#151 Edited by White (1575 posts) -

As a rule of thumb, people should generally avoid going through message boards and the like after any big reveal of hardware and software. It's now become a bloodbath of fanboys going at each other. They'll just take any piece of (or absence of) information and use it as fuel for their petty arguments. Seriously, who the hell cares what the PS4 will look like? It's going to be a big, bulky black rectangle - like the PS2 and PS3. Will its shape affect purchasing decisions? Not unless it's the size of my PC tower. If you want to think about reasons why it wasn't at the event, consider maybe that Sony wishes to show off the actual production model and not a prototype or mockup and the production models weren't ready by February 20. Maybe they want to avoid a silver PS3 + boomerang controller situation.

When Microsoft shows off Durango come April (if rumours are to be believed), you can bet your ass that these vocal minorities will come out again and start nitpicking every little detail about it too.

Do their opinions really matter? Will their cries of disappointment and outrage alter the direction of where these consoles are headed? Slim yes. Most probably no. Companies listen to dollars and statistics - your whining doesn't change anything.

#152 Posted by beeryayghost (354 posts) -

Holy shit. Someone needs to archive all of the Broken Pixel videos that are on 1Up before it goes down.

#153 Posted by Foodie_Monster (28 posts) -

For whatever it's worth, I'm on my honeymoon, my wife is in bed next to me and reading this article was enjoyable and I don't regret spending the time on it.

Good writing, Alex. And I agree with your thoughts on the PS4 launch's reaction. Spot on.

#154 Edited by itsVASH (193 posts) -

Always a pleasure to read your stuff every sunday, keep up the good work.

#155 Posted by graf1k (495 posts) -

Actually, new consoles means that most of the graphics tech improvements won't be utilized for the first year or two, only because all the developers need time to adjust to having both access to this tech, and enough of a market to warrant using this tech.

While that was definitely the case in previous generations, I think the lag of developers getting up to snuff this generation will be much shorter. As a result of many factors, a lot of game development has shifted to PC as lead platform and then having games ported down to the PS3 & 360 from there. The long console cycles meant that the 360 and PS3, while maintaining a sizable install base, have fallen so far behind the curve, it's really the only choice if developers don't want to split development between PC and consoles. Because of the resurgence (well, somewhat resurgence) of PC gaming caused by the rise of Steam an relative ease with which games can be ported down to PS3 and 360 from PC, it doesn't make financial sense to split the development. Now, with the new consoles looking even closer to PC architecture and finally having the necessary horsepower for things like full 1080p60Hz locked, HDR lighting, ect. without cutting corners, a lot of games that would be coming out this year and looking amazing on PC and so-so on consoles will look amazing on PC, slightly less amazing on Durango & PS4, and so-so on 360 & PS3 (the lower ports will still happen for probably another year, maybe 2 because why ignore an install base of 100m+?). I think this, despite what Rockstar says, is a big reason for the GTA5 push-back and we'll see it on Durango & PS4 maybe not at launch, but I think it will definitely make the jump and much sooner than people might think. Not only that, but because there isn't a whole lot of overlap among PC gamers and console gamers, I would not be surprised to see games like Crysis 3, Far Cry 3, Tomb Raider and maybe even something as old as Battlefield 3 be ported to the PS4 & Durango.

Because of this and the architecture of the new consoles is so similar to a gaming PC, I think this generation might have one of the better (possibly the best?) launch line ups rather than the few okay games with a pile of shovel ware we normally get while the games we really want come out 6-12 months later. Developers have a running start this time around and given the grave forecast for the industry, I doubt they'd pass up an opportunity like this.

#156 Posted by rpratts (79 posts) -

Great article.

#157 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12906 posts) -

Holy shit. Someone needs to archive all of the Broken Pixel videos that are on 1Up before it goes down.

All but the one where they play The Guy Game are on youtube (and I think that one can be found if you look hard enough), so we're safe in that front.

