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Vinny has said it numerous times and it really hasn't hit me until this SimCity bullshit brought to light.

We could write paragraphs about the bullshit going on...but what I think we need to have is a discussion about how to make it better. There's got to be a way to stop companies from burying shit on Google and making fake reviews on sites like Amazon. As a consumer, I don't necessarily think I'm entitled to the BEST dvd player ever when shopping on Amazon (Louie shoutout), but I am entitled to not be mislead by lies. There needs to be consequences to this stuff. I'm a little drunk posting this...and its a pretty ridiculous post, BUT what the fuck can we do? Why do we stand by and let this happen?

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Alright you get the torches and I'll get the pitchforks and we'll meet downtown and we'll get those motherfuckers up against the wall!

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well- you could start by explaining how you felt you were lied to. were you sold simcity under false pretenses? i mean, aside from the expectation that the game would work "out of the box," what else did EA/Maxis do to make you feel taken advantage of?

also- for what it's worth, i think vinny was saying "the internet is a bad place" in reference to piracy, file lockers, SEO and click-baiting, etc.

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People under-appreciate the positives that the Internet affords us.

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Can you point to the part on the doll where the bad, bad internet touched you?

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I always thought Vinny meant it in terms of the internet offering a gathering place for the scummiest of scummy people.

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I got my torch and pitchfork at the ready. Just give the word!

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The Internet is reflective of true human nature. Anger, hate, resent, love, affection, benevolence, the extremes of all emotions and personalities show their colors here. /deep

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I think you mean that the web is a bad place, and indeed it can be. But it is also the greatest human invention of the past century or so, precisely because it is so wide and diverse that you can see, hear, read and interact with the very best (and worst) that our race has cause to proffer unto this infinite digital city of knowledge/animated GIFs. There are always shady sides to any and every community/scene/thing, you just gotta try your best to stroll on by that stuff when you encounter it.

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It's probably pretty easy for some people to act like assholes online when they know they're not going to get punched in the face in the safety of their own basement.

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First and foremost, I wish people would stop using the word "entitled" to mean everything and nothing at all. You're not "entitled" to the best DVD player? Why not? What does that even mean? If I'm buying a DVD player I'm "entitled" to whatever one I want, assuming I can afford it. That word has become nails on the chalkboard to me.

Back on topic, people need to be smarter about where and on what they spend their money. The internet isn't inherently bad, people get ripped off and lied to offline too. Everyone has a responsibility to be a little more savvy about sussing out truth form bullshit. Research products (include games) before you buy them. And for the love of god, stop the pre-ordering madness.

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The internet is fine. People are the problem.