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ha excellent, good job! Some All of these Jeff quotes are brilliant.

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"Ha ha! Read the rules, homies!"- Drew Scanlon (01/03/13 TNT.)

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That's a pretty horse lady - Vinny Caravella

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I know you have heard this a bunch already. Thank you for this, it never fails to bring a smile to me face and laugh a couple of seconds later.

i only hope that Giantbomb staff incorporate this into the new website!!!

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"I am a goddamn truck!" - Vinny Caravella (Euro Truck Simulator 2 live stream.)

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You know when you get like really, really good heroin, like the REALLY good stuff. - Ryan

Can we show Norm's giant muffin? If you know what I mean. - Ryan

Don't blame me, I voted for fiery bus. - Ryan

I just have a picture of a fish that says fiery bus. - Vinny

from the Split/Second TNT

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"I'm pro slaves." - Ryan Davis (Family Fued 2012 Edition Quick Look)

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"Would you sooner eat dog food or other people?" - Brad Shoemaker, 1/15/13 Bombcast

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Another one: "Do not put a turkey baster full of liquor up your butt under any circumstances." - Ryan Davis, 1/22/13 Bombcast

Edit: One more, from just now: "This is the 9/11 of video games." - Jeff Gerstmann, Unprofessional Fridays 1/25/13

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"I"M THE CODE DEMON! ARRRRRGH!" - Jeff Gerstmann, Skulls of the Shogun/ Chivalry TNT.

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"The last time I drank tequila was with a pregnant girl" - Jeff Getstmann, Unprofessional Fridays 02/15/13

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"Thanks Sim-bama!" -Ryan in Unprofessional Fridays 1/25/13

" 'Stan was driving Michael home, doing his best to make him happy.' ...eugh." - Jeff in Unprofessional Fridays 1/25/13

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"YEAAAAAHHHH!!! HOLY SHIT! OH MY GOD! LOOK AT THE GLASSES! OH MY GOD! HOLY SHIT! That is the best thing that's ever happened to me..." - Ryan Davis, TNT, 2/21/13

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I'm the best boat stabber.- Jeff (Black Ops II /Comedy Night TNT)

I had to make sure not to get poisoned by the poisonous devil. - Ryan (Super Scribblenauts Quick Look)

Oh My God! Look At That Fucking Crabomancer! - Patrick (Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode 3 Quick Look)

Vinny this DLC is haunted. - Patrick (Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare in North Point Quick Look)

Hey menu.... start St.Patricks Day seasons potched eggs.... Mass Effect. - Vinny (Angry Birds Trilogy Quick Look)