Good article Alex. Honestly, considering the bombast of prior console announcements, it was nice to see them somewhat grounded for once.

#158 Posted by Haziqonfire (250 posts) -

Great read, I thoroughly enjoyed that. I don't understand the disappointment with the PS4 announcement either, I wasn't expecting much and I got more than that!

I loved 1UP, thank God for Twitter! I can still keep up with the people that I generally enjoyed reading stories from.

#159 Posted by SatelliteOfLove (1379 posts) -

and that eviscerating older technology as the hindrance to true emotional storytelling, as Quantic Dream's David Cage did, was more than a bit ludicrous.

David Cage is ludicrous, though.

#160 Posted by Vuud (2052 posts) -

They didn't show any hardware probably because guys are still pulling their hair out saying "How the hell are we going to fit all this in something that's not the size of a computer case?"

#161 Edited by Jason_E_Sigler (142 posts) -

1up hasn't been the same since the first major culling back in whatever year that was (2009?). I recall the episode of 1up Yours that ended with the entire group getting weepy and felt like I was losing some good friends in that moment. That was the first time I knew that there could be something much more important in gaming coverage than previews and reviews. I never thought I'd find a group dynamic like that until I found the Bombcast (strangely enough, through Rebel FM, a podcast formed by some of the guys let go by 1up). Once again, I felt like I was home.

1up hasn't felt the same for years now, but it's still sad to see the entire site shutting down. I hope the entire affected staff find work elsewhere and continue to make our little microcosm of the entertainment world that much better.

#162 Posted by The_EDJ (69 posts) -

The PS4 Conference won me over. Big.

I've never bought a console day one. Mainly due to funds shortages, but that's neither here nor there. I saw enough focus from Sony during the conference to know that it would be worth it. I've already started depositing funds into a Smarty Pig savings account to pay for the bad boy without resulting to the credit card.

#163 Posted by Nicked (259 posts) -

Epic Name Bro on youtube has a really excellent video discussing the PS4 and has some cool insight on the potential for the social functionality, and on the Japanese market. He also makes some interesting points about upgradable console hardware and the PC scene. I'd really recommend that people check it out. It's refreshing in the wake of hypercritical professional outlets.

#164 Edited by ThePiePieper (52 posts) -

I like the view Alex brings to the rebuttal of Sony's event being a flop. But I personally feel that all fuse was for not. If you announce an announcement, we should be amazed at what is about to unfold. You told us a date and that something cool would be there. But, if all we get is what we are already expecting, then how hard is it to agree on whatever your black rectangle is going to look like and show an empty shell of said thing. If we all agree that at this point in vidjagame history, we already pretty much know what’s coming down the pipe, why spring for the big spectacle. Like Batman said “a riddle is worthless if everyone knows the answer.” Save the money, spend it on making cool things and just send out a press kit.

In a few months, when Microsoft does its thing, we'll be saying a bunch of the same as today. The announcement of a new system, with more memory crystals and social media blowjobs, won't be setting the world on fire.

In the end, we all want our white rhombuses and black rectangle to be nothing less than technological milestones. It's just too bad we have to siv through so much shit to get there.

#165 Posted by LucidDreams117 (447 posts) -

Pouring one out for the 1up site. Sad to see it go. Before Giant Bomb, that was THE greatest site to offer video game content. The podcasts! The videos! The 1up Show! Good times. The site went downhill in 2009 when UGO came in and has been declining ever more slowly since. But before that, it was incredible. Thanks Alex for reminding me about how 1up showed their support for Jeff. Amazing heartwarming stuff. Good article. I'll never forget 1up and all it did for bringing me into the game industry.

#166 Posted by Zero_ (2017 posts) -

I'm sorry Bombcast, but I still think 1UP Yours is the best gaming podcast to this day.

#167 Posted by Brackynews (4247 posts) -

@nicked said:

I'd really recommend that people check it out. It's refreshing in the wake of hypercritical professional outlets.

