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What is a game you love that's kinda obscure? As in, its forum on Giantbomb is drier than a popcorn fart in the middle of the Attacama Desert in the summer?  
What brought this to mind was a playthrough of one of my old favorites, Looney Tunes: Sheep Raider. That was, in my opinion, one of the best PS1 games, even though no one bought it. Most Looney Tunes adaptations fail to get the surreal sort of humor that Warner Bros was so good at, but this game had me chuckling numerous times.

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*cracks knuckles* This is going to be fun. *lists off tons of obscure games, explaining why they're not in an actual list in the process of doing so*

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Little Big Adventure 2 (Twinsen's Odyssey) . At least I think it's obscure because no one ever talks about it.

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Okage: The shadow King.
A great quirky little game that I never hear anything about, it's an RPG and it kinda looks like if time burton made a RPG, this would have been it. I played from beginning to end and enjoyed it, though the ending was lackluster it was a fun experience.
@benjaebe said:


My sister own's this game.. it's not a good game, but it's pretty fucked up. We beat it and just.. wow. XD
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Reaping the Dungeon / Dungeon Rogue (sci-fi roguelike) - I mentioned this in another thread which got me playing this again :o This is such an awesome roguelike ^__^
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Solstice and Ranger X for me.  I'm sure they aren't crazy obscure but still it's not like they are talked about as often as your usual rare gem or cult classic.
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I have a thing for Digimon World... I don't know why I like it but just thinking about it makes me want to play it again.

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Where do I start? I know of (and own) a lot of obscure games and some aren't even in the giantbomb wiki.

Hunter Hunted

Commander Blood (no info on this page, don't bother clicking it :P)

Burn Cycle

Bedlam (I don't think there's anything on this page either)

Psychotron (I don't think there's really any info on this either)

Crusader no Regret and Crusader no Remorse


There's others, but you get the idea. A lot are obscure merely because they're old, some of those, though, don't have anything on the actual wiki pages.

@Mr_Skeleton: I played it way back when. It's ok, I never finished it though.

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Azure Dreams.

Town-building + Roguelike dungeon exploration + Monster-raising and fusing = Fun times.

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@Mowgers said:
Phantom Crash - Anime-as-fuck mech shooter
This is on my list too, surely this makes it mainstream?
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Iji is my big one, though I'm sure there are others. I also regularly force people to play Micro Machines. Solar 2 is also fantastic, but it still has time to get popular.
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@Mr_Skeleton said:

Little Big Adventure 2 (Twinsen's Odyssey) . At least I think it's obscure because no one ever talks about it.

Ding! One of my favorite game soundtracks ever, too.
I'll go with: Timequest, Eric the Unready, Spellcasting 101 (okay, you could put a whole mess of the Legend Entertainment games here), I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream, Darklands (so horribly broken at launch but, after what seemed like 87 patches, it turned out really interesting) and Wizardry IV: The Return of Werdna.
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Night Shift    - a pretty hard platformer where you keep a factory making toys.  Weirdly Lucasarts made this and all the toys are Lucas properties. 
Cubivore - this weird evolution game for the Gamecube. 
Robot Odyssey - A educational game where you solve puzzles by programming robots.  And I mean programming in the "build realy logic gates and combine them into ICs" sense.  Not at all easy
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@mwng said:
@Mowgers said:
Phantom Crash - Anime-as-fuck mech shooter
This is on my list too, surely this makes it mainstream?
God I wish it was mainstream, they'd make a fuckload more of em. Apparently there was a PS2 sequel, I didn't even know! 
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The Unholy War 
A weid PS1 game that blends turn based strategy with one on one combat.
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@Mowgers: It's not nearly as good, I assure you.
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i never played it but i always wanted to play Metal Wolf Chaos, but it never came to the US.

