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Obviously the current cycle of consoles is not over yet, but it [at least] seems that the end may soon be in sight. Speculations are starting to ramp up, rumors are popping up, it always starts in the same way near the end of a cycle’s life. It’s hard to see the 360/PS3 past 2012/2013, especially with the Wii U reveal this year.

As it currently stands, would you agree that COD4 and the first Gears of War are the most influential games of this generation? A couple of my friends and I were discussing this earlier today, and we basically agreed because both of those games had a huge impact on their respective genres (and in some cases other ones as well). Post COD4/Gears, when was the last time an fps came out without persistent systems/perks, and other than Space Marine and Monday Night Combat, when was the last time a tps had no cover system? It seems that COD4/Gears totally changed genre expectations. We also talked about GTA 4 and Oblivion, but we decided that their particular influences were not felt on the same scale.

Do you agree or disagree? Would you say there are other, more influential games that have come out in the past 5 or so years?

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I could see Mass Effect in that list. It has made most Western RPG's (that are not of the bethesda style) way more action based, for better or worse.

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Yea, I could see that. After all, Modern Warfare defined the dominant trend of this generation, and Gears kinda set the standard for cover-based shooting. I'd make an argument for Wii Sports, too, while we're at it. You know, motion controls, influx of casual gamers, blah blah blah.

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@Video_Game_King: I see the Wii Sports argument but I'm not sure whether to agree or not. From my experience, it seems that the usage of the Wii didn't die down with just the (holy crap why are those words bold?) "hardcore" gamers, but casual ones as well. I'm not aware of the average Wii usage from people that only buy 1 or 2 games a year, so it's hard to decide whether the Wii was indeed a fad or not. Again, I'm not sure.

@JohnAsscream: Hmmmm, do you have any specific games in mind?

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I'd say by that logic, Modern Warfare wasn't terribly influential. It's equally valid to map out video game history through fads as it is through consoles.

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@Video_Game_King: Fair point, but since we're on the internet we have to call each other names now, right?

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Isn't that what we've been doing with the Reply buttons?

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Yep! I think you're pretty much right.

Apart from stuff like Farmville or Angry Birds or Wii Sports, which influence hundreds of games aswel.

I GUESS you could say Street Fighter 4 encouraged a load of fighting games to come out, aaaaannndd Braid did the same thing for... those kinda games?

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Do you think the call of duty upgrade system is the reason their is hats in TF2? If so than cool. Yeah COD4 is probably the most influential game this gen. Gears is close second.

I think that COD is one of the few franchises to make the upgrades really interesting, in everything else its not as deep and just feels kind of off balance to me, i rather play an interesting shooter thats gameplay alone is compelling enough, there doesn't need to be some meta system at work. Tf2 is an exception because its kind of like getting random loot drops.

Same thing with Gears cover system, Gears is the one game that got it best, even uncharted has a crappy cover system in comparison.

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Yeah, they were definitely massively influential, and rightly so -- they were amazing games.