Thanks for the ENB heads up, though I check every couple of days I never spot a post when it's fresh because of the time difference.

Also I'm not so generous as to use "hypercritical" and "professional" in the same sentence, though I expect you meant "puts food on the table" professionals. Any fool can take sides to get eyeballs, it requires some level of wisdom to find conclusions that reflect reality.

#168 Edited by Buckaroosamurai (34 posts) -

I think if consoles want to continue to be relevant they need to start including things that give them a little more parity with a PC. How about something as simple as mouse and keyboard functionality for everything from GUI to gameplay. It would make navigating their terrible interfaces so much easier, and almost no game would be exclusive to PC or console anymore if there was across the board functionality. I doubt we will ever see this but I think if a console manufacturer had some balls and made it so one could upgrade the videocard (even if it was only manufacture approved cards) that would be something awesome. At that point its pretty much a PC but I still like the ease of use of consoles. I love PC gaming but there are a ton of headaches involved with it too patching can be extremely wonky, dlc isn't always implemented well, and just getting a game installed and updated can end up taking for ever especially if there are any issues that need to be troubleshot. Say what you want about consoles and dumbing down of games at least I put the game in and be playing in minutes which if you like gaming that is what you want to be doing.

What do you all think?

#169 Posted by GaspoweR (4174 posts) -

@zero_ said:

I'm sorry Bombcast, but I still think 1UP Yours is the best gaming podcast to this day.

I'd say GFW Radio is better IMO.

#170 Posted by GaspoweR (4174 posts) -
#171 Posted by Redbeard_Jones (15 posts) -

Great piece of writing Alex, thank you!

#172 Edited by AkIRA_22 (64 posts) -

I have never heard of UGO.... ever. WTF is a "major" gaming site doing not on my radar? I guess that explains why it's been shut down.

#173 Posted by DarthOrange (4127 posts) -

Great read as always Alex. Ending was a bummer but even so you presented it in such an eloquent manner.

#174 Posted by Virtua_Ben (144 posts) -

Great article Alex. I agree that you've got to be realistic when you're looking at "next-gen" information.

#175 Edited by Homeslice (824 posts) -

Not pouring one out because that's as played as the games the sites covered. I just wish the very best for people now out of work.

#176 Posted by axf4ever (42 posts) -

Good read Alex

#177 Posted by HBK619 (167 posts) -

You know, I'm not much of a fan of Alex in general (I think his on-screen persona is ridiculously try-hard), but these Guns of Navarro pieces are excellent reads and really refreshing as well.

This is the sort of content I want to see from someone like Alex, not an attempt at a joke every 5 words that rarely hits. But thoughtful, thought provoking and genuinely insightful comments on the industry and what has happened in it, the past week or however long.

#178 Posted by mowcrosoft (64 posts) -

Well spoken ma' main man.

#179 Edited by edgefusion (95 posts) -

Fantastic article, really good read.

#180 Posted by lordgodalming (230 posts) -

Thanks for this, Alex. It's a rare thing indeed these days to find a thoughtful, well-reasoned opinion in the gaming media, and ironically, The Guns of Navarro delivers precisely that.

#181 Posted by dropabombonit (1541 posts) -

Great article Alex, I too don't get some of the negative PS4 response, they showed way more than anybody had predicted. I don't think MS will show as many games because what 1st party studios do they have left?

#182 Posted by Tennmuerti (8515 posts) -

@vuud said:

They didn't show any hardware probably because guys are still pulling their hair out saying "How the hell are we going to fit all this in something that's not the size of a computer case?"

Not really. All that stuff (and more) already easily fits into a gaming laptop. It's just a matter of custom components using the volume efficiently.

#183 Posted by Slaegar (792 posts) -

I find the David Cage thing especially gross because I believe he was the same guy that said we don't need new hardware to make better games and that its just a crutch.

