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We asked for your help to make the best damn audio tribute to Ryan Davis and you guys delivered! On this very special episode of the GBCP show we pay tribute to the pape bear, Ryan Davis by talking about his accomplishments, what we loved about him, and much more. Special thanks to @aidros,@amlabella, @big_jon @endurancefun, @fattony12000, @gamer_152, @guiseppe, @lelcar, @metalgearsunny, @nyxfe, @reddenblack, @smtdante89 and @tireyo

You can reach us at giantbombcommunitypodcast@gmail.com!


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Thanks for putting this together.

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Oh damn... That quick huh?

Edit: I just want to apologize for sounding a bit terrible, and sound like I'm a reading kid robot. I did read what I wrote down so I wouldn't forget what I wanted to say.

...my heart is in the right place. Even though I'm embarrassed as hell, It was for Ryan, and I wanted to do it regardless. =-)

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i really enjoyed the "highlights" podcast that the one guy put together but I want more - there are so many great ryan moments that are not on there.

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Man, I really wish my recording wasn't so fudged. Still, this is for Ryan, and I think most people should still hear what I'm saying. Thanks for putting this together.

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Thanx for all your submissions guys!

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Nice work duders!

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Thanks a lot man, this comforted me on some level.

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@jrock3x8 said:

i really enjoyed the "highlights" podcast that the one guy put together but I want more - there are so many great ryan moments that are not on there.

Do like I am. I'm going back through every Bombcast, since Arrow Pointing Down again. One or two episodes a week (I could do more per week, but want to enjoy them for years to come). Also going to start skimming through QuickLooks again. And definitely go through the Endurance Runs again.

Not going to listen to this podcast, though. Not today. Not for awhile. I just got to the point where I could go a whole day without something breaking me down into tears over Ryan.

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Thanks guys! :)

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Thanks Duders!

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Awesome job everyone. This is great.

Personally, I just couldn't do it. I looked at a reminder every single day to record my own little tribute, and I couldn't get anything. I still want to eventually record something even if it's not for this. I'd just get speechless when thinking about all of this.