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#1 Edited by JesusHammer (848 posts) -

So why aren't you buying a PS4 or XBone? No gaems? Worried about hardware issues? Don't have the money? I'm personally waiting until at least next holiday season for games to come out before I get a PS4 and I've got no interest in an XBone.

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#2 Posted by JoeyRavn (5212 posts) -

I honestly don't need a console when I have a PC that has been giving me, and will continue to give me, a better overall experience than a console. Yeah, sure, consoles have exclusives... and so does the PC. Should there ever be a game exclusive to consoles that I really want to play, well, though luck in that case.

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#3 Posted by SharkEthic (1091 posts) -

The games I'm interested in will run better on my PC anyway, and I'm not exposing myself to potential hardware issues.

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#4 Posted by MEATBALL (4231 posts) -

I don't have the money right now and have a backlog of games I'd like to get around to, so holding off on buying a new console seems like a great way to finally get stuck into some of those games from the past gen (and even a couple from the gen prior - DDS1&2, I'm looking at you) that I haven't gotten around to. Part of the reason I don't have the money, too, is that I've been spending it on new release current gen games, which probably works out of the best in the end, considering the launch lineups aren't looking particularly spectacular. That said, I have a habit of wanting to buy the hot new thing, so watching all of this next gen launch hype is driving me crazy. Thankfully Zelda and Super Mario 3D World release over the next two weeks, which should hopefully make all of that launch awesome a little easier to get through without constantly wishing I could zap out and buy a new system. :P

I'll probably wind up buying a PS4 in the first couple of months of next year.

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#5 Posted by caska (240 posts) -

I'll probably end up buying both later on next year. Most of the current games I want to play are coming out on the PC so I'll end up picking them up there first but eventually with things like Infamous, Destiny, Titanfall, MGS etc. coming out then I'll end up buying at least one new console. But yea, no real rush to buy a new console but man the hype is kinda making it hard to resist!

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#6 Posted by shinjin977 (910 posts) -

Exclusives are not as good as third party stuff at this point in time, also if you have been through a console launch before, you should know not to buy on day one.

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#7 Posted by DeadeyeMcCoy (277 posts) -

Got a PC and not really interested in any of the exclusives, unfortunately. Only thing I can think of that would make me grab a PS4 would be Kingdom Hearts III, and Lord knows how far off that is. I don't expect I'll ever be needing an Xbone, though.

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#8 Posted by goldfishking (15 posts) -

'Stand by for titanfall'

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#9 Edited by Vextroid (1532 posts) -

I have a PC and a Wii U.

I'm set.

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#10 Edited by Maajin (1168 posts) -

The worst time to buy a new console is at it's launch. Fewer games, more expensive and with the potential for 3RL kind of stuff.

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#11 Edited by ArtelinaRose (1993 posts) -

I was going to but I ended up not saving enough money. Important things came up and I had to give up my day one video game machine for it. I'll get it later when there's stuff I want, closer to Ground Zeroes and Destiny.

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#12 Posted by SunBroZak (2257 posts) -

@maajin said:

The worst time to buy a new console is at it's launch. Fewer games, more expensive and with the potential for 3RL kind of stuff.

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#13 Edited by Yummylee (24646 posts) -

No reason to, as there's nothing especially appealing going on with it right now, and there's still a couple of upcoming new games that'll keep me occupied on current-gen. That, and an awful lot video games I've been playing on my PS2 recently as well.. finally decided to play a little more The Warriors. Man, that game's awesome... Hey, @alex? How have you not done a bombastica video for The Warriors yet??

Anywhoo, the upcoming inFAMOUS will most likely be the point where I finally decide to enter the fray of next-gen consolin.

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#14 Posted by Gatehouse (931 posts) -

The game's simply are not there for me right now. Plus, I don't really have the money right now. However, when spring rolls around, I will be very, very torn between a PS4 and an Xbox One. The former is more powerful and less expensive but the latter has more exclusives that appeal to me. Decisions, decisions......

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#15 Posted by JesusHammer (848 posts) -

@vextroid: I hope you add a 3DS to that or you're missing out on all dem vidya games. So many vidya games.

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#16 Posted by MeierTheRed (5259 posts) -

Lack of games, and the games that are there i can get on PC. And i would like to see how the hardware performs in terms of heat, crashes and whatnot.

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#17 Posted by Fattony12000 (8244 posts) -


I was going to, but then I decided not to.

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#18 Posted by Sinusoidal (3137 posts) -

I've been a late adopter to the last few generations of consoles. I got burned on a Sega CD way back in the day and have been wary every since. I've still got a good year's worth of awesome games from this generation to work through first too.

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#19 Posted by billymagnum (900 posts) -

unless one of them comes free with a new tv like my xbox 360 did, im never going to own these consoles....i just dont care...

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#20 Posted by DexterKid (677 posts) -

I have way too many games to play already on my PC and existing consoles so there is no rush to get even more stuff. The only reason I would get one at launch is just to get in on the hype and excitement of a launch, but I know I'll feel stupid when I see them available for cheaper and bundled with better games in a few months.

The other issue is that the only launch games I'm interested in are Dead Rising and Forza, which are both on the more expensive console, and that makes it even more difficult to take the plunge!

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#21 Posted by GIyn (205 posts) -

The console business model feels weak.... and people continue to talk about them in exactly the same fashion as if nothing has changed :/

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#22 Posted by falserelic (5761 posts) -

I do plan on getting both consoles in the future, but I just don't have the money right now. On top of that I got other matters to indeed too first.