David Cage and Jonathan Blow should go make out in a closest while crying to each other about how no one understands how mature and deep they are. Phil Fish can watch.

#184 Edited by Ax23000 (32 posts) -

Do I think the PS4 event was a mistake or outright failure? No. But I'd argue that it met the bare minimum. Look, unveiling new hardware is about proving to people that they need a new box. It's not enough to just show off tired franchises and ideas. Media Molecule was the one wonderful exception at the event and I hope the end product is as cool and unusual as what they showed here.

But on the whole it struck me that none of the other displayed software even tried to prove it would do anything new aside from look moderately more pretty. It may be easy to show off old franchises, but wouldn't you at least hope that the new entries might feel fresh in any way at all?

I believe the PS4 will be a good system. The hardware looks good. The OS sounds and looks vastly improved. And the games will come and I believe we will see fresh and new ideas. This event suggested some of these things, but I'd did not drive them home no matter how much flowery pr and marketing speak they covered it with.

#185 Posted by Bourbon_Warrior (4569 posts) -

Am I the only one that want them to bring back PS1 grey for the console?

#186 Edited by GS_GBcha0sgam3r (36 posts) -

alex u were right when jeff was first fired or quit whatsoever it was 1up that join with the remaining GS staff so i wish them nothing but the best. now i can check out only IGN, GS & THE "NWO of gaming media" Giant Bomb!

#187 Posted by King9999 (663 posts) -

Am I the only one that want them to bring back PS1 grey for the console?

They should try different colours. I would buy a blue PS4.

#188 Posted by DanTheGamer32 (253 posts) -

Am I the only one that want them to bring back PS1 grey for the console?

If they could get the same kind of plastic too... that would be a really cool throwback for me lol

#189 Posted by Kohe321 (3568 posts) -

Great article from one of the best writers in the business - Alex Navarro! Keep it up.

#190 Posted by SmilingPig (1370 posts) -

That IGN, 1UP, Gamespy and UGO thing brings back my fear of CBSI consolidating its Video games related sites in to GameSpot. Sooner or later it will happen and GB will be no more.

#191 Edited by parabolee (33 posts) -

Great article!

Especially the nice words about the end of 1up. Back in the John Davison days, 1up was IMO by far the greatest video games site on the web. It was the first website I opened in a morning and the last one at night. 1up Yours was the greatest video game podcast to have ever graced my ears, with GFW Live a close second (and Giant Bomb in serious contention).

It had the greatest collection of writers of any site before and since (Giant Bomb is as good but with a smaller group). Even our beloved Patrick Klepick was an important part of 1up during it's reign of greatness. And I subscribed to EGM up to and beyond (digital version) the last issue.

I still follow the careers of many of those great writers, Sean Elliot, Garnet Lee, Shane Bettenhausen, Luke Smith, Jeff Green, Mark MacDonald, Bryan Intihar, David Ellis, Andrew Pfister, Sam Kennedy, Jennifer Tsao, Jenn Frank, Dan Hsu, James Mielke, Crispin Boyer, John Davison and of course the legendary Seanbaby. I'm sure there are others I forget.

Patrick goes without saying of course.

What an amazing cast of writers! They were like the Avengers of games journalism!

When 1up went to UGO and the dogs I was so happy I still had Giant Bomb to fill the void.

The 1Up era was a golden age. Now excuse me while I pour a glass and go watch some Broken Pixels for old times sake!

#192 Edited by Parsnip (1127 posts) -

Good stuff @Alex.

I for one am very excited for new hardware. Always have been, always will be.

And a bummer about the ZD stuff.

#193 Posted by Regular_Kirk (85 posts) -

To echo some of Alex's sentiments I for one am glad that Sony didn't show us anything too great a graphical leap beyond the current consoles. The last thing I wanted was a rehash of the "is it real or is it fake" debate that we got with the Killzone 2 and Motorstorm trailer.

