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OK, This Is a centralized thread for all game related topics. (New releases, Suggestions, News, Help/Tips for Certain Games, Suggested "Rental only" games, General Discussion, Find out about PSN ID's, Gamertags, etc.)

Comicvne has thier own Gaming Thread so I thought why can't Giantbomb have one credit goes to utotheg38 on comicvine.

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Uh... do you realize what this website is?

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This is silly, this is a website about games, the reason they have a gaming thread is because their website is about comics.

It wouldn't make sense for them having a comic thread.

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Halo is pretty good, y'all.

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im ALL About GAMING bro

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We gaming now.

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I think video games are bad.

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don't bother with checkers, that game sucks. rent monopoly, it's fun for a bit but gets stale about halfway through

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hey is Xbox a good game

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Feel free to discuss video games as much as you'd like on this site. No need to limit yourself to a single thread.