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#23 Posted by kagato (1161 posts) -

I've still got my PS4 pre-order in but with only one game im interested in (Black Flag) being available im just not sure i want to spend the money on it right now. Some Japanese developed games should be hitting early next year so may just hold off until late January and pick one up then, i want to be more excited about next gen but i just feel completely indifferent right now.

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#24 Edited by XenoNick (1568 posts) -

I have a backlog of 360 and PS3 games I want to get through. Plus there are some 360 games coming out next year that I want to play first.

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#25 Posted by Th3_James (2613 posts) -

Cancelled my XBONE pre-order. Forza is the only game I really wanted. I will just drive my Evo around IRL to supplement the lack of Forza in my life. Other than that there is nothing that I can't play on my PC that I can't get on consoles.

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#26 Edited by Revan_NL (394 posts) -

I wasn't planning to, but seeing the PS4 launch coverage made triggered my 'I need that now!' itch. The launch is still some two weeks away in Europe and chances are the first batch of PS4's is sold out and that new stock isn't available until 2014. So I probably won't buy one at launch, but I surely will in the next few months.

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#27 Posted by buft (3410 posts) -

I simply cant afford it at the moment, will make choosing one of the two easier i suppose when i can see the list of games available for each. Microsoft really let me down at the end of this generation though with a move away from making great games for their platform and moving towards being an all in one box. All the games i wanted to play where playstation exclusives near the end.

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#28 Posted by s10129107 (1437 posts) -

I'm going to wait until the consoles have been out for at least a year. This way I see how they both shake out, if they're worth buying and I won't have to deal with any first iteration hardware issues.

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#29 Edited by hermes (2200 posts) -

There are several reasons:

  • Not enough interesting, exclusive games
  • Worried about the hardware
  • Worried about the unsupported features and undocumented limitations
  • More expensive
  • Massive backlog in the current generation
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#30 Posted by Tblockkiller (130 posts) -

Nothing to do with money or interest for me. I made myself a promise not to get a new system until I am done with my studies in 2 years time :(

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#31 Posted by RazielCuts (3256 posts) -

I have such a backlog I'm constipated with games!

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#32 Posted by VaddixBell (275 posts) -

No games I'm really interested, I have a great backlog of games I really want to play and I would prefer to wait for some hardware revisions or bundles.

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#33 Edited by Danteveli (1405 posts) -

Nothing that I want to play and can't do it on Pc/current gen.

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#36 Edited by Dimsey (1121 posts) -

I'll be getting an Xbox One.
I'm interested in checking out it's exclusives for myself and I'm gonna be grabbing the next-gen versions of a few current-gen games for it.

I'd have probably wound up getting a PS4 at launch too but there's just nothing there that interests me right away.
Never was big on Killzone and Knack seems potentially neat, but not $549 neat. Pretty much everything else of interest I can play on my PC already, so pretty much holding out on grabbing one until Infamous: Second Son comes out.

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#37 Posted by ProfessorEss (7952 posts) -

I loved "the blades" and I loved "NXE" but every time I boot up my 360 nowadays I'm shocked at how lousy the current UI is and even more shocked at how long it takes to sign in. I like what Microsoft is offering on paper but I still have too many questions regarding the quality of both Microsoft's new hardware and software.

Sony is doing nothing interesting with the PS4. I know a lot of people are super-plussed with their pure-gaming-machine message but I'm not. After spending a generation of using my 360 and PS3 as media servers on my home network I'm not willing to go back. Sony's exclusives have also never been that big a draw for me.

The lack of games doesn't help especially considering how many awesome-looking, current gen games I have in backlog. I'm also not interested in paying a monthly fee for multi-player at this point in my life and I'm wary about getting tangled up in Sony and MS's media services.

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#38 Posted by avantegardener (1803 posts) -

Nothing that I want to play and can't do it on Pc/current gen.


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#39 Edited by Veektarius (6043 posts) -

I am a rational human being.

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#40 Edited by Tidel (372 posts) -

I decided to get a Wii U instead. It was weirdly freeing.

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#41 Posted by probablytuna (4831 posts) -

I don't think I've ever bought a console at launch. I was going to get a PS4 but then preorders were all sold out in my local area and then Watch Dogs got delayed so now I have Dark Souls II to look forward to.

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#42 Posted by Grixxel (919 posts) -

I have a pc.

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#43 Posted by oldenglishc (1270 posts) -

Between my backlog, games releasing on current consoles, and total lack of interesting launch games, there was just no reason to pull the trigger yet.

No white sku is a slightly smaller concern, but they do look a hell of a lot better in my game room. I live in that house and want it to look nice. Don't judge me.

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#45 Posted by OldGuy (1666 posts) -

I am part of the master race... once enough only on console exclusives show up I'll be there (and they'll be cheap)...

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#46 Posted by Ben_H (3903 posts) -

I had saved up for an Xbox. I bought a U2713HM instead to use as both a monitor and a TV. Now I can get 1440 p's of entertainment instead of 1200 p's.

I will likely be getting a Wii U if I get anything.

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#47 Posted by Sergio (3516 posts) -

No games yet. I'll get a PS4 next year after inFamous: Second Son comes out. I still haven't seen anything that convinces me to buy an Xbox One, so I don't know when I'll get it.

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#48 Edited by Yillb (35 posts) -

Summed up in song form:

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#49 Edited by stryker1121 (2075 posts) -

Won't upgrade until January at the earliest..time issues, money constraints and backlog keeping me away from launch, combined with no real interest in any of the exclusives.

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#50 Posted by BBAlpert (2494 posts) -

@tidel said:

I decided to get a Wii U instead. It was weirdly freeing.

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Nintendo Wii U: The console version of a chemical burn.