#194 Edited by RAMBO604 (147 posts) -

Any excitement I could muster for the PS4 announcement is deflated by the unknown that represents the next Xbox. Why build myself into a flurry when I don't even know why I should, because Microsoft could come out swinging just as hard.

Or that regardless of past loyalties Sony shoved me out of their ecosystem over the course of this console generation. I hardly know anyone with a PS3 let alone extremely active on one. No matter how much the appeal of the PS4 to me if none of my friends move to it away from Xbox then literally what is the point in me doing so? Sony's big push is social.

The known quantities of announcing a new Killzone and inFamous are not entirely follies. inFamous 1&2 were some of my favorites on the PS3. A third entry would while not be a system seller for me be a guaranteed purchase if I did. And Killzone is Sony's closest thing to a Halo they have. Its not as good or as popular. But it could be and should be.

The world building they do is almost SNES like in that the ancillary info on their website paints a unique and interesting story of which 0% is in the games. Plus they are fun to a point. It would only take Guerrilla saying that they've completely gotten rid of how the past two games controlled and I'd be on-board totally with that game. Because from a gameplay perspective the way GG has been totally up their own ass with the sense of weight and in-put latency with the controls was about the only major negative. Which was the death nail for a shooter.

#195 Posted by TristanPR77 (2 posts) -

I have come to a conclusion, after hearing some websites complaining about the Playstation event. My conclusion is that they are afraid and mostly xbox fanboys, they were not expecting to see a Sony so focus in fixing their past mistakes, they were not expecting to see a good presentation, they were expecting to see Sony doing a big mess. But after watching Sony so focused on games, social, gamers and developers, after watching that Sony is really serious to bring the best console experience for the next gen, they are speechless and they only can write negative stuff about stupid little things like "there was no case". I have seen websites like Destructoid already taking a hating position about anything related to PS4. This behavior just show me the PS4 is really something and some people are just afraid to see it.

#196 Edited by LegendaryChopChop (1332 posts) -

I feel that 1UP was the original Giant Bomb with a more personality and humorous approach to game journalism. I've never cared for gaming reviews nor have I really cared much for breaking news, I was always more into the culture surrounding it and 1UP delivered that back when I needed a site to do that, nowadays, this is what GB does best.

I haven't been to 1UP since they axed Broken Pixels, but the loss of a quality site certainly sucks.

To speak about the PS4 conference, I was rather impressed by it and plan to get one this year.

Good read, Alex. The best one you've posted yet.

#197 Edited by Undeadpool (5257 posts) -

"So perhaps I am slightly confused when I see people complaining that Sony's PlayStation 4 demos didn't look more outlandishly impressive, more technologically exciting, more otherworldly compared to what the PlayStation 3 currently offers."

You and me both, Alex. This furthers my continuing point that people just want an excuse to whine. Show a clearly fake tech demo and people whine that it's clearly fake. Show actual launch-ready games that look real, people whine that they don't look good ENOUGH.

@foggen said:

I guess Rorie learned that lesson about package-deal websites, huh?

While we're on insane conspiracies, let's have Jesse Ventura tell us about UNDERGROUND GOVERNMENT BUNKERS!

Edit: Redact that second part, I didn't realize what you were going for. MY MISTAKE ENTIRELY!

#198 Posted by Nettacki (1332 posts) -

In the end, we all want our white rhombuses and black rectangle to be nothing less than technological milestones. It's just too bad we have to siv through so much shit to get there.

True, we all want that. But reality is different from our wants, what with the economy and too many "me too" stuff and all.

#199 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (1496 posts) -

So far I'm sticking to being a PC gamer in the near future, you'v got till the end of the year to change my mind Sony.

#200 Posted by tourgen (4568 posts) -

I thought the PS4 kickoff show was pretty good. I'm looking forward to a real bare-knuckle brawl in the alley for my consumer $$$ this November. I'll throw my loose change at the winning bum. I want blood though.