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#1 Edited by CharlesAlanRatliff (5726 posts) -

Edit: Contest closed!

How to Play: Just tell me what game you want! You have until later this afternoon.

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The Giant Bomb Community Game Giveaway #90! Winner
Congratulations to BraveToaster for winning Costume Quest (donated by TehFlan)!
PCDonated By
Bastion (Steam Gift)Sjosz
Bastion (Steam Gift)Sjosz
Braid (OnLive Code)EvilKatarn
Braid (OnLive Code)EvilKatarn
Dead Space 2 (Steam Gift)Brackynews
Dino D-Day (Steam Code)ikaruga
Dungeons of Dredmor (Desura Code)c0l0nelp0pc0rn1
Eets: Hunger. It's emotional. (Steam Code)ikaruga
Fallout: New Vegas (Steam Gift)Brackynews
Fallout: New Vegas (Steam Gift)EarlessShrimp
Gish (Steam Gift)EvilKatarn
Half-Life 2 (Steam Gift)grant742
Half-Life 2: Episode One (Steam Gift)impostle
Half-Life 2: Episode One (Steam Gift)grant742
The Humble Indie Bundle #2 (Desura Code)EvilKatarn
The Humble Indie Bundle #2 (Desura Code)EvilKatarn
The Humble Indie Bundle #3 (Desura Code)EvilKatarn
The Humble Introversion Bundle (Darwinia, DEFCON: Everybody Dies, Uplink: Hacker Elite, Multiwinia) (Desura Code)C_Rakestraw
The Humble Introversion Bundle (Desura Code)c0l0nelp0pc0rn1
Jamestown: Gunpowder, Treason, & Plot DLC (Steam Gift)Brackynews
Orcs Must Die! + Artifacts of Power DLC + Lost Adventures DLC (Steam Gift)Brackynews
Osmos (OnLive Code)EvilKatarn
Renegade Ops (Steam Gift)Shikon
Renegade Ops (Steam Gift)rentfn
Sanctum (Steam Gift)CharlesAlanRatliff
Starscape (Steam Gift)Brackynews
Starscape (Steam Gift)Brackynews
Starscape (Steam Gift)Brackynews
The Oil Blue (Desura Code)ikaruga
VVVVVV (Steam Gift)Brackynews
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#2 Posted by crazyleaves (673 posts) -

Renegade Ops!

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#3 Posted by TMThomsen (2080 posts) -

Dead Space 2, please.

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#4 Posted by WarlockEngineerMoreDakka (452 posts) -

I'll be nabbing at Bastion again. :D

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#5 Posted by Video_Game_King (36564 posts) -

What does want? Because that's what I want!

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#6 Posted by ArbitraryWater (14464 posts) -

Costume quest?!?!

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#7 Posted by yoshimitz707 (2539 posts) -

Renegade Ops

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#8 Posted by Goboard (107 posts) -

Renegade Ops.

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#9 Posted by PeasantAbuse (5098 posts) -

Bastion, please.

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#10 Posted by Mento (3655 posts) -

If there's still a Renegade Ops up for grabs, I'll chance it. It's Shoemaker approved.

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#11 Posted by Zor (742 posts) -
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#12 Posted by SirOptimusPrime (2043 posts) -

Dead Space 2, please

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#13 Posted by CL60 (17117 posts) -

Dead Space 2 please!

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#14 Posted by FesteringNeon (2273 posts) -

Bastion please!

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#15 Posted by byterunner (348 posts) -

Half Life 2 please

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#16 Posted by Cincaid (3050 posts) -
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#17 Posted by Landon (4137 posts) -

New Vegas

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#18 Posted by nintendoeats (6193 posts) -

I would like the Bastion

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#19 Posted by deactivated-57beb9d651361 (4541 posts) -

Renegade Ops, please :)

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#20 Posted by JoeyRavn (5207 posts) -

Starscape, since I have everything else and I asked for the Jamestown DLC in the other giveaway.

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#21 Posted by Ghostiet (5832 posts) -


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#22 Posted by McShank (1678 posts) -

Bastion PuhLeaz

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#23 Posted by DeF (5342 posts) -

Fallout New Vegas would be nice :)

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#24 Posted by SmasheControllers (2951 posts) -

Orcs Must Die! + Artifacts of Power DLC + Lost Adventures DLC?

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#25 Posted by GJSmitty (685 posts) -

Dead Space 2 please :D

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#26 Posted by btags (15 posts) -

half life 2 please.

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#27 Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials (2545 posts) -

Fallout: New Vegas please.

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#28 Posted by Karolis (302 posts) -

Jamestown DLC

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#29 Posted by pantzing_nome (605 posts) -

I'm going for VVVVVV.

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#30 Posted by ronnocnhahnetuad (9 posts) -


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#31 Posted by SLUSHiNaToR (168 posts) -

Renegade Ops!

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#32 Posted by Rated_R_Superstar (44 posts) -
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#33 Posted by Twitchey (962 posts) -

Fallout New Vegas please.

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#34 Posted by Ctmskater75 (37 posts) -

Sanctum please

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#35 Posted by Ventilaator (1569 posts) -

Dead Space 2

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#36 Posted by amazinglover (33 posts) -

Renegade Ops

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#37 Posted by Subjugation (4949 posts) -

Renegade Ops sir.

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#38 Posted by TehFlan (1954 posts) -


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#39 Posted by Brockly46 (652 posts) -

Ill take Gish.

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#40 Posted by Danteveli (1402 posts) -

fallout new vegas for me

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#41 Posted by FateOfNever (1866 posts) -

Let's go Orcs Must Die!

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#42 Posted by Henny (115 posts) -

Fallout NV please.

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#43 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

Renegade Ops!

Good work on your Japan blog, so far!

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#44 Posted by amir90 (2243 posts) -

I still want dead space 2 :)


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#45 Posted by dungbootle (2502 posts) -

Dead Space 2 please.

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#46 Edited by Marmalade (203 posts) -
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#47 Posted by Rawrnosaurous (812 posts) -

Orcs must die, if you please

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#48 Posted by Rattle618 (1505 posts) -
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#49 Posted by Dalai (7865 posts) -

Let's try Jamestown this time.

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#50 Posted by sparky_buzzsaw (7813 posts) -

In it for New Vegas!