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How to Play: Who is your favorite male actor? Be sure to tell me what game you want! You have until February 7th.

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#2 Posted by BeachThunder (12437 posts) -

New Vegas.

um...I...don't know...I don't think I have a favourite male actor. Maybe I'll edit this later if I think of someone...

#3 Edited by mylifeforAiur (3489 posts) -

Jack Nicholson.

New Vegas, please!

#4 Posted by CL60 (16906 posts) -

Al Pacino

New Vegas please.

#5 Posted by Pop (2651 posts) -

Idk Jim Carrey I guess, I used to like him a lot more now he's kinda mehhh

New Vegas

#6 Posted by McShank (1630 posts) -

my favorite male actor is Robert downey junior, Already won, just stating who i like..

#7 Posted by Mento (2810 posts) -

Probably still Harrison Ford. It's been a while since he's done anything good though.

Renegade Ops.

#8 Posted by RetroVirus (1492 posts) -

I'm a big fan of Liam Neeson. He's becoming a great action star, what with the Grey and Taken, and who doesn't love Qui-gon?

Renegade Ops.

#9 Posted by Goboard (103 posts) -

Probably Toshiro Mifune, but that's because I've been watching a lot of his old samurai movies. I'm interested in Renegade Ops.

#10 Posted by Commisar123 (1798 posts) -

Renegade ops


#11 Posted by 3ds24 (28 posts) -

jack black

fallout new vegas

#12 Posted by Video_Game_King (36272 posts) -

No idea, as I'm not too into movies. Might as well take Fallout: New Vegas, as I think it's the only game I don't have.

#13 Posted by GJSmitty (651 posts) -

Morgan Freeman, of course!

Renegade Ops please.

Also, I change my name. It used to be grant742, and I donated HL2 and Episode 1. The link now doesn't work, so you might want to change it to my name now to avoid confusion.

#14 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13629 posts) -

Ron Perlman 

#15 Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw (6401 posts) -

Bruce Campbell is the only acceptable answer here. Well, maybe Clint Howard, but that's it.

In it for the Steam copy of Risen!

#16 Edited by nintendoeats (5975 posts) -

Well, Simon Pegg is the only actor that I have on a poster...sure.

Frozen Synapse plox

edit: oh, that's not on the real list for some reason. Well if it's not available don't worry about it.

#17 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12130 posts) -

Ehhhhhhhhh... I have no idea. Edward Norton?

New Vegas por favor.

#18 Posted by KillyDarko (1888 posts) -

Used to be Harrison Ford when I was a kid, cause you know.. Star Wars and Indiana Jones ^^ Haven't given the subject much thought for quite a long time, so I'll just go with that for the time being, I guess.
Oh, and Renegade Ops!

#19 Posted by Kanden (132 posts) -

I'd say my favorite male actor would have to be, Tom Hanks, I'd like Borderlands GOTY please!

#20 Edited by pantzing_nome (588 posts) -

Brad Pitt

Sam & Max Save the World

#21 Posted by yoshimitz707 (2453 posts) -

Bryan Cranston

Renegade Ops

#22 Edited by JCTango (1366 posts) -

Leonardo DiCaprio (as well as Johnny Depp, Liam Neeson, and Matt Damon)

Fallout New Vegas please :)

#23 Posted by Ketchupp (668 posts) -

Sam Rockwell

Fallout: New Vegas

#24 Posted by SirOptimusPrime (2030 posts) -

Fuck man...Bruce Campbell? Kurt Russell? Gary Oldman? Yep, Oldman.  
Risen, please.  

#25 Posted by Landon (4164 posts) -

I think Robin Williams is good in just about anything. So he would be my favorite.

New Vegas, please!

#26 Posted by Mastercheesey (220 posts) -

robert deniro in raging bull!! Gish please

#27 Posted by crusader8463 (14429 posts) -

Renegade Ops

As for actors, I don't follow celebrities so I don't really have one. For some reason Leam Neilson just popped into my head so I guess him.

#28 Posted by Ghostiet (5335 posts) -

Leo DiCaprio or Clive Owen.

Borderlands GOTY or Renegade Ops.

#29 Posted by SaltyDoughnut (31 posts) -

Sam Rockwell

Gemini Rue please :)

#30 Edited by ImHungry (377 posts) -

It would invariably, without a doubt have to be Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

I think I'll try my luck for Fallout: New Vegas

#31 Posted by DjCmeP (1148 posts) -

Michael Rapaport

I'd like to get Dino D-Day (Steam Code).

#32 Posted by A_Sam (4 posts) -

- Favorite male actor: Nicolas Cage

- Game i want: Dindo D-Day

#33 Posted by Henny (108 posts) -

Liam fucking Neeson - he fights almost everything and everyone - Dark Jedis, robots, evil traders, wolves, kidnappers, thieves, terrorists, Batman, the English, various animals and the White Queen as Aslan and the list goes on.

Fallout New Vegas please although LN was only in its predecessor.

#34 Posted by L44 (575 posts) -

Phillip Seymour Hoffman


#35 Posted by GetEveryone (4458 posts) -

Both Bryan Cranston and Timothy Olyphant have been putting out good work recently, so either of those guys.


Not sure, but I will give Richard Dreyfuss his due.

Renegade Ops, please :)

#36 Posted by Taka (197 posts) -

Kevin Spacey


#37 Posted by Rattle618 (1456 posts) -

DeNiro and Dungeons of Dredmor!

#38 Posted by TwoLines (2841 posts) -

Jeff Bridges! He's incredible. I loved him in... well, pretty much everything he ever played in.

Renegade Ops, please!

#39 Posted by Vegetable_Side_Dish (1733 posts) -

God damn that's a difficult question. I mean, De Niro was in both of my favourite movies, Mean Streets and Heat, but...Agh. Can't commit.  
New Vegas. 

#40 Posted by Bismarck (432 posts) -

Fallout: New Vegas

Sean Connery - Best James Bond

#41 Edited by Poki3 (529 posts) -

Nolan North.... what? Seriously though, possibly Morgan Freeman.

Renegade Ops

#42 Posted by Pazy (2601 posts) -

Ive just recently discovered that Liam Neeson makes everything better about a movie. I would love to play Dark Void Zero.

#43 Posted by DeF (4979 posts) -

I don't really do favorites when it comes to actors.

All I can say is that I'm not a fan of the overglorification of movie actors.

I'd love to win Fallout New Vegas. Thanks :)

#44 Edited by Vercinger (48 posts) -

I don't really have a favorite actor. But if i had to choose, I'd say Andrew Robinson for pulling off Garak in DS9.

Seeing as I was one of the lucky winners in the last giveaway, I'm editing this to Half-Life 2. :)

#45 Edited by Moncole (636 posts) -

I dont have a favorite male actor, but Brad Pitt is an amazing actor

Borderlands please :)

#46 Posted by zombiepenguin9 (529 posts) -

John Cleese.

Fallout: New Vegas, please and thank you!

#47 Posted by razielrioux (129 posts) -

Gary Oldman. One of the more prominent thespians of our lifetime. Criminally underrated.

Renegade Ops Please and Thank you

#48 Posted by Ravenlight (8011 posts) -

New month = new contest! Hooray!

Favorite male actor? Jason Statham. I can't get enough of that guy.

If I win, you have to post more Japan blog.

#49 Posted by potatomash3r (126 posts) -

Gary Oldman

Fallout: New Vegas

#50 Posted by Danteveli (1205 posts) -

Hard to say - maybe Bruce Campbel

I would like Starscape