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I started off with a PS3 and 360 then I moved on to PC and I'm staying there. I was mostly excited about the awesome things being said about the new controllers so I'm glad I'll eventually be able to use them on PC. Persona 5 would force me to get a PS4, but word is that's more likely to come to PS3 or Vita.

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At this point, I'm more likely to get a PS3 and catch up on the Sony-exclusive games I missed this generation.

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I have almost no interest to purchase either of the new consoles at the moment. I feel like I've got a decent amount of games to catch up on in the meantime, and Dark Souls 2 will be taking up most of my gaming time once it is released early next year.

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Lack of anything, I guess. I'll get a Ps4 around the time Second Son releases. Xbox One isn't even releasing here, so that's not really on my mind. Might wait until after E3 to pick that up.

Got a WiiU though. Looking forward to SM3DW.
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- can't afford it

- don't have a TV

- no way am I paying 60 dollars for games. Go to hell.

- There's tons to catch up on this gen

- PS3, Vita, and WiiU have free online

- the new consoles are a joke. Five more years of 30 fps and no remappable controls.

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I couldn't be less excited about the new consoles so far tbh. This step-up in hardware capability is years overdue, but if it's only going to be used to continue rehashing the same handful of ideas over and over and over again then I'm just not interested. I'll wait until the industry shows any intention of using that next-gen hardware to facilitate a next-gen idea.

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I've decided to hold off, I'll end up spending too much money on games I don't really want to play. The first game I actually want - Dragon Age 3 - doesn't come out until Q3 next year, so I might just end up waiting until then.

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I am waiting until all these launch problems are fixed, then I'll get a PS4, hopefully there will be some decent games around Jan/Feb 2014.

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I decided to go with a new GPU instead of PS4, just because there's not too many games to play and I wanna avoid all the launch jank. I pulled the trigger with Wii-U when it launched and regretted that decision shortly afterwards. I'm sure I'll end up getting them both, just not sure when.

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Pretty much the same as everyone else. I have a really good PC right now, so I don't need a new console. None of the launch titles look all that interesting to me. Hell, I'm not planning on getting any of the cross-generation platform games on 360 or PS3, so why would I spend new console money to play some games that don't excite me? Titanfall, Destiny, Watchdogs, The Division, Thief, The Order, etc...those are games I'm looking forward to, but they're also 2014 releases. Why spend the money now on something I can't use for 4 or more months? By then, hopefully all the launch bugs will be worked out and the supply should be consistent enough that I can buy one at my local Walmart or off Amazon.

Also, I bought an Ipad Air and, well, it was "Apple" expensive. I'm good on big-ticket entertainment devices. Don't get me wrong, I don't regret it at all. I use it everyday for hours, but it did cost more than either console, so I'm not willing to blow a lot of money on another somewhat similar item. By "similar" I mean, something I use for entertainment purposes. I actually haven't played any games on it yet.

Finally, Steam sale is coming up. Mmm, I can get a boat load of games for the PC in a few weeks, so I'm waiting for that score.

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@joeyravn said:

I honestly don't need a console when I have a PC that has been giving me, and will continue to give me, a better overall experience than a console. Yeah, sure, consoles have exclusives... and so does the PC. Should there ever be a game exclusive to consoles that I really want to play, well, though luck in that case.

Exactly my sentiment. I really don't understand this rush to buy locked down hardware of limited functionality while putting up with declining hardware reliability, irritating platform exclusives and other little bits of fragmentation. Oh and no backwards compatibility? What a joke.

I think the passing console gen will be my last.

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Summed up in song form:

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Wow, that summed up my opinion exactly. I always wait 6 to 8 months; get it in the summer. Play any back logged games, then a few months later it'll be winter and you'll have the holiday rush. The only system I bought on launch was a Wii, and I never really touched it...

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Will probably get a PS4 sometime but not this year. Been using this as an excuse to go back and play some old school games like Anachronox, Wizardry 8, Arcanum, etc etc.

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a pc gamer was here.

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I'm all about PC PC PC PC PC now

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Waiting for one of the following: 'The Evil Within', 'MGS5: Phantom Pain', 'Persona 5' or anything by Platinum.

However if the Wii U ends up being where every Platinum game is going, might get that. Bayo 2 and Wonderful 101 is already tempting enough.