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@mwng: Bummer. God, I'd murder for a current-gen Phantom Crash...
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Earthbound is one of my favorite games of all time.   Mother 3 is very good as well, I may like the story, characters and combat more than Earthbound's, but since it never officially came out in the U.S I've only played it once compared to Earthbound which I played almost every summer up until middle or highschool.   Goemon's Great Adventure was a game I barrowed from my friend and I got every entry pass and the hidden costumes in this weird secret village. My love for that game inspired me to get Konami Krazy Racers for some reason. Yesterday I bought God Hand for 12 bucks and I really like that. Vanquish is one of my favorite shooters of recent years. Most Shinji Mikami games are obscure right? I haven't played all of Clover and Platinum's games but the ones I have I love.  Also I'm sure Persona 3 and 4 are pretty obscure to most people, maybe not to us but I really like those games. 
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@Xtrememuffinman: *high fives* That was an awesome game. It makes me miss my old GameCube. 
Chocobo's Dungeon 2. A Final Fantasy spin-off if you couldn't tell by the title. I never see it mentioned in any FF discussion, so I feel as if no one else had ever played it when they were kids. I think it was one of my first RPGs and I was absolutely enthralled by it. Never beat it though. It got brutal in some of the last dungeons. I might even still have the disk somewhere.
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@Xtrememuffinman said:
Baten Kaitos: Origins
I haven't completed that myself but I have two friends who loved it.

My favorites would definitely have to be the two Rollcage games they really aren't that popular in the states but they are more well known in Europe, I also really quite liked Psychic Force back in the day. Most games I like are obscure to my personal friends as many of them don't even buy downloadable games but here on Giantbomb there is a bit of a different standard for what is obscure. Oh it's not really obscure but the first Pokemon Ranger was a great game.
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World of Warcraft

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Steambot Chronicles. That game was fucking rad.

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Tactics Ogre: Let us cling together. 
And it is amazing, makes Final Fantasy tactics look like a pile of shit. 
Anyone remotely interested in strategy RPG's has to play it.

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RAD - Robot Alchemic Drive

You controlled a giant robot, but you did not play as the robot. You were a person standing off to the side, who could freely move around, remotely controlling it. It made the scale of the game feel legitimately huge. 

 Almost made up for the fact that the game wasn't really any fun to play... Almost.

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Mother 3, I guess?

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Mendel Palace. The forum is just me talking about this game, no replies, desperately searching for someone else who has played this hidden gem. To this day, I have found none. I'm not even sure if the people who made the wiki are real, or if they're alternate accounts of mine.

I played this game a ton as a kid though at my grandmother's. She had an NES so we could have something to do, and this game was one of the better ones. It's fucking TOUGH when you get to the end, though.

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@coakroach said:
Tactics Ogre: Let us cling together. And it is amazing, makes Final Fantasy tactics look like a pile of shitAnyone remotely interested in strategy RPG's has to play it.
While I agree with the bolded, I disagree with the underlined. Final Fantasy Tactics improved upon a lot of what the original Tactics Ogre kinda screwed up. However, if we're talking about the PSP remake, then while I haven't played that, I do recognize that it fixed a lot of the flaws present in the SNES original, letting the game beneath shine through, maybe (again, haven't played it).
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@Nottle: The Earthbound/Mother games are far from obscure.. Nintendo's refusal to re-release them hurts, but still.

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If Blast Corps counts as obscure, that's my choice. Or Crystalis since the only forum topic is the one I started. I'd say Earthbound, but I think the cult following has made it less obscure over the years.

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Legend of Legaia

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Zone of Enders 2!

Best looking PS2 game? Maybe? Probably not but YO IT'S PRETTY GOOD!

You can throw enemies at other enemies and shoot 50 homing missiles, it's a sweet mech beat-em-up I guess.

Also God Hand was really interesting. Does anyone remember how difficulty worked in that game? It scaled up n down while you were playing, it was a cool idea. Also both these games have great music.

#43 Posted by Landon (4163 posts) -
Trilby series. Made by the Zero Punctuation guy, despite what you think of him he knows how to make a great horror adventure game with a great story.
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Second Sight, it's not a very good shooter or stealth game, but the story is insane. Sure you can probably see it coming a mile away, but when it's revealed....
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Railworks 2. in all honesty, I really enjoy that 'game.' It's relaxing in a way very few games...and I mean very few...manage to achieve.

#48 Posted by NathHaw (2799 posts) -

Gitaroo Man

Heard Ryan mention once or twice.

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Dai Senryaku Exceed VII. Crap graphics and utter lack of story can't completely destroy this title. Worrying about gas, ammo, terrain, and radar use at all times made every placement of M109A6 paladins that much more important. If they would have injected some advance wars type of personality, this could have been a great title for those looking for a little mental workout.

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