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Thanks Alex, really enjoyed the article.

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That was very well put, on both topics.

I watched the PS3 event and came away very enthused. I've been around forever. I'm in the same age range as Alex and the rest of the Bomb crew. I've seen a lot of press conferences, and honestly, I thought this was one of the best. It's certainly the best I've seen Sony do in the past 7 or 8 years.

I disagree on one point. I LOVED the Infamous guy. That was PURE theater, it was entertaining as all hell!!! I was smiling ear to ear as soon as this creepy weird dude came on stage and started talking. I wanted to know what the hell game he was talking about, and when it was Infamous, which is one of my favorite franchises, I laughed out loud with excitement. It was fantastic!

What, you want Jack Tretton to come out and talk sales figures instead?!? Seriously. It was great.

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Alex, you were always one of may favorites back when you and most of the BombCrew were at gamespot. I was thrilled to learn that you and the rest of the guys had moved on and continued your careers, especially here at Giantbomb. Thanks for the hard work and the passion you guys throw out day in and day out.

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I thought Gamespy was a server browser for PC games. I guess I haven't been there in the last 10 years.

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Thank you for the grounded reaction piece. It's nice to hear a mature reaction.

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Hey... I don't want to go to work today... I want stay home and play... All my videogames!

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good read. liked it a lot

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Great read!

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Well done Alex. Thanks for putting some attention on the layoffs; many of those sites, especially 1UP, are what expanded my view of the industry and led me here.

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One of my favorite articles from you, Alex! Thanks for having optimism in a world full of all this cynicism. Honestly, it's surprising coming from what I know of you, but it's VERY welcome. I believe we should be enthralled by the push of new hardware, rather than pessimistic about any little detail.

Also, may 1UP rest in peace! I loved that site back in the day.

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For me, I'd rather have games looking as good as uncharted or crysis and that more effort is given to AI and social interaction. I hope PS4 and 729/Durango do that. All-in-all, Sony had a good first reveal of what the PS4 might do. Let's wait and see. That was a good read Alex!

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@tourgen said:

I thought the PS4 kickoff show was pretty good. I'm looking forward to a real bare-knuckle brawl in the alley for my consumer $$$ this November. I'll throw my loose change at the winning bum. I want blood though.

Paying for online, blocking used games and focussing on downloading and streaming? There will be blood.

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Easily the best written series on the Internet. Good job man, good job.

I used to follow 1UP and was saddened when the brand was sold and 70% plus of its staff got canned. Especially so many parts that made the site unique, like "The 1up Show". Weirdly, was it not Ziff Davis that sold 1UP in the first place?

Maybe this is a sliver of a much larger problem? I don't think many stop to think about the implications of technology and what it does to the world. Or money for that matter. Many just steam ahead with new ideas and products, with very little regard (or none at all) for what "progress" means to the majority of reality. Pretty much no one thinks that, just because we can, should we?

Ha! Or maybe I'm just getting old and the last remnant of what I grew up with is slipping away. Either way, it makes me real sad.