliminally thinking of all those "GB hates Japan" sentiments...

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@FluxWaveZ said:

Sleeping Dogs.

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i bet it's haunted mansion for the gamecube

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Schleepy Dawgs.

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Doom 64, obvs.

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Zombi U? A launch game with a bad name, that a lot of people think was actually pretty good.

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Binary Domain or Sleeping Dogs.

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ZombiU or Sleepy Dawgs.

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Its ZombiU. No one had great expectations and Jeff and Patrick were both surprised by how much they enjoyed it.

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It's ZombiU. Patrick has already said he has an article going up in a day or so on that.

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The walking dead and asura's wrath deserve mentions but i feel zombiu or sleepy dogs should take it

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It's ZombiU, nothing to debate or guess about. Patrick mentioned on Twitter today that he has a piece going up in a day or two about ZombiU, there's no way